Mother of 11-year-old Texas boy who died during power outage sues ERCOT, Entergy

“This young boy first saw snow on Monday, and he died on Tuesday,” said Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing Cristian’s mother.

2/23/2021 2:02:00 PM

Mother of 11-year-old boy who died during a blackout amid a winter storm is suing the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, alleging gross negligence led to her son's death and that the “energy provider made decisions based on profits.”

“This young boy first saw snow on Monday, and he died on Tuesday,” said Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing Cristian’s mother.

is suing the companies responsible for energy flow through state’s power grid for $100 million in damages.Cristian Pineda, 11, was found unresponsive in his bed Tuesday after spending the night with his 3-year-old brother in an effort to stay warm, according to Maria Pineda’s lawsuit. Cristian’s mother called 911 after realizing he was not responsive and attempted CPR but was unable to revive the young boy, the lawsuit said.

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Now Maria Pineda is suing the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and Entergy, alleging that gross negligence led to the boy’s death and that Cristian died because their “energy provider made decisions based on profits.”“This young boy first saw snow on Monday, and he died on Tuesday,” Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing Cristian’s mother, told NBC News Monday.

Maria Pineda watches a video of her son, Cristian Pavon Pineda, 11-years-old, playing in the snow for the first time on Feb. 18, 2021, in Conroe, Texas. Pavon Pineda died of suspected hypothermia as temperatures plummeted into the teens on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Gustavo Huerta / Houston Chronicle via APAn autopsy is still pending, according to the Conroe police department, about 40 miles north of Houston. Results could take 60 to 90 days, police said.Cristian showed no signs of medical distress and had no underlying issues before his death, Buzbee said, describing him as a healthy and active preteen. Dozens have died across the country in related to the winter storm,

with at least 22 in Texas by Saturday.Though the Pineda family, like many other Texans, had a roof over their heads, their circumstances were comparable to being homeless during the storm, Buzbee said.“The misinformation is probably what makes people the maddest, and certainly makes me very angry, because we were lied to about, you know, we're gonna have rolling blackouts,” Buzbee said. “That wasn't what happened at all. It was a full-on blackout, with no end in sight.”

The lawsuit filed Saturday alleges that ERCOT and Entergy told consumers rolling, or temporary, blackouts but did not warn that there might be longer blackouts that would last for days. Without warning, consumers were left unprepared to face multiple days without power, the lawsuit alleges.

It also alleges that Entergy “chose to turn off power to those who were most vulnerable to the cold” because it failed to prioritize areas where residents were more vulnerable to the cold when faced with an energy shortage.“Power cuts during blackouts came at the circuit level, with many local providers choosing which circuits to shut down and when,” the lawsuit said. “Hence, there were images of empty downtown Houston office buildings with power, but the Pinedas' mobile home park was left without power.”

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Feb. 22, 202102:15Buzbee is representing about half-dozen other cases already where families have lost loved ones to the cold allegedly because they did not get accurate information about the severity of the pending energy crisis.“It’s so ironic to me...Texas is the energy capital of the country, as the United States proudly proclaims its energy independence, that we no longer rely on you know the Middle East, etc,” Buzbee said. “And yet we have people dying in Houston, Texas, in their home because they have no power.”

Entergy said in a statement that it could not comment on pending litigation but that the company is “deeply saddened by the loss of life in our community.”Millions of Texans went without power as an unusual cold snap pummeled the Southwestern state, plunging temperatures below freezing and blanketing the state in ice and snow. ERCOT,

which oversees about 90 percent of Texas’ energy production, cited frozen equipment for the loss of output from its natural gas and some renewable energy sources. Read more: MSNBC »

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Feel bad for the 11 yr old, but it comes down to the parent not doing there job I’d say....It’s the parent job to protect there own , they were not prepared for any unexpected situations ...Power goes can go out anywhere anytime you must be able to continue to live Well of course they made decisions based on profits because that’s capitalism

This is only the first of bankrupting action deserved people of TX will take. They also must find a way to get the so-called political leaders. They are responsible as well!! ERCOT is a membership based 501(c)(4) NON-PROFIT corporation governed by a board of directors and subject to oversight by the Public Utilities Commission. It's decisions are based on variety of factors but not ' profit '

folks, that's our slogan. America: We Make Decisions Based On Profits. changemymind morgfair My personal opinion is that if this were a class action suit, with 100's or 1000's or Texans that suffered damage signing on, it would stand a pretty good chance of succeeding! I feel horrible for this mother, but can't see where this single suit on its own stands a chance.

morgfair Good. morgfair 19 people died of hypothermia. May every one of their families sue. May every one of them win their case. Abbott dried up and starved out oversight. He should not be allowed to pass the buck. morgfair 🙏praying she has a good lawyer & a morally decent & fair judge Not a nickel.

