Minneapolis mayor calls for charges against white officer in death of African American man George Floyd

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Minneapolis mayor calls for charges against white officer in death of African American man George Floyd. 'We cannot turn a blind eye,' Mayor Frey says. 'It is on us as leaders to see this for what it is and call it what it is.'

Protests demanding justice for George Floyd, who died in police custody Monday, turned violent with officers using tear gas and non-lethal rounds.The mayor of Minneapolis called on prosecutors Wednesday to file criminal charges against a white police officer seen in apressing his knee into the neck of an African American man who is repeatedly heard in the footage saying"I can't breathe" before he died.

The protests turned violent again Wednesday evening, causing Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz to ask people to leave over safety precautions. MORE: Protesters clash with Minneapolis police following death of black man seen pinned down in video “There are events in our city that shape us. There are precedents and protocols sitting in the reserves of institutions just like this one that will give you about a thousand reasons not to do something, not to speak out, not to act so quickly," Frey said. “We cannot turn a blind eye. It is on us as leaders to see this for what it is and call it what it is. George Floyd deserves justice, his family deserves justice, the black community deserves justice and our city deserves justice.

In an image made from video posted to Facebook, a Minneapolis police officer kneels on the neck of a man identified by a family attorney as George Floyd, May 25, 2020. Floyd died shortly after the incident.Mayor Frey would not specify what charges he would like to see filed in the Floyd case.


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They have done all law enforcement can now it’s just ridiculous to be Causing fires tear down businesses during this virus going on and what else do you expect a long to do they’ve done with a K and we got to let justice take it’s course. So there’s no accomplishment to these

What this shows that you will burn down your own city. Burning down the stores that your neighbors worked to so hard to build. Are you going to help them rebuild when this is all over. Takes a lot of brains to do what you are doing.

Just sad don’t they realize to rebuild your city you all gotta pay TAXES

Plz stop damaging the country ppl

Minneapolis should Just minea not polis GeorgeFloyd fuck police

I want to invite western media, who always say India is intolerant to comment now.

Boom! The Minneapolis PD lit the fire when they killed George. And now the people are pissing petrol. Very unfortunate but hardly surprising. When those in authority fail to act after a blatant instance of gross injustice, this is what always happens next. Look to history.


greta If the police can’t defend their own station. How well do you think they will defend the people? Totally ridiculous to let this kind of destruction to go on. This is wrong just as wrong as the poor man that was killed. So glad I don’t live in Minnesota.

why there is no police

Burn down the entire city.

jack_pw2020 All the black brothers in the world have to do is overthrow this hypocritical government. Otherwise, history will repeat itself.

jon8cheng CCP's fault!!!!!

A beautiful landscape


This helps no one. Only strengthens the provavatures. Looting is just stealing!doesnt help mitigate the terrible event that happened. What the f were those officers thinking?

Why wasn't the murderer and his accomplices arrested? How else can you calm the conscience of the public?

Need to have another million person march on the 4th of July on the White House so we could interrupt impeached trumps plan of his dictator type parade that he wants on our dollar of course. TRUMPGATE

This is the ugly face of USA . Stop giving other countries lessons in democracy and human rights, racism killing you !!!

Wreck it, burn it to the ground.

Unfortunate the criminals used his death to distroy and steal! They could not have cared less a man died... the community might not get those stores rebuilt... the community lost!

Insult to injury. Such a shame!


greta How is burning businesses and communities justice for this man? The people who own these businesses had nothing to do with his murder. Destroying your neighborhood will not be justice for him.


just watch the video and correct your tweet 'following the murder from police of George Floyd'.They killed him he didnt just die.

'...death in police custody?' As in murder?

I thought I had watching Hongkong

Just usdad raefipour ❤❤

rolandsmartin Some of these tweets have to be bots! Really

rolandsmartin Remembering . . . Mike brown decision protest s here in my city / Bay Area and the decision of Oscar Grant ! This has nuances Understanding the anger

这不是风景线 这是景区啊

This is embarrassing and disgusting

I don’t think he just died in custody. I think we saw him die on the asphalt!!!!

That is just horrible!!

Violence is not the answer Peaceful Protest March , Absolutely Fine But looting stores and burning building is wrong


It’s like reliving the Los Angeles riots. 😓

Someone dying bye the hands of police doesn’t give you the right to burn down you’re hometown. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Sorry for the loss of this person but it still doesn’t give anyone the right to burn things down.

i think they could behave with more dignity,they are making themselves look like Neanderthals .justice will be done and i hope the cop gets the death sentence

Just wait until Americans find out their beloved forefathers protested by killing military servicemen on christmas eve, and protested even harder by making the leader of that attack President.

Bunch of animals

How is this rioting ? Setting things on fire is how protestors get the attention to the government !

The business’ should sue city and police department for their negligence. If they had competent employees, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

The wrath ...

Good stuff.

Who incited the violence at the peaceful protest? mpd corrupt

Humans in pandemic devil's rioting.........

So when nothing’s done people protest , when officers are fired fbi takes over and charges are being recommended for arrests and imprisonments people still protest . Why should anyone care if nothing is gonna matter one way or the other

and the streets aren't roped off because No fire trucks?

