NASA-DLR Study Finds Sustainable Aviation Fuel Can Reduce Contrails

✈️ New findings are in! According to research conducted by @NASA_Langley & @DLR_en, cleaner-burning jet fuels made from sustainable sources can produce 50%-70% fewer ice crystal contrails at cruising altitude, reducing environmental impacts:

6/17/2021 11:43:00 PM

✈️ New findings are in! According to research conducted by NASA_Langley & DLR_en, cleaner-burning jet fuels made from sustainable sources can produce 50%-70% fewer ice crystal contrails at cruising altitude, reducing environmental impacts:

Cleaner-burning jet fuels made from sustainable sources can produce 50%-70% fewer ice crystal contrails at cruising altitude, reducing aviation’s impact on the environment, according to research conducted by NASA and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).


China's Zhengzhou begins cleanup after deadly storms

Residents of the storm-ravaged central Chinese city of Zhengzhou have begun shoveling mud from their homes and hauling away wrecked cars and piles of destroyed belongings following floods that killed at least 33 people in the city and surrounding areas

_Langley DLR_en 188999177BRAIN0059117-BURN1488977BURN187991510098871:5:88:NASAUSA18771777118877771181977 _Langley DLR_en pog _Langley DLR_en But... what will all the conspiracy theorists have to bitch about? 🤣 _Langley DLR_en Yet ANOTHER reason nasa deserves more funding (take it from our overbloated defense budget)!

_Langley DLR_en Why would ice crystals make an impact? _Langley DLR_en The docking of the Chinese space station has been completed and the astronauts have successfully settled in. The whole world is expressing congratulations. Why are you not paying attention? And then privately ask China to share their data?

_Langley DLR_en No more chem trails?!!? Pity _Langley DLR_en Can the ice clouds from aircraft be created only during the morning to reflect the sun's heat during the day and dissapate prior to the night so at night the same ice clouds do not retain the earth's heat? Water injection into the jet turbines only from sun rise until noon?

_Langley DLR_en Tell us about the chemtrails you target our sun with _Langley DLR_en Most Useful. _Langley DLR_en Government is spraying poison on your head. NASA pretending to have cleaner poison now 🙄

NASA Launches Mission Equity, Seeks Public Input to Broaden AccessNASA is launching Mission Equity, a comprehensive effort to assess expanding and modifying agency programs, procurements, grants, and policies, and examine what potential barriers and challenges exist for communities that are historically underrepresented and underserved. How about you focus on your fucking job, which is something involving GOING TO SPACE 'Mission Lecture People about the racism and they never had' NASA is a lie to hide the truth from mankind. We never went to space and the earth is flat. The UN uses the flat Earth model as their logo. Our leaders know the truth and they are hiding it from us.

_Langley DLR_en Given that pollutants in aircraft exhaust help block/reflect some % of the Sun's energy, losing this could result in another 1+ C temp increase. Maybe we need to find ways to increase the impact without damaging the atmosphere in the process, as a mitigation tool against warming _Langley DLR_en What do you know about Chem trails

_Langley DLR_en So now they are going to hide the chemtrails 🤔😜😂 _Langley DLR_en すげぇ! _Langley DLR_en Yêu thật lòng và ko phân biệt xấu đẹp _Langley DLR_en There are plenty of small airplanes that SEED the skies with CHEM TRAILS almost DAILY ! We get very little rain and a lot of fallout from those chem trails!

_Langley DLR_en P S T 🎩👌RO B E D 🌞 NEM T N🎰😈CC°A GARD🛵💨 ND S C 🤫 😇 E E U !i! U Y L7 R T T O 🔥 B T A N H /🧭\\ 🎶📚📚📚🎶🔍📖🔎 COZ YOU KNOW IT S GONNA BE... 🐝🐝 L7VXJ✴☀️A🌹🔔 Y 😜 🌽♎M2️⃣ 4️⃣ 3️⃣ F😏🦊DRE🪢🟠🟢🪢 P R ⚫⚪B🔴🟣🔵 P P🌜🌶🍗E🍗🌶🌛 P _Langley DLR_en Or _Langley you and your 3-Lettered buddies could shut down the 70-Year long multi-billion dollar Weather Modification/Geoengineering Programs? That would cheaper, faster, and perhaps allow us to mitigate your damage. But, social media systems block these absolute truths.

_Langley DLR_en ice ice maybe ice ice maybe

This private company is building Mars spacecraft for NASAAs deep space exploration increasingly becomes a new frontier for the private sector, a California-based firm has been awarded contracts to design two spacecraft that will go to Mars as part of a NASA mission. 😃👍! Finally, some government funded space news. NASA's annual federal budget for fiscal year (FY) 2021 is $23.3 billion

NASA Administrator Statement on China Crewed LaunchNASA Administrator Bill Nelson released the following statement Thursday regarding the China National Space Agency’s launch of the first crew to its Tiangong space station: SenBillNelson Nazis built NASA And the CIA Study history SenBillNelson All this but I can't close youtube and continue to play music SenBillNelson 😎

NASA Just Dropped a Stunning New 360-Degree Video of MarsExplore the Red Planet through the eyes and ears of NASA’s Perseverance rover.

NASA, Boeing Progress Toward July Launch of Second Starliner Flight🚀 Progress continues toward a second uncrewed Starliner flight test, targeted for July 30: Seems like a waste of money. Just let SpaceX do the ISS shuttle missions with their reusable rockets. Liked Unscrewed uncrewed test this time then.

Delta variant fuelled 50% rise in English COVID prevalence -studyThe rapid spread of the Delta coronavirus variant has driven a 50% rise in infections in England since May, a large prevalence study led by Imperial College London found on Thursday after Prime Minister Boris Johnson delayed the end of restrictions. VindaFlu turned out to be particularly mild I though you promised it would be spicy? It aint over yet! 😷 Even with the uk’s Covid ‘response’ factored in, that’s still high.