More than 1 million people traveled by plane in the US in one day, despite CDC COVID-19 guidelines

More Americans are boarding planes despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.

11/22/2020 8:02:00 PM

More than 1 million Americans are boarding planes despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.

More Americans are boarding planes despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Americans headed home for holiday despite the warningsThe CDC is urging people not to travel for the holiday, leaving families and college students to make tough decisions.Kena Betancur/AFP via Getty ImagesMore than 1 million Americans are boarding planes despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Enjoy your freedom but sign a waiver that you wouldn’t seek medical help... Ignorance is bliss.🤗 I love how people are using the, it might be my last Thanksgiving argument. You could use that logic to be the most gluttonous human being on the planet! This is why we can’t have nice things! 🙄 Be good to see how this shit show turns out🤦‍♀️ we may forget about Christmas after this 😏

Yeah, both of my college kids had to fly home because their dorms are closing for the rest of the semester. Thousands of kids are in the same predicament, not their fault. I know many colleges/dorms are closed starting now until the spring semester. Those kids have to go home. They have no choice. This is why we can’t have nice things. I miss my family. Haven’t seen my parents in almost a year. The health and safety of everyone come first. I’ll see them as soon as I can.

This is why America has the most cases is because of this insanity. No federal response and no ban on travel. Idiots Well everyone get ready to have your kids home from school and your businesses shut down. We are in for the long haul again thanks to people like this. Don’t worry the airlines will set restrictions. Wait, No they’re going to jam as many people as they can into the tin can ? Huh, Didn’t see that coming.

If traveling wasn’t so easy to book then I bet that more Americans would heed the warning. Travel advisory are not even being checked, and planes are filled to 60% capacity. Covid-1,000,000 Super spreaders around the country. I wonder how many spent $9.00 for a Bloody Mary Auntie Em!!!! Heartless and selfish

Sadly, the CDCgov warning was “too little, too late.” People made up their minds and made plans already. This warning should have come weeks ago, when the need to sacrifice holiday gatherings was already glaringly obvious. Infuriating. A slap in the face to healthcare workers across the country. OMG imagine people thinking for themselves, and taking their own well being into their own hands.... it's called Freedom.

Ugh Why is travel being allowed? F Fauci and the CDC...our ruling elite can fly, go to any restaurant, and never wear a mask or quarantine. It is a joke! They deserve what they get And boy are their arms tired $RMKghost trying to raise money to move my kids and I across the country... anything helps. Annddd that’s the real reason my kids school is closed through the holidays...

All anyone can do is work to stay clear of the people who don't care to follow CDC guidelines. You can only work to keep you and your family safe. The same issues were faced during the Spanish Flu Pandemic, and many people died then form the virus. Bravo - good for them. Selfish! Just so you's because they're allowed to. Note from Covid clean Queensland Australia.

The health care workers should just go on a strike and refuse to treat ppl after thanks giving when the chain reaction of this stupidity starts..when there is no1 to treat ur grandparents,parents siblings and u watch them suffer in dispair is wat these selfish ppl deserve! Intelligence and Americans usually don't go hand in hand.

Awesome 👏🏻 To make sure the pandemic stays strong..🤬 Only a little over 120,000 new infections & 800 new deaths today. That's pretty low for American. Sit tight, they'll be in the Guinness Book Of Records, just a few weeks after Thanksgiving. It’s their right to travel and spread the Trump Virus . You people deserve what ever happens to you

please allow them. They have the freedom to catch covid and die. I have never realized how friggin selfish the majority of this country is. It’s so disheartening. I know two them! Both are idiots! Both went to FL. Neither one seems to care. At least the family have time to get together and let them feel the love. Covid or no Covid all of us will die anyway hahahaha so I will not let this Covid distance me with my family.

Some of us travel for work and the planes were full before the holiday so nothing really different. Spread the joy...oh I mean covid! We are so screwed Freedom matter Selfish King David Healing Holy Oil, A miracle healing balm for all disease and illness Dm if interested Wait til Wednesday before thanksgiving and the Sunday after.

