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Minnesota protest updates: Trump warns military could 'assume control' of protest response

Authorities have released the 911 call in connection to the death of George Floyd.

5/29/2020 8:01:00 AM

JUST IN: City officials are warning residents to leave the area of the police department's 3rd precinct in case the building explodes due to protesters who set it on fire.

Authorities have released the 911 call in connection to the death of George Floyd .

This story will be updated as protests continue throughout the country. Please check back for updates. All times Eastern.1:15 a.m.: Trump says military could assume control in city, 'when the looting starts, the shooting starts'President Donald Trump has weighed in on the destructive protests in Minneapolis early Friday morning, saying the military could 'assume control' of the response.

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"These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen," Trump tweeted early Friday morning."Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

Trump also attacked Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, saying the protests are a result of a lack of leadership."Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right," Trump tweeted.

12:48 a.m.: Minneapolis asks residents to 'retreat' over precinct explosion possibilityAfter people protesting George Floyd's death forcibly took over a Minneapolis precinct and began to ignite fires, city officials are now warning residents to leave the area in case the building explodes.

"We're hearing unconfirmed reports that gas lines to the Third Precinct have been cut and other explosive materials are in the building," the city tweeted."If you are near the building, for your safety, PLEASE RETREAT in the event the building explodes."

Frey said residents must clear the area so the fire department can put out fires."We are working with @MinneapolisFire to deliver resources and respond for a beloved neighborhood in our city," Frey tweeted."We all need to work together to ensure the safety of our friends, family, and Minneapolis residents. And right now working together means clearing the area."

The Minnesota National Guard has been activated for the area and said it's helping the fire department safely get to fires to help them battle the blazes.Since the protests started, the Saint Paul Police Department said more than 170 businesses have been damaged or looted. Despite the destruction, with dozens of fires set, authorities said there are no reports of serious injuries."Calm on the horizon," the department said late Thursday night.

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12:32 a.m.: Governor 'shocked' after vehicle attempts to run over protesterColorado Gov. Jared Polis said he is"absolutely shocked" by video of a car attempting to run over a person protesting the death of Floyd in Denver on Thursday. What started as a peaceful protest turned chaotic with reports of vandalism and violence.

"Tonight is a very sad night for our state. While we are still uncovering all of the facts, a protest regarding the killing of George Floyd devolved into vandalism and violence, and I was absolutely shocked by video evidence of a motorist attempting to run over a protestor," Polis tweeted."Coloradans are better than this. I share the immense anguish we all feel about the unjust murder of George Floyd. But let me be clear, senseless violence will never be healed by more violence."

Previously shots were fired across the street from Colorado's State Capitol in Denver.11:51 p.m.: Protesters gain access to police precinctPeople protesting the death of Floyd have reportedly taken over the Minneapolis Police Department's 3rd precinct and set it on fire, according to authorities.

Minneapolis Police spokesperson John Elder said staff was evacuated from the building around 10 p.m. local time and that protesters forcibly entered the building and ignited several fires.Shortly after reports of the precinct takeover, the Minnesota National Guard said it was deploying more than 500 soldiers to the area.

"We have activated more than 500 soldiers to St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding communities," the National Guard said in a statement."Our mission is to protect life, preserve property and the right to peacefully demonstrate. A key objective is to ensure fire departments are able to respond to calls."

9:20 p.m.: Colorado protest marred by gunshotsProtesters outside Colorado's State Capitol in Denver received a scare when someone apparently fired shots nearby, causing the assembled group to flee.There were no injuries, authorities confirmed to ABC News.

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"Officers on scene at W Colfax Ave and W 15 st on shots fired in the area of the Capital. This is an ongoing investigation and the motive is unknown," Denver policewroteon Twitter.Leslie Herod, who is a state representative, tweeted about the incident as well. She added that someone was apprehended, though police have not confirmed any arrests.

The Capitol was put on lockdown, with Herod, who fled inside included. Herod told an ABC News producer she was not scared by the incident."No. This only makes me more resolved. We have more work to do," she said.People scramble for cover outside the Colorado State Capitol in Denver on May 28, 2020, after someone fired gunshots in the area during a protest of George Floyd's death. No one was injured.

People scramble for cover outside the Colorado State Capitol in Denver on May 28, 2020, after someone fired gunshots in the area during a protest of George Floyd's death. No one was injured.Courtesy Nina Kadjar8:31 p.m.: 911 call releasedThe 911 call made by the store owner who accused Floyd of using fraudulent money was released by authorities Thursday evening.

