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National Lacrosse League strikes a three-year deal with Under Armour as it expands sport in US

National Lacrosse League strikes a three-year deal with Under Armour as it expands sport in US


National Lacrosse League strikes a three-year deal with Under Armour as it expands sport in US

The National Lacrosse League renewed its sponsorship deal with Team 22, the manufacturer of Under Armour lacrosse gear, for another three years as the league increasingly pairs with corporate partners to try to grow its revenues, and the sport, in the U.S.

National Lacrosse League announced a partnership renewal with Team 22, the manufacturer of sporting apparel company, Under Armour.

People walks past a Under Armour clothing store in Siam Center, Bangkok.

The deal follows two other corporate partnerships announced earlier this month with Wilson Sporting Goods and Warrior, which is owned by sneaker maker New Balance. Like the Under Armour deal, the Wilson and Warrior will provide a mix of cash, products and marketing — which the NLL is hoping will help grow the league and the sport, league officials said.

The NLL is using the new partnerships to show rising popularity surrounding the league, especially among younger fans, which companies like Under Armour, New Balance and Wilson hope translates to high sales of their lacrosse gear.

Officials from the NLL also told CNBC new sponsorship deals should be completed and announced in the coming weeks. The NLL regular season will begin on Nov. 29.

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