Chuck Grassley, Republicans, Mitt Romney, Lamar Alexander, Rick Scott

Chuck Grassley, Republicans

More GOP Senators Have COVID Than Have Acknowledged That Joe Biden Won

The deadly virus has taken hold more than reality.

11/21/2020 6:00:00 AM

More GOP senators have COVID than have acknowledged that Joe Biden won

The deadly virus has taken hold more than reality.

AdJoin our experts to learn how you can get the most from your customer behavior data and create unique retail experiences.Associated PressCalifornia inmate fought wildfires, now faces deportationAmong the thousands of firefighters who battled record-setting wildfires in California this year was Bounchan Keola, a 39-year-old immigrant from Laos serving a 28-year prison sentence for a gang-related shooting when he was 16. One of roughly 1,800 inmates fighting fires, Keola said he struggled to see through the smoke during his first assignment while getting doused with chemicals used to fight the flames. Keola was set to be released in October.

Chris Hayes: This is what essential work looks like Couple finds more than 66 bottles of Prohibition-era whiskey hidden in the walls of their New York home Group of local entrepreneurs pays for over $40,000 of groceries for customers at an Atlanta store

1d agoMichigan deputy fired after sharing racist photo of Kamala Harris watermelon Jack-O’-LanternVice President-elect Kamala Harris has not even taken office yet and racists are already doing what they do best. A long time employee of The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office was recently fired after she posted a photo on Facebook depicting Jack-O’-Lanterns on Halloween to her Facebook page.

1d agoMerrick Garland is reportedly one of Biden's attorney general candidatesJudge Merrick Garland is reportedly under consideration to serve as attorney general in President-elect Joe Biden's administration.Garland, the federal appeals court judge who was nominated by former President Barack Obama to serve on the Supreme Court, is one of the candidates Biden is considering for the attorney general position, NPR reported on Friday.Obama in 2016 nominated Garland to fill the Supreme Court seat left open after Justice Antonin Scalia's death, but Senate Republicans didn't hold a confirmation hearing for him, arguing that a new Supreme Court justice should not be seated during an election year. Senate Republicans later confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who was nominated by President Trump, to the Supreme Court during an election year in 2020, contending that the situation was different in the latter case because this time the same party controlled both the Senate and the presidency. Garland formerly served as chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Among other possible contenders for the position of attorney general in Biden's administration include Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, according to CBS News. But CBS also reports that the question of who Biden will pick for this position "isn't likely to be answered for several weeks."More stories from America is buckling 5 brutally funny cartoons about Trump's election denial The dangerously stupid machinations of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani

9h ago94-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard to be deported from US to GermanyA 94-year-old former Nazi concentration camp who lived undiscovered in the US for decades is to be deported to Germany, where he could face prosecution, after his appeal against a deportation order was rejected this week. Friedrich Karl Berger succeeded in covering up his role as a concentration camp guard for more than 70 years and still receives a pension for his wartime service in the German navy. His past finally caught up with him when an SS index card of his service record was found among documents rescued from a German ship sunk by the RAF in 1945. The card revealed he had served as a guard at one of the Neuengamme network of concentration camps in northern Germany, where more than 40,000 prisoners including Jews, Poles and Russian POWs were worked to death as slave labourers. “After 75 years, this is ridiculous. I cannot believe it,” Mr Berger told The Washington Post when the original deportation order was handed down in February. “You’re forcing me out of my home.”

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Coronavirus live updates: Biden's COVID-19 advisor floats idea of US lockdown

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 1.2 million people worldwide.

Denial of reality is a consistent thing for them, whether that reality is a pandemic or election results. AriCohn When Americans are sick, I know it’s because Covid is a highly infectious disease that attacks the lungs. But when GOP officials get it, my mind transforms Covid to more of an icky STD they’re spreading to each other. My mind is messed up.

Er det en robot? mcgregorrichard Is there any overlap between the two groups tho? JoyAnnReid Sad. homeboy lookin like What a headline. 🤦‍♀️ 😂 Sucks to suck SouthernCoca Which, naturally, leads to the conclusion that acknowledging Biden won is a defense against Covid.😁 Stonekettle is it wrong to hope that statistics works like it should in this situation..