According to the transcript of the call released by the state of Minnesota, the caller -- a store owner -- told the operator that Floyd entered the store drunk and tried to pay for something with"fake bills." He later left the shop and sat on his car. It was there where police found him when they arrived at the scene.

"Someone comes [to] our store and give us fake bills and we realize it before he left the store, and we ran back outside, they was [sic] sitting on their car," the caller said."We tell them to give us their phone, put their... thing back and everything, and he was also drunk and everything and return to give us our cigarettes back and so he can, so he can go home but he doesn't want to do that, and he's sitting on his car cause he is awfully drunk and he's not in control of himself."

The operator then asked the caller for Floyd's race and sex."No, he’s a black guy," the caller replied."Alright," the operator said, letting out a sigh according to the transcript, before the caller asked,"How is your day going?"

6:25 p.m.: Investigation is 'top priority' for DOJThe Department of Justice has made the investigation into Floyd's death a"top priority," Erica MacDonald, attorney for state of Minnesota, said at a press conference.MacDonald said President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr are"directly and actively" monitoring the case.

"It is critical, it is essential, it is imperative that the investigation is done right and done right the first time," she said."And that is what we are going to do."No federal or state charges against the officers were announced at the press conference.

Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman asked for"patience.""Give us the time to do this right and we will bring you justice -- I promise," Freeman said.He said his office has been flooded with calls on the status of the investigation. The main question, he said, has been,"what're you gonna do about the murder of George Floyd?"

"We are going to investigate as thoroughly as justice demands," Freeman said.He called the officer's action"excessive and wrong," but said he needs to determine if it was criminal.Both MacDonald and Freeman called on the public to come forward with any information they may have.

There was a delay in starting the press conference, which MacDonald apologized for and said she was hoping to share a development but that it was not the right time.5:35 p.m.: City releases complaint history of 4 officersThe police officer seen in a video with his knee on Floyd's neck was involved in 18 complaints prior to being fired, according to records released by the city.

Derek Chauvin, who was fired following Floyd's death, was only disciplined for two of those complaints, according to the city records.The documents do not provide the details of the complaints or the disciplines.In an image made from video posted to Facebook, a Minneapolis police officer kneels on the neck of a man identified by a family attorney as George Floyd, May 25, 2020. Floyd died shortly after the incident.

In an image made from video posted to Facebook, a Minneapolis police officer kneels on the neck of a man identified by a family attorney as George Floyd, May 25, 2020. Floyd died shortly after the incident.Darnella Frazier via StoryfulTou Thao, who was the officer seen standing up in the video, had six complaints, one of which remains open, according to the records. Thao, who was also fired, was not disciplined for the other five complaints.

The other two officers who were fired, Thomas Lane and J Alexander Kueng, have had no complaints.5:15 p.m.: Governor signs executive order activating National GuardGov. Tim Walz signed an executive order activating the Minnesota National Guard following Wednesday night's protests.

Walz said the purpose of the National Guard was"to protect people, to protect people safely demonstrating, and to protect small business owners.""The anger and grief of this moment is unbearable. People deserve to be seen. People deserve to be heard. People deserve to be safe," he said in a statement."While many Minnesotans are taking extensive safety precautions while exercising their right to protest, the demonstration last night became incredibly unsafe for all involved."

The National Guard Adjutant General will work with local government agencies to provide personnel, equipment, and facilities needed to respond to and recover from the protests, according to Walz's office.There will also be about 200 members of the Minnesota State Patrol that will work with state, county, and local community and public safety partners. State Patrol helicopters and fixed wind aircraft on the ground will assist law enforcement officers, the governor's office said.

5:03 p.m.: Families of Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery issue joint statementThe families of Floyd, Breonna Taylor andAhmaud Arbery-- all of whom died after incidents with current and former law enforcement -- are demanding change and calling for government action to address this"national crisis."

"We're devastated about the senseless violence that has broken the hearts of our families," the families said in a joint statement."While we are grateful for the outpouring of love and support, it's important that now – more than ever – we use our voices to enact change, demand accountability within our justice system and keep the legacies of Breonna, Ahmaud and George alive. This is a national crisis and our government needs to take immediate and widespread action to protect our black and brown communities."

The families have called for a congressional hearing and a national task force to create new bipartisan legislation that is aimed at ending racial violence and increasing police accountability.This undated photo courtesy of Breonna Taylor family shows Breonna posing during a graduation ceremony in Louisville, Ky.

