Mississippi hunters demand action after game warden makes racist social media posts

5/29/2022 11:53:00 PM

“I mean, that’s scary because he’s walking around with a gun, and he’s got this authority, this badge, you know?” one hunter said.

“I mean, that’s scary because he’s walking around with a gun, and he’s got this authority, this badge, you know?” one hunter said.

Hunters and outdoorsmen in Mississippi are concerned after a game warden shared several controversial Facebook pictures and comments about a Black Santa Claus.

WLBT /Gray News) – “Bigoted and racist”: That’s what some hunters and outdoorsmen are calling a game warden in Mississippi after he shared several Facebook pictures and comments about a Black Santa Claus.77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.1 / 26 Elon Musk shared a short statement on May 27 following the trial's closing arguments.Disney shared yesterday that Aspyr is porting 2004’s Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords to Nintendo’s handheld.

Game warden Robert Patrick’s post included comments such as, “that last chimney you went down Santa was mighty smutty,” “is that a 9 mm in my back or a gift?” and “you say you want Kentucky Fried Chicken with your milk and cookies?” These comments are causing concern in the hunting community.Residents Devin Cockrell and Drik Carr said they are fed up with the comments.The New Voice of Ukraine A pro-Russian resident of the Ukrainian city of Melitopol in southern Ukraine has complained about the behavior of the occupying Russian forces, in a release of an intercepted phone call by the Main Intelligence Directorate on May 27.“I saw him post a picture with a Black Santa Claus, and he kept on saying further and further into the racist jokes,” Cockrell said.At their best, they are each incredible.“If he’s able to come onto your property, I mean, there’s no limit to how he can exercise his prejudice.Ron Johnson (R-WI) not only said this week that he opposes any new gun laws to address mass shootings, but he also blamed critical race theory and “wokeness” for the horrific Uvalde school massacre that left 19 young children dead.” Carr expressed concern with the warden’s level of authority.Obsidian was forced to cut content, including an entire playable planet, to make the deadline set by publisher LucasArts.

“I mean, that’s scary because he’s walking around with a gun, and he’s got this authority, this badge, you know?” Carr said.At the same time, they’ve ro 10h ago The Daily Beast ‘Goodnight’: Uvalde Gunman’s Chilling Final Word to Teacher Murdered in School Massacre, Child Tells CNN ERIC THAYERThe gunman who murdered 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday morning looked one of the teachers in the eye and said “Goodnight” before pulling the trigger, according to a new report.In her testimony, Moss said there was one incident where she fell down the stairs during a rainstorm in Jamaica -- but Depp was ahead of her when it happened.Cockrell and Carr said the comments are also impacting where they go hunting.“I don’t plan on going anywhere near an area that that man has jurisdiction,” Cockrell said.The whole class was watching.“(It’s) just not conduct I want to have to deal with in the field, much less know that’s what’s policing everyone else in that area.' Supermodel Kate Moss DENIES Amber Heard's claim that her then-boyfriend Depp pushed her down stairs while on Jamaica trip.” According to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks website, their policy “does not allow discrimination on the basis of race.pic.Some of our stories include affiliate links.

” WLBT contacted the department for a response, and they said they would not comment on a personnel matter.Cockrell and Carr said they hope by bringing the posts to the attention of the public, something will be done.com/OYsbXnJqzb— Nora Neus (@noraneus) May 27, 2022 It’s the latest chilling detail to 14h ago.I wish she and Johnny Depp were back together!!!! I believe Johnny.“He’s bragged on his post, ‘I’ve been here 33 years.’ You’ve been getting away with this for 33 years.It’s ridiculous.He’s a giver, she's an abusive taker.

It is ridiculous,” Carr said.Copyright 2022 WLBT via Gray Media Group, Inc.All rights reserved.#JusticeForJohnnyDepp" Instagram 5 / 26 In May 2022, Courtney Love voiced her support for Johnny Depp in a since-deleted video posted to social media.Most Read.

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BrideyM and he’s got self control, just like you and me👏🏽☝🏽 This is terrible and disheartening. Now that being said are you guys just searching for stories like this to post simply to get people fired up?

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