Who cares.. it’s not your life and it’s public domain. If people don’t care about catching covid that’s on them. Take your own personal precautions if you are scared and stop being jealous of their freedom. Track and quarantine 😞 This country is a friggin DISASTER Stupid is as stupid does but don't blame it on just the airlines… The specific type of consumers are not careful they will deny ever not doing all they can do exposing them self and others to Covid… Definitely dysmorphic thinking

This is why the U.S. has THE WORST record in the world. One American dies every minute because we think we know better. Dinner plans are more important than the health and lives of their loved ones. 🤷 Uh, over 70 million Americans voted for Trump. So just over 1 million ignoring public health warnings in order to eat some mashed potatoes and gravy drenched turkey meat shouldn't surprise anyone. COVIDIOTS

SHUT HER DOWN !!! COVIDIOTS 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Stupid selfish people ! Don’t be surprised when y’all infect your family members or yourselves! Everyone a dangerous fool. You are a big part of America's problem. America remains a free country, despite plans to change that. The CDC changes the info on Covid so often no one knows if what they’re suggesting is legitimate info or not

Good. Just insane. what a nightmare why are we doing this to ourselves? My dogs and I are planning a Thanksgiving where I eat fake turkey, they eat the real thing, I’ll have a FaceTime happy hour with a friend, & I don’t have to be concerned about political arguments w my brother — who has COVID. StayHome VirtualThanksgiving

All Biden supporters I kinda think the CDC waited too long to make this recommendation. I’m sure a majority of these ppl had already booked their flights. Reducing the likelihood people would cancel and lose their money. Further justifying keeping Thanksgiving plan with family. The people who this will take the biggest toll on are the healthcare workers. There are very few, if any beds left. Cant fix stupid or selfish.

Good. Stay safe but live life. 90% of them are likely Trump supporters, I guess 🤔 For some Americans, this could be the last time they see loved ones regardless of covid. Secondly, the media can't keep changing the metric and expect to be believed. Going from the number of deaths to the number of cases looks like a shift in strategy, not a warning.

🤦🏽‍♀️ But...but....but cruiseships!!!! 😂😂😂😂 hypocrits 🥺 Let freedom ring!! Your not promised tomorrow. Imagine if the pilgrams cowered in fear? LIVEFREEORDIE U can’t tell people what to do or elect Presidents, that’s why we don’t watch u 'Oh HELL YEAH. This Thanksgiving I give thanks...for all the dumb motherfuckers not listening to the CDC. Party on, playas! I'll see you all very soon...'

Live On !! 😳😕😳😕 Trump's fault? The greatest scam ever. Good! LIVE YOUR LIFE You think COVIDs bad now, wait till Thanksgivings and Christmas are over😢😢 Where are they flying to and from Report that. Curious....m Media outlets need to hold their reporters( if that’s what you want to call them) More like mainstream option of own agenda, accountable for what they say! Disrespect to a sitting president is NEVER OK! Disrespect to anyone is NOT OK! They are hired by you to report fact

covid what? They must want to get sick or Die Nobody’s important than your own life Family or not !! Idiots. If only they were the only ones to sicken and die from this virus! The world is full of hedonistic, narcissistic, selfish people. Covid is here to stay. Thanks😑 People are over it - on with life We need Airport Testing .....

Free Range Humans That’s why Americans has the highest COVID infected and death rate in the world. Don’t blame this on other countries. Freedumbs Selfishness at its finest. The mortality rate has been way down for months. Selfish. Covid likes this. 🤦‍♂️. This means extra precautions must be taken to protect myself.

People value seeing family for what could be the last time over living in fear of a virus in depressed isolation. Everyone dies but not everyone lives. Live your life while you're blessed to be here you never know what day is going to be your last. America is the drunk girl: 'I'm so over it. I do what I want.'

Crazy !!!! Need Xspa sheesh why haven't we supported funds for Airport Testing ... Rapid test 1 million+ new COVID cases in one week! People need to wake up and face reality - this is a pandemic that is spreading rapidly. No Vaccinations if there’s record of you flying. We need Airport Rapid Testing XpresCheck

The innate selfishness of most Americans is astonishing. Such is the cruel nature of the disease that it needed them to stay away from the family and friends, but a festival is an emotional occasion where we need the physical presence of the family as a reassurance that we're not alone! Heart goes out for American friends.