This undated photo courtesy of Breonna Taylor family shows Breonna posing during a graduation ceremony in Louisville, Ky.Family of Breonna Taylor via AFP/Getty ImagesThey will also present a case to United Nation Human Rights Committee for sweeping changes to the nation's criminal justice system. A date for when they would be presenting their case was not provided.

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This man is very weak Are these idiot cops and leaders in Minnesota intentionally trying to inflame the issue? First call a pointless press conference to say they aren't making an arrest right as protestors are starting to gather again then arrest the media? RIOTS NOT PROTESTS. Protests are peaceful. Riots cause damage &/or death. The ONLY message they are sending is not that BLM but that they can be & are just as criminal as the cop that killed George Floyd.

Kudos to him for calling realDonaldTrump out and for trying to do the right thing which is something tRump knows nothing about! FreeOmar Free Omar right damn now But are they wearing masks per NYGovCuomo ? outrageous This isn’t gonna end well. Very Good ! Nice Job Trump ! they were in an area the police were trying to clear.

Unacceptable, keep our press safe! - 'But ?... I'm a reporter...!' - 'Hum... no boy, you are black !' TrumpsAmeriKKKa Broken nation... you've fallen so hard. Sad. Arrested for poor rating and promoting Fake News..😂 'protests' 'When the looting starts the shooting starts.' CNN had secured their Safe Release!!!!!!!

👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 That was a mistake. Demand that charges are filed against the 4 policemen involved in the murder! How can protesters get arrested and the cops involved not! This makes the Democratic leadership happy Suspicious Man Hiding behind gas masks a Breaks Window & Starts Minneapolis Riots And Check this that goes with it

as was CNN reporter Omar Jimenez potus46 Rise, America. Put the fear of We, The People back into government. realDonaldTrump Should patiently handle this people. Because they are protecting for justice...icantbreathe justiceforegeorgefloyd This is what happens when a mayor has been shitting on his police force and coddling criminals for several years...LeftistNeglectMatters

He is a Joo what do you expect. potus46 Come on, they are just Hong Kong style protestors which U.S. and U.K. should always support. Pelosi also said last year, Protest is a beautiful scene...you are always correct... potus46 A cop in disguise started the looting...wake the fuck up!!! Iran, China, Russia & V'zela urge the US to exercise restraint, refrain from violent law enforcement and respect the human rights of ethnic minorities. We are always concerned about the freedom of the American people. Minneapolis Racism USAPolice AmericanHypocrisy USA

This is on media for promoting race wars Why would they care when they get out of jail just as fast as the get put in jail now 😂😂😂😂😂 Now a $1,000 dollar fine hurts 👌😉 potus46 The mayor must not be very good at his job, all this cops hate dark people, look what happen with CNN crew. Someone must put order in that state, all cops should be replace.

These are brace protesters standing up for their tights against tyranny and corruption of the country. Describe them properly. How many in Minneapolis? Good, arrest all of the rioters and thugs. Selfish and destructive behavior bringing only more despair and hurt to people. These are NOT 'Protests' these ARE 'RIOTS'! Words have meaning.

Take the FIGHT for FREEDOM to the FBI and CIA which provide Police with FAKE VIDEOS of resisting arrest. Look up How CIA Operative Fooled President Bush Youtube I support FREEDOM not the TYRANNY of FBI and CIA which work side by side with POLICE killing CITIZENS Mayor so full of bullshit..!! 'I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.' Abraham Lincoln

Trump is correct. Frey needs to go. Nero fiddles. This guys a joke Or letting a city burn He is weak. They are burning down the city and so far he has done nothing. The police officers should be in jail. Where is he. He seems to be a frightened overwhelmed elected official. Mayor Frey🤔 DomesticTerrorism in Minneapolis .

Mayor of Minneapolis should have spent more time reviewing and correcting deficiencies that exist in the city than planning with others on how to defeat Trump or exercising and trying to be a pretty boy..!! Like Joe? We stand with the American people in their pursuit of freedom and equality and respect their legitimate protest. Against the use of force by the police and the government!

Mayor better get his city under control and stop worrying about the President’s comments Jacob_Frey: your care package is on the way... Yeah, looks like it Jacob. You just let civilians overrun a police station and burn it down fool 严正警告美国政府不要欺压少数族裔,给予他们应有的公平,人权与自由,不要使用武力,敦促美国政府通过对话解决分歧回应他们的关切,对美国流氓政权和美国黑警的暴力镇压表示坚决反对和强烈谴责,再一次敦促美国改善人权!我们同受到压迫的美国人民站在一起!必要时出台受压迫美国人民法案予以制裁!

