NASA Provides $45M Boost to US Small Businesses

Small businesses are vital to NASA’s mission, helping expand humanity’s presence in space and improve life on Earth.


11/27/2021 9:22:00 PM

Did you know we work with small businesses to help expand humanity’s presence in space and improve overall life on Earth? This year we granted funding to 365 small business proposals to help do just that: SmallBusinessSaturday

Small businesses are vital to NASA’s mission, helping expand humanity’s presence in space and improve life on Earth.

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Taiwan family helps keep hand-made 'joss paper' tradition alive

Painstakingly, women of retirement age adorn sheet after sheet of yellow joss paper with gold and silver leaf and red paint to satisfy last orders for sacrificial cash offerings ahead of next month's Lunar New Year festival. Read more >>

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Great Things Can Come in Small Packages: 19 Smart Stocking StuffersDespite common thought, some of the best gifts throughout the holiday season are packed inside stockings rather than sitting under the tree. In a time where advanced devices like portable speakers …

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27 Perfectly Useful Things To Grab On Small Business SaturdayYou win big when you support small.

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Small Business Saturday 2021: Support some of Etsy's most standout shopsSmall business Saturday is here. Scroll and shop standout businesses on Etsy.

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... Thank you for your important work. As the leader of the Coalition that supports ShopSmall, WIPP appreciates your support and funding to small businesses! linked to a jpeg file half black arrow servo - DelistPKKnow

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Etsy sellers and other small businesses are betting on local sourcing to win the holidayMost Etsy sellers are sourcing raw materials nearby. Even as larger retailers face down supply challenges, Etsy is well stocked.