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Ice, Immigration

MS-13 Gang Leader Getting Some Pretty Great Ideas From Watching ICE Work

MS-13 Gang Leader Getting Some Pretty Great Ideas From Watching ICE Work


MS-13 Gang Leader Getting Some Pretty Great Ideas From Watching ICE Work

SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR—Praising U.S. law enforcement officials for the unfettered cruelty they have unleashed along the Mexican border, MS-13 gang leader Edwin Manica Flores admitted Tuesday that observing ICE ’s work in recent weeks has provided him with quite a bit of inspiration. “Seriously, we would have never thought of keeping kids in a cage like that—in fact, that’s kind of off-limits for us—but you can’t deny the genius behind it,” said Manica Flores, observing that when one of these children or parents goes on to commit suicide out of sheer grief, federal authorities won’t even be held criminally liable for the death. “Sure, we have our fair share of evil tactics, but that ICE shit is next-level brilliant. I guess we can’t beat ourselves up too much, though, considering those guys have one of the most powerful governments in the world backing them. I’d love to meet one of those ICE motherfuckers, just to pick his brain a little, you know? We may force 9-year-olds to join MS-13, but the United States is putting them in cages like wild animals. That’s straight savage!” Manica Flores went on to suggest that if his men were half as nasty as ICE , they would control 100 percent of U.S. drug trafficking within weeks.

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That MS tattoo means “Master of Science” not MS-13. Way to spin this to demonize a group of intellectual assylum seekers who could have been the answer to global warming. Now these poor heroes will be sent to a Nazi death camp and be showered in Zyklon B until they die. Racists! Who wants to take a supermodel to work?

Onion really on point with some wicked satire The thing about gangs is they have morals, just different than society’s standard. So probably pretty scary accurate. 'We may force 9-year-olds to join MS-13, but the United States is putting them in cages like wild animals. That’s straight savage!' Anybody else never heard of MS13 before Trump took office?

Strange man. Very hard to read. The Onion doing its best to make dumb people dumber. Please offer him a free night at speaker palosi's monster mansion in SF Bruh

Selma Blair Says She’s Dealing With Full-Body Pain From MS: “Today Was Tough. I Couldn’t Get Out.”Selma Blair Just Shared How She’s Dealing With Full-Body Pain From MS

funnyandsad This sort of isn’t funny. This is sublime! I love America Also agrees with AOC Favors eliminating DHS &ICE He might even write a novel about it one day... ...when he gets tired of all the 'killing'... According to governmental data, the Obama administration has deported more people than any other president's administration in history. In fact, they have deported more than the sum of all the presidents of the 20th century.

savage. Great read. I couldn't stop laughing. Let's talk about MS-13....

‘I Have MS—and I Finished 50 Marathons Since My Diagnosis’“With MS, there are a lot of uncertainties. It’s changed my whole life. But I’ve found running has elevated my body, my brain and my spirit.' ❤️ AWESOME! mssociety I wish I could run to the bathroom in time but WTG! I passed my checkup and I’m joining the gym tomorrow! Great accomplishment, keep inspiring and living life to the max!


Migrant mom recounts daughter's death after ICE detentionMigrant mom Yazmin Juárez gave an emotional testimony of her daughter's death after being kept in ICE detention at a hearing on the treatment of children at the southern border. Juárez left Guatemala with her daughter to seek asylum in the United States looking for a better life. I'm a senior and can't afford nails like All the glorious goes to Trump 😥

8 Popsicle Molds to Make Ice Pops You Can't Find In the Freezer AisleMake a new kind of Pop Art with these fantastic frozen treat molds. *reminder* Buy Star Wars popsicle Molds! ;)

Migrant mom details daughter's death after ICE detention in emotional testimony“My beautiful girl is gone now but I hope her story will spur the United States government to act, so that children do not die because of neglect and mistreatment,” she said. I hope so too. What’s her Facebook 👀 Sorry. I feel this poor girl is a pawn of the “AOC” Gang.

HuffPost is now a part of OathWell, everyone needs a hobby. Florida Woman, giving Florida Man a run for his money!!! only in florida smh

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