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American Airlines, Hudson Hoyt

Mom Says American Airlines Held 8-Year-Old & Friends Overnight -- Without Food or Contacting Parents

Mom Says American Airlines Held 8-Year-Old and Friends Overnight -- Without Food or Contacting Parents


Mom Says American Airlines Held 8-Year-Old and Friends Overnight -- Without Food or Contacting Parents

Oregon mom Kristie Hoyt is speaking out after her son Hudson and his camp friends were stranded on an American Airlines flight without access to food or medicine.

Sadly, the next flight would also prove to be a problem, as mechanical problems stalled the plane from leaving the tarmac for hours. In addition to a fuel spill, there was also an issue finding a pilot and co-pilot to cover the flight after the original airline workers were found to have worked too many hours.

“Not one parent was contacted by the airline," Hoyt told

While Hoyt claims her son had money to buy a full meal, he wasn't allowed to do so. Instead, the kids ate small snacks.

. And although most of the campers had medication they needed to take daily, they weren't able to take it because they had been told to check their carry-on bags.

“One of the older kids, he's got problems, it's harsh for him to deal with a lot of stress,” Phillips continued. “He could end up having a seizure if he gets over-stressed. His seizure medication was on one of the carry-ons we had to put under the plane, so we tried to keep him calm.”

to put the company on blast and express her anger.

But even on their final flight, the nightmare wasn't over. The kids were reportedly denied breakfast and the flight was delayed even more because “the catering service wasn’t delivered.”

she finally received a text from Hudson at about 5 a.m., informing her that “[Our] plane has not take off yet I [have] not had lunch dinner or breakfast."

“Our team is in the process of reaching out to the families involved and sincerely apologizes for this travel experience," the statement read."We will be reviewing with our teams internally to understand how we can do better next time."

“We’re just trying to work through the trauma of it,” said Hoyt.

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