Hopefully she'll own the electric company ! Unfortunately, nothing will ever replace the love and life taken away from her due to greed. Just kind of seems like someone who unfortunately died imo. I mean i question this did he die from the cold cuz nobody dies from no electricity lest they are dependent of apparatus. There is also fire. and it's sad Rip her son.

I'M SO SORRY FOR Y'ALL'S LOSS!!!😥😥🙏🖤💛🤷‍♀️🙏 I live in MN and I’ve had my power cut in an ice storm for three day. I know our homes are built for the cold but I cannot understand how this child died. It’s inexcusable. Anyone who doesn’t demand an explanation from the parents is a fool While MILLIONS of Texans were FREEZING tedcruz went on vacation.😭😭 I'm trying to raise funds to help Temy relocate from her flooded apartment after being affected by the Texas winter storm. Nothing is too SMALL 🙏🙏

While MILLIONS of Texans were FREEZING tedcruz went on vacation.😭😭 I'm trying to raise funds to help Temy relocate from her flooded apartment after being affected by the Texas winter storm. Nothing is too SMALL 🙏🙏 While MILLIONS of Texans were FREEZING tedcruz went on vacation.😭😭 I'm trying to raise funds to help Temy relocate from her flooded apartment after being affected by the Texas winter storm. Nothing is too SMALL 🙏🙏

Thank you for covering the story! ...why don´t you address the core problem, money in politics, i.e. fossil fuel industry bribing corrupt Republicans like Perry & Abbott, deregulating the markets and allowing a built-in price gouging on energy bills...this is actually organized theft! NBC needs to cover Cuomo! He does not get a pass!

DESTROY THEM, MAMA. The whole story is horrific, how many layers he had on, how they were sleeping in the same room for warmth, how a family member got up in the middle of the night to add yet another blanket... I'm BROKEN thinking about how often I checked on my own 14yo. Hopefully the fact that ERCOT was warned multiple times that this would happen and they still did nothing will help her case.

Texas is the largest state in the continent of the U.S., on its own it would be the 10th largest economy of the world, yet their power grid failed so miserably due to a little thing we call free market capitalism = deregulation = corruption = money in politics Good. I hope she bankrupts the entire system in Texas. They deserve it.

You go girl. always a gold digger in the bunch. 🥲🙏💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 It is a tragedy that this young boy died. The only person responsible his death would be his MOTHER. Do you need a Business/Personal Loan to pay off your bills? We offer loans to the public with a very low rate of 3%interest. Interested person should contact us through Email: Please Reply with Loan Amount Needed Loan Duration: Contact Address: Phone:

My heart goes out to this family, but if a child dies while on a parent's watch, isn't that parent more culpable than any other party? Maybe they did everything in their power for their child, maybe not, but I think they have to thoroughly point the finger at themselves first. Ugly human nature, misplaced society. Vicious politicians, demented fools. The world needs sanity, peace and cooperation!

This is beyond heart breaking. The grief is a crushing wave. We need to work on making things better for us all. This should not have happened and must not be repeated. So sorry for these folks. of course they did. And so did your State government. Republicans = power profit and privilege, in this case it is clear that the overriding reason for the disaster was and still is profit. These people do not consider the environment, healthcare, education or lives, they only consider the amount of profit that it will make for them

I hope they bankrupt Texas So sorry to hear. I pray God will send his angels to surround you. God's Peace. I’m sure Cancun Cruz jokes will make it all better This was totally KamalaHarris fault Good. I pray she gets justice. My guess is the judiciary in Texas are mostly Republicans in bed with the politicians and business persons.

johnneyred The Republican privatization experiment is over; it has failed. Utilities and services for the good of the public, like health care, must be regulated and sometimes run by the government. It's the point of those entities. I wonder what the comments would be if it was a dem run state. Biden's plan; do nothing and hope no one notices. No student loan forgiveness, no med4all during a pandemic (tell me how you will 'make it afforadable Joe?'), no 15/hr min wage. Well at least the speach was 'heartfelt' Trump 2024 no one will vote for Biden if keeps doing nothing!

I hope you bankrupt them, so sorry for this woman’s loss. Has anyone looked into ERCOTs board members who are primarily out of state? They profited from our misery. Let them be MANY MORE ‼️‼️😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Pay attention to this case... TX's Wind Turbines provide 23% of the State's electric needs. These turbines froze and Wind power was reduced to only 3%.

She better win this! What a sad sad situation. My heart aches for this mother. May her baby boy rest easy 🕊💙🕊 Gross negligence for not foreseeing an once in a lifetime event. California watch out for those earthquakes. Oh that's RIGHT California is a Democratic state so it get a pass from the crack head mainstream media

Texas is a huge tort reform state :( The full name of ERCOT is ironic. What's worse is that TX AG Ken Paxton quietly did a Cruz successfully. Ironic again!! Ain’t capitalism (deregulation) great?