Stonekettle 🤣🤣🤣 The upside is those same SenateGOP didn’t acknowledge COVID19. It’s too bad they had to get it to find out it’s real. At noon EST on January 20th, 2021 another reality will smack them over the head and they’ll have no choice but to acknowledge reality. JoyAnnReid Another ass! Stonekettle Somehow seems appropriate.

thegoodgodabove smite them o holy smiter! Sincerely wishing a complete and swift recovery to everyone suffering from COVID who is not a GOP senator. I didn’t know snakes caught Covid. missb62 Maybe thats God working in their lives... It's called Karma Imagine having to hide your illness because it’s not politically expedient. Shades of Roy Cohn

Too bad Because he has not won. Thoughts and prayers to all of them, that they get the very best Covid has to offer. WIBeetle At this rate we may take control of the senate. He willget the magic elixir from trump,while Joe citizen lies dying in the hospital. ReoubliKLAN traitors PadmaLakshmi Well, there is a direct correlation between testing positive and denying the results of the election.

Stonekettle PadmaLakshmi What’s the overlap? None? Interesting. PadmaLakshmi Another unpatriotic legislator who sold his soul to the first unpatriotic president. PadmaLakshmi COVIDIOTS GOP Total fools. Have no sympathy for these hypocrites who don’t care about the people they represent. They will be remembered for the gutless cowards who pretend to care about democracy. Vote them out. Don’t give the respect they haven’t earned

JoyAnnReid Well that explains everything then. 👀 Turd Immunity Mindless FakeYahooNews! MaraWilson Well, here's hoping those numbers will just even themselves out. If they weren't spreading to innocents, I could cheer up. cameron_kasky Ewwwwww Voldemort! Wouldl in be to know what the infection is between the GOP and whitehouse compared to the TheDemCoalition

Denial seems cozy. JoyAnnReid It’s a shame it did not effect them more like less privileged Americans. Do you think COVID can affect the hollow husk that is Rick Scott? He has no innards to speak of. He is a walking skinsuit. dumbest group of people on earth? RealBBFan That’s sick! GreatDismal He would get better healthcare on his home planet.

Let that sink in.... It's a COVID operation DaveMilbo So 1? They just seem so dirty, cavalier and un-hygienic. Ewwwe. Its so simple. Wear a fucking mask and listen to science. This isn't political. JohannesHano Wow! And who is this man? The anti-science and anti-reality party.🤪 Thoughts and purrrrs anneapplebaum Today, in unrelated data points news.

Well TrumpVirus is making sure they behave like their Fuhrer He is making sure they don’t recognise this amazing human as well as his excellent choice for VP It’s sad how backwards USA has gone master minded by Drump aided & abetted by white suprematist GOP senate & Hse of Reps!! anneapplebaum They’re Covid heavy and brain deficient.

Viruses are indiscriminate, so it would stand to reason that if they took preventative measures to protect the populace they would also be protecting their own arrogant asses, but whatever. I guess they don't care who dies. 😐 LevineJonathan I’m so sorry this is happening to you JoyAnnReid Pa -thetic

JoyAnnReid People need to wear masks & social distance, yet we're seeing Newsom out dining with a large group - no mask, no social distancing, & now Biden at a HUGE birthday party, no mask, no distancing, singing, all inside. Why aren't politicians doing what they tell us to do? Biden has more EVs than many of them have brain cells

America 2020...more people deny reality than have asknowledged facts. KarlBode JoyAnnReid I hope he suffers bigly. truth_n_fact I'm __________ you got covid-19, Rick the Dick, and I ____________________. Not quickly, mind you, but really, really, really slowly, and oh so ____________. He looks like the world's saddest clown.

Try reporting some news sometime would ya fake ass bias news vwillow3 Trumps mental illness, no doubts or news! I’m more surprised of how many Republicans supports him on his sinking ship! Don’t they realize that it will also be a day tomorrow? A legacy of following a lunatic? Political suicide! JoyAnnReid Of course....

The White House is the new “CDC” Corruption Deception Covid It’s a hoax! Rick Scott is truly a terrifying looking 'human'. JoyAnnReid GOP SenateGOP God is culling the wheat from the chaff. JoyAnnReid GREAT HEADLINE! Vaw511 Rick Scott looks like he already died from it. LevineJonathan the election 1. was wholly unfree & unfair, even before the 1st ballot was cast, let alone since, and 2. is still ongoing 🤷🏻‍♂️

greg_doucette Would now not be a good time to stop calling the Republican Party GOP? Nothing, as in nothing at all great about that party anymore JoyAnnReid lmfao ...thats rich!!!!! JoyAnnReid DeLaHay14534 He is a real ‘Florida man’.....through and through! jules_su He looks like a robot controlled by aliens.

