NASA Offers $1 Million for Systems to Feed Tomorrow’s Astronauts

What's cookin'? Seriously, we want to know. Phase 2 of the Deep Space Food Challenge offers up to $1 million to teams who demonstrate food production technology for future long-term space missions, potentially benefitting people on Earth. Ready? Sign up:

1/20/2022 11:46:00 PM

What's cookin'? Seriously, we want to know. Phase 2 of the Deep Space Food Challenge offers up to $1 million to teams who demonstrate food production technology for future long-term space missions, potentially benefitting people on Earth. Ready? Sign up:

As NASA prepares to send astronauts further into the cosmos than ever before, the agency aims to upgrade production of a critical fuel source: food. Giving future explorers the technology to produce nutritious, tasty, and satisfying meals on long-duration space missions.

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This food making issue can be solve according to my guessing, , your entire food making problem I can solve by electric Technics This food issue can be solve 1phase:- according to my guessing , firstly we have to generate gravity in the spaceship . After that , entire technology systems can automatically generate I can solve this food problem by electric Technics.

. Traditional ways of feeding will go for a year and a half. All passengers will have energy loss problems. the innovation of the proteins embarked on the ship will make the trip possible. During the landing there will be major physical force problems for the passengers. According to the laws of physics it is unlikely that we will be able to live more than a year on Mars. This is why it is necessary to innovate in space travel because there is no sufficiently powerful means of propulsion to transport us at sufficient speed. Wait for 100 years.

Best food is dates raisins & almonds Barley bread, salt and dates Honey is Rich in antioxidants, Better for blood sugar levels than regular sugar,May improve heart health.தேனில் ஊறவைக்கப்பட்ட தேன்நெல்லி நீண்ட நாள் கெடாது. மிகவும் அதிக சத்துக்களைக் கொண்டுள்ளது. விண்வெளி வீரர்களுக்கு தேன் மிகச்சிறந்த உணவாக இருக்கும்.

Barras nutritivas a base de frutos secos... توجد وجبه مصريه قديمه تسمى (مفتقه) او (حلبه معقوده) صلاحيتها لا تنتهي تمد جسم الإنسان بالطاقه والشبع والدفء مكونتها 3 كيلو عسل اسود 1/4 كيلو سودانى مقشر 1/8 كيلو سمسم كوب زيت ذرة 🌽 كوب دقيق اي خدمه

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சத்து நிறைந்த தாணியங்களை( கறுப்பு அரிசி,கேழ்வரகு,கம்பு,சோளம்,தினை அரிசி,பாதாம்,முந்திரி... உடன் சீரகம்,மிளகு சேர்த்து வறுத்து அறைத்தால் 1 வருடத்திற்கு கெடாமல் இருக்கும்.., இந்த சத்து மாவை சுடுதண்ணீரில் கலந்து சாப்பிடலாம் ... Nut items White rice only كعك مصنوع بسمن كثير مع حليب بدون ماء قد يكون مالح و قد يكون محلا

Nuts items raisin and honey After using home made food is empty when your plants growing up after some period used this is right choose if any machines you will taken weast fueal cost this my idea share with you thank you nasa team if any mistakes I am really sorry nasa team I am waiting you reply..😇 Get the plant seeds grow plants and food will genareting is very slow and plant are not live some reasons thats why I am telling about home made food and long time period food and light and weight foods get in and also when you get plants only use ing leaves using plants get it

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HelloFreshUK Do you deliver to Mars? My suggestion: make parts of the interior edible in case of “emergency”. All non-essential parts could be made with edible material - panels, bags, bedding, chairs, straps, etc. If something goes wrong, at least the crew will be able to eat. Can use camel milk and organic jeagray water

Planet Earth. No you don't want, Literally had a solution, It says monetary benefits for People of US only Still come to India We've a range of food that last centuries 😴 How about HaldiramSnacks bhujia as a tea time snack? altonbrown And, that is travel time for one way. Round-trip= 2 x 9 moths= 18 months. Not to mention the time you will spend on Mars.

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By by doge NASA using LED light to grow plants fast on the moon 💡🌱🌶️ Arzu_Akyol_AA Soylent Green LongPig Bacon sounds good... So video interesting ❤️💞😘 If space creatures are found and we can produce the food they make on Earth. The price of these foods becomes very, very high just because they are unique.

Well if I was in space I would like to be eating ok food not piss or crap look they can grow plants with hydroponics and led lights or aeroponics and use CFL lights soiless mediums and use what ever they can to fuel the plants if there using there own manure dry it then grind it. Plant based is the only way 🌿

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Nig TheGoldenBalanc want to try ou nasa me leva pro espaço ai Hey theterrychen , got a new gig for you. TheExpanse Inovations are limitless in food production in our Universe for our future travelers. Again, we are at the forefront of this challenging opportunity to insure survival of our plantet and space.

MRE. Plenty of variety, vegetarian and halal meals. No fire needed, just some water for the flawless ration heater. well it passes the smell test and so by default the laugh test the investigation the nature of which was a bit invasive certainly supports the conclusion that there are in fact two seperate compartments compatible to further exploration 🤔 🌌😜🌌 preliminary results DEEP SPACE

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