Just two more weeks! So many Americans seem to desperately seek extinction Good Crazy pants stuff. Hoax!! just like my round today! Shouldn't Trump be blamed. Honestly the airlines are more complicit than the people. Everyone wants to see their family and who can blame them. We’re in a free country. The real horror, the corporate overlords at AmericanAir profiting on so much death. I hope they go bankrupt.

Flight to covid-19 is now departing Freedom ! WHY are some Americans SO stupid... THERE. IS. A. FUCKING. PANDEMIC. YALL! Another spike HERE we come... After seeing how entitled and selfish many people are, this is no surprise. So disheartening to know one day of celebrating is more important than people’s lives.

I thought CDC said no traveling 😢 60+ are flying into buffalo for my Turkey day party we are hosting this year.. live music, beer, FOOD, fireworks, dancing, lots of fun to be had... Oh and the Dept of Health isnt JayHiggies Good. Love your life. Media and the Government do not have the right to misguide you with scare tactics.

So dumb People really are stupid. Ah, the march of the Karens! I have pandemic fatigue; of their tantrums and the administration that politicized life and death. How obtuse to complain of mitigation and declare fatigue. People are going to be dying in the streets, because there will not be enough medical personnel, equipment, or beds to accommodate their stupid.

Because we’re Americans and have the freedom to be not controlled by you Can’t you people skip the Holiday travel this year? Stay home Nooooooo! where was the CDC recommendations when people decided to go looting and rioting? This pandemic is not going to end. StoicStolas Who cares, they'll live Nobody trusts the cdc. Been wrong so many times. No confidence

A lot of us know the cosmic facts This is what 200 years of pushing your civil liberties and your bill of rights gets you, the right to ignore health warnings and put other people at risk 🤦‍♂️🤣 Let's face it. People are tired of being locked down. They said the first lockdown could take care of it or almost rid us of Covid. So we locked down. Quarantined. Economy suffered. Depression is rampant and here we go with another 'spike' in numbers. Doesn't work! livelife

Monica_Wilcox covidiots Well good luck to them getting a ventilator in two week from now Let natural selection run it’s course CDC said you have 0.0002% to die of CV. Now, that’s very funny. The nba and the nhl have to change its locations and realign its division, just because of traveling issues. Once again, leaders and public health advisors have to confirm those covid19 cases before the lockdown is announced.

Its their right to live /die. And the choice is theirs for that matter ! Plandemic2020 Sacrifice is what is required to stay alive healthy if medical experts warn against the dangers of traveling because of the pandemic why would people not listen? thousands have lost their lives to covid19 and will never celebrate thanks givings or other holidays forever

American living their lives...... It's called Freedom they're allowed🇺🇸 United Moron's Of América... I say if your traveling by plane you should get tested before the flight & after the flight coming and going you can never be to safe . GOOD. FIGHT BACK What don't you understand Good people need to keep living their life and moving on from this. Not saying Rona is not real but if you look at all the statistics and what the CDC says I think people should go and enjoy their trip

Wish there was follow up as to how many of these travelers are college students heading home for winter break. I know that some colleges/universities are sending students home, and don't intend to bring them back until the beginning of next yr. Would you look at that - freedom! We know, we know. You want some tyrant to put a stop to it. 🤣

Merry Christmas 👎 Wow!! At least they cant come to canada thank pm It's Donald's fault of course 😜😁😂😅🤗 For the most part we gonna die anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️ or yolo.. so So sad:( Praying for all Americans and people. Be safe!!!! Not the brightest idea at this time. Smart people hopelessly leaving the country to relocate somewhere else! period.

Lions not sheep Live Free or Die (literally) 🦃 🇺🇸🦃🇺🇸 You cannot fix Stupid. They will catch it and spread it and then say, oh.....maybe I should have listened. The same people eviscerating their fellow WNYers on these posts are packed into Wegmans and Walmart every week. They celebrate the fear-induced frenzy until it affects them personally. It's all a joke.