JoyAnnReid cameron_kasky Notably, there is ZERO overlap between the two sets of senators. COVID+: Grassley (IA), Lee (UT), Cassidy (LA), Paul (KY), Tillis (NC), Johnson (WI) Acknowledged Biden: Romney (UT), Murkowski (AK), Collins (ME), Sasse (NE), Rubio (FL) JoyAnnReid Including Donnie boy jr. They may have avoided the virus if they had gone ahead declared Biden. They're being punished with the TrumpVirus

JoyAnnReid Ask DonaldJTrumpJr now infected covid who won the election trumpsvirus . realDonaldTrump JoeBiden KamalaHarris BarackObama StephenKing SRuhle mang0ld robreiner JenKirkman JoyAnnReid Could that be karmic retribution? JenKirkman Womp womp JoyAnnReid No sympathy! You reap what you sow!

JoyAnnReid This is a testament to how well Medicaid for all would work. They're all recovering in record time. JoyAnnReid God works in mysterious ways!!! JoyAnnReid Sad but a reflection of where people are, surrounded in bubbles of 'alternative facts' as TrumpVirus claims 1/4 million lives (US) - and deaths climbing rapidly with the 'accelerant' spreading from Lord Stablegenius & friends. MakeAmericaSaneAgain Including the Senate please

greg_doucette DeLaHay14534 Let me just leave this thought with you! JoyAnnReid Don't you all find it strange that this virus is running rampant through the Trump Administration. And Biden and Harris, who take precautions against the virus, have remained clean from the virus and have not infected anybody else!

JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid This is the part where I’m supposed to feel sorry for them, right? JoyAnnReid It's their punishment for being subversive devils. JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ JoyAnnReid JerryMoran UROCKlive1 good for them ! If it were not so pathetic, it would be comical 😩

KevinMKruse The GOP have all been infected with the stupid. JBWolfsthal GOP...God is watching and he will punish you for the evil deed! TinaMarie_80s Rick Scott has the rona. Well 2020 may be turning around after all. Science bites back UROCKlive1 Karma happens... UROCKlive1 Sad but true. robwoodyard1 I hope they all get really sick. Maybe not die, but sick enough to reconsider their miserable lives.

Karma cannot be denied. UROCKlive1 That is yet another disconcerting fact. GOPSuperSpreaders GOPComplicitTraitors cjmoose There's a moral in this story. KevinMKruse That made me laugh out loud, and not just because I’m drinking! MNateShyamalan Weird. Almost like God is trying to tell them something.

TIME FOR THE SENATE REPUBLICANS TO STEP UP and do the SAME they're starting to SMELL 'Michigan lawmakers pledge to 'follow the law' on picking electors after meeting with Trump' Yahoo News DAVID KNOWLES Nov 20th 2020 8:50PM And each of them have received tax payer top line treatment that normal people do not have access to !

KevinMKruse Is that picture before or after? tttina Hey look! It’s the dude from Midnight Oil! edroso More Trumpers have been convicted than men have walked on the moon. Trump is a sociopath. He’s finished, but dangerous. Because he does not care what harm he causes. President-elect Biden appears to be a good man. He supported the UK in 1982 against the murderous dictatorship in Argentina.

Sad but true. KevinMKruse Good ole SenRickScott, defrauding Medicare and not wearing a mask. KevinMKruse Almost like reality can still affect you no matter how hard you deny it. MNateShyamalan He acknowledges Biden he on his death bed? Popehat The party that thrives on herd mentality is headed for Hurd immunity.

Headline game strong 😂 TheSandmanEsq I didn't realize the undead could get infected. You -Eat junk -Watch news -Watch porn -Live in debt -Don't exercise -Play video games -Smoke&Drink regularly -Have a single source income -Spend time with negative people And then you wonder why your life isn't changing? Follow me to change your life

KevinMKruse SantoriniBoo Couldnt happen to a bunch of better guys. So? Because he hasn’t. Popehat Turn to page 128 of your History books and follow along. The year 2020, when Covid was nearing it's extinction with the production of a 95% vaccine to save the world. This dickwad mutated it, and now they don't work no mo.

AdamWeinstein Is this Fireman Bill? Who is this? Popehat More members of Trump's immediately family have had COVID than he's had wins in court for the election. Joe Biden hasn't won anything yet. That will be determined on January 6th when Congress counts the electoral votes. Then and only then will we know who officially won the election.

KevinMKruse Uh-oh. Sounds fishy. This sounds like a case for the Elite Strike Force team! KevinMKruse Jeezus, is he tripping balls? KevinMKruse Eyyyyyyyyy Yes. Time to start roasting them with shit like this. Turn them into a laughingstock KevinMKruse GOP=Gang of Pestilence This is both interesting and amusing.

KevinMKruse It’s a death cult. Karma Republican Senate COWARDS remind me of fools who get Syphilis or is it Trumphiliiys infect others before FINALLY CONCEDING to cure No crap.🙄🙄🙄 They're in effect saying Covid's not real even though I have it, but Biden's overwhelming electoral victory is a matter of opinion

A fitting legacy for a party of cowards.