George Floyd Protest must not stop from this year and into the future. ( 2020-♾ ). You mean like hiring the cops and ignoring the previous complaints against him? You did that, by the way. This city is 100% run by democrats. YOU are responsible for what this cop did. sir next time pick your officers a lot better..and twitter shave it ...iam a nobody have nothing but with all the money you guys have youll stupid..

Send in the troops Mayor Frey: 'Retreat, retreat!'. This liberal dunce sat back and watched the bottom feeders destroy and loot the city he's sworn to protect. He should have demanded the governor to activate the national guard from day one. What a failure of a mayor. lindo Trump just had to slap you down, his opportunity to make you look bad and himself GREAT...but it makes him look like a goof, weak and without character. TrumpDoesNotCare

WEAKNESS IS STANDING BY AND WATCHING YOUR WHOLE CITY BURN TO THE GROUND WHILE YOU DO NOTHING. Jacob_Frey Well if their strength is burning down the place their own Justine Trudeau is what they get So what is the Mayor doing to solve this? Mayor Jacob, very weak is when you smoke weed over 2 hrs, 'WEAK' is when you smoke the fire at the police station. ' You ain't white'

Weakness = Frey. His city. His police. His riots. He’s responsible. Well, he IS weak if he doesn’t fire his chief of police ASAP & find someone who will arrest those killer cops ASAP!! JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Stop saying that protestors set it on fire! Were you there Get real facts the President mentioned that after the Mayor came out crying and not after this last speech the Mayor made.' He had come out crying at first it wasn't good it was very pathetic showed signs of Weakness!!

Meanwhile his city burns 🤣 I salute mayor. Frey for firing 4 officers immediately here is the other quote ABC doesn't want you to see... Q: what is your plan mayor? A: long pause...…….as to what? Ok and So....he taking responsibility ? Or just crying about Trump ? The anger of the Statue of Liberty Weakness is letting your city burn when it was your police department who caused the riots in the first place.

Funny MayorFrey calls POTUS weak but will be asking for federal funds to rebuild his state 🤔 hope POTUS tells him NO looks like we got a new Biden VP candidate I thought it is about Japan’s Prime Minister...💦 Scere this Stay strong. You are a good leader who is trying his best to understand the hurt and rage that we feel. I am a NewYorker and if I could protest peacefully, I would join them. You are trying and that is appreciated

EVERYONE we have got to stay focused, remember why we are taking it to the streets. Fight the brutality of the rich, the elites, and the military/police!!! No more BS! We the people know it all. The corruption, the capitalism driven mind control, the profiteering. It ends now! You are a democratic country, and you should respect their rights to fight for equality.

Help what can I do ? Thanks Democrats voted in Democrats..This Chaos Is Theirs..POTUS OFFERED..Democrats denied Military assistance..only weakness was allowing your state to continue to burn..Democrat to Democrat..Live your choice.. This tweet by Jacob Frey oozes weakness Police are the enemy. They are the enemy of the people. Fck the cops

Sad it has to come to this 😔 Oh. How can you be so sure the cops didn’t set the fire before they scurried out with their tails between their legs? The people of Hong Kong stand with minneapolis WorldNews The actions of one bad cop means the entire force is bad as well and will goes the same with one bad black person means all blacks are bad..

LeslieMarshall Am I only one questioning whether the police planted a bomb before they left the building 🤔 We must stop this kind of atrocity on US soil! We must stop this kind of killing on US soil! We must stop this kind of murders on US soil! We must stop this domestic terrorism on US soil! We need Amendment 28, i.e. Freedom of Breath!

LeslieMarshall This video: Why do u keep calling them 'protestors'? They are rioters! So who are we blaming for the deaths of anyone killed by that potential explosion should it go off? And will riots intensify for them? SteveTVNews They are not protestors they are rioters Manufacturing outrage has real life consequences.

Let it burn😂 This is the of police shootings in the US by race. The issue is when a black person is killed by police, we hear it all over MSM news outlets. Meanwhile, UR white person gets killed at the hands of a cop, & nothing. It's no wonder we have a PERCEIVED race issue in this country! It has exploded as of 15 minutes ago

I’ll be honest: this would be funny as shit if that happened. 😂. Yeah well that’s what happens when you give racists murderers a badge and let them “police” citizens. Would be a real shame if the building exploded 2ndAmendment The act of one bad cop, caused the destruction and chaos of a whole city. Let that sink in!

Urgently! Nobody expected that ! How does 2 wrongs make a right?🤦‍♂️ Destroying the community that George Floyd's family most likely lives and works in only adds to their grief. It is narcissistic to detract from pleas for justice with anarchy. Mayhem changes the convo from a man who unjustly lost his life to looters and rioters. HijackingTragedy

What a beautiful sight to behold Well. All i can say is i hope everyone still has a home to go back too when this is all over. If not... At least you made a point? Or not. EverydayNihilism How much do we expect people to take? This poor man dies in the street for the crime of resisting, meanwhile, three white guys hunt down shoot and record the murder of a black jogger and it takes how long to arrest the dudes? If you can't see the distortion then it's willful.

GovTimWalz WHERE ARE YOU? Speak up! Stand up! the protesters did not set anything on fire. stay woke. this is all a set up Do these people realize that they will kill more because of craziness theyre doing How about they arrest the murderer and accomplices who stood by and did nothing, who committed murder, on camera, in broad daylight; and who seems to have previous. Perhaps that might be a better way of quelling 'disquiet' than calling in the National Guard? Just a suggestion!

The cost of poor police management. Hope police managers can learn. If u can not maintain the discipline, the cost is way more than the salaries paid to the police officers. Reward good cops and discipline bad ones. Where the hell have the Minneapolis Police been? They cut gas lines in the building, it can explode. Please be safe!

I think you mean rioters. In other words, the police likely rigged the building with tear gas and explosives. If the police left the precinct... who’s gonna be there when things go boom? YES SUPER COP ARE AFRAID ..!! GOTO HELL ... Committing larceny & arson under the name of Floyd. 👏👏👏 “Dangerous protests” = riots

Don’t warn the protesters. Just let the building explode Protesters ? Those are terrorists. continue companions the civil war draws near end the hatred of the white man So Trumpanzees with deadly weapons can protest and the police does nothing but protect them. But protesting over murder isn't okay? Wtf is wrong with the US?

Rent-a-Mob was delivered? That building exploding would be true karma. Amerikkka... Any proof it was protesters who set building on fire? I'm seeing a hell of a diverse crowd but that's not the narrative at all. Somebody say “Ow”! Stop calling the terrorists protesters What a shit fest

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Biden calls Trump 'absolute fool' for not wearing face maskDemocratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday called his Republican rival Donald Trump an 'absolute fool' for not wearing a mask at a series of recent public events, saying his lack of leadership on the issue is 'costing peoples' lives.' And yet, when inside near others... And biden sent his double with mask... Darth Vadar has white hair? Well, I'll be darned.

Romney condemns Trump for Scarborough staffer tweets: 'Enough already'Sen. Mitt Romney condemned President Trump’s tweets about the 2001 death of Joe Scarborough’s staffer as “vile, baseless accusations' Mitt. Always a day late and a dollar short. He continues to bring a knife to the AR-15 fight. 🙄 So he condemned.. so what! Well he fired a gay man for ...well being gay

Trump Is Not Reacting Well To Twitter's New Fact-Checking WarningIn response, the president insisted that Twitter is “stifling free speech” and “is interfering with the 2020 Presidential Election.” More importantly, he added that he will not allow this to happen.

Trump urges GOP to vote 'NO' on FISA bill, citing Russia probe concernsPresident Trump on Tuesday night warned that Republicans should vote against the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the controversial measure that sets up a separate legal avenue for the U.S. government to get permission to spy on individuals who might be agents of a foreign power in the United States. 100,000 dead Americans. One wrong president. ddale8 fact checks LYING TRUMP every time he opens his disgusting mouth! Instead of WARNING and PREPARING for a PLAGUE- TUBBY DUHnald WAS CHEATING AT GOLF 100,000 DEAD WORST LEADER and WORST ADMIN will be known as BAD HISTORY come NOVEMBER 3 💖💖💖

Trump threatens to shutter social media companies after Twitter warningU.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to regulate or shut down social media companies, one day after Twitter Inc for the first time added a warning to some of his tweets prompting readers to fact check the president's claims. Короновирусная шизофрения обуяла планету. Все вокруг я That's the first bit of real good news this year if it takes him off of social media completely. By his definition, correcting his followers' misspelling of 'they're' is 'silencing conservative voices.' It's an asterisk to a link correcting the error, not censorship, ya big dummy.