Why are you burning down your community, how does this help? Stealing merchandise, breaking up businesses. Can you explain how dies this help It only hurts your community more. Be better than this people.

This is the police departments fault, and they deserve this.

Yes let’s end police brutality by destroying our own neighborhood

Love to see it


Any way you look at this it just sad

Correction democrat voters gone wild


Only hurting your own community

Isn’t Minneapolis a Democratic town ? Asking for a friend !

That building played quite a role in this incident.

This whole situation is a terrible tragedy. I don’t know what any of them feel like or their situation but rioting does no one any good.

When you are at extreme wait for the response of extrem too

This looks like Trumps presidency.

I love Minneapolis—lives there a couple of decades. It is a A city on a ticking time bomb of unrest. People need to vent anger. In healthy ways. Please be careful out there Minneapolis. Cops need to stand down. People. Are. Hurting. Deeply. Stand. Down. Serve. And. Protect.

Texan_Rose_001 No comments

greta RIOTS, not protests. Thank you for finally calling it what it is.

Wow! They doing this, where they going to shop later. Wonder what Prince 💜would say about them doing this in Minneapolis if he was still alive. This is not the positive way to get their attention.

I do not blame anyone for being upset about what happened to Mr Floyd - I myself am outraged over it. But in what society is this kind of thing ok and why would people do that to their own community? Protesting is one thing. This barbaric rioting thing is another!

Black looters are paid by the DNC and given medals by Obama for performing this pre-election North American ritual, this is nothing new and right on cue for the long hot summer before the Presidential election. Grab your popcorn much more to follow... blexit

Beautiful sight

People of color set up an autonomous government

I don't understand the mentality that this rioting is some how going to solve the issue at hand! Those looting and damaging property of others have probably been doing this all their lives - not working, not practicing a religion, etc. Just like being thugs.

Minneapolis has be come a war zone.

HirokoTabuchi We did it! We stopped police brutality!

Seen this coming, show um who's boss people! Stick it to the man ✊

Rioting, looting, BLM, Antigua, the DNC must be supporting this

greta And this does what to bring justice to the George Floyd tragedy?

US governemt supports such protests case in Hong Kong, China. I believe this is supported by the its government too as they are calling for liberty, safety and fairness.

Typical democrat behavior

You mean murder

He was murdered you cowards

greta George Floyd’s death is horrible. His memory should be honored by how he lived his life and served his community. And if that means looting stores, stealing TVs, and starting fires inthe streets, so be it.

Hell yeah! We are finally doing what France did with the yellow vest riots!

Damaging property of someone who had no part in the original crime solves what?

A beautiful landscape

Doesnt have to be like this

greta Here they go again

Why weren’t the police called or the national guard. Looting does not help! All races were looting the Target! This is disgraceful stealing and vandalism is not how you bring awareness! Why didn’t they March and stand outside court house or mayors home! Where is the Mayor

I have lost my respect to police. its not only happened there in united states, but most country in the world, i dont know why, but maybe because they think they have superior power over civilians? Even i’m writing this tweet with the fear of being arrested.

Lol this is really gonna help with the incident

Can't say I blame anyone for rioting after this, watching GeorgeFloyd draw his last breaths after pleading for help, there has to be change. If any racist cop in the UK did this to my Black relatives and wasn't charged with murder I'd be torching stuff too BlackLivesMatter


When this happened in HK you called it 'peaceful protest'.


And there it is

Charge murderers with murder no matter what.. *simple

They must turn the police station into the sun🔥

Because looting & burning down stores that had nothing to do with this is the smart thing to do? Destroying your own neighborhood thugs this is NOT protesting

I think that the America will better off without the police because this is too much 😔

This is why people stop listening and caring. Arson? Robbery? Assault? Totally wrong. I'm sympathetic to what happened and no doubt it will end up in a trial. Getting justice should be vigilante style violence against people that weren't there and had nothing to do with it.

The INCIndia AntoniaMaino become so desperate for lack of MoneyLaundering opportunities, hence insisting India Government to transfer cash to migrant labourers accounts, to enable RahulGandhi priyankagandhi to launder labourer accounts! Coronavirus

I never understood riots. Causing havoc on innocent folks who had absolutely nothing to do with the case. Good officers responding to the riots just to get vandalized and attacked as if they were the ones on top of the guy. Pathetic way to reach for justice.

Maybe these business should just leave these burned out hulks to be a shrine to George Floyd.

I am so happy that white people don't react this way when white people are killed by police.

This is wrong, two wrongs never make a right

It looks lik the damn apocalypse. It's time for Amerikka to change things. For real this time!


Democrats beware. Here comes the Law and Order President.

Very sad, violence can't be justified.

greta This is completely insane. What purpose does this serve and why is it allowed? Those businesses will likely not reopen and jobs will be lost and will certainly destabilize the community. His death was senseless for sure but so is this. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

This is one od the reasons white people are afraid of black people. This will create more racists.

DelMody The American police are a law unto themselves... --- Any excuse will do! realDonaldTrump `s America. ---- American CivilRights one step forward two steps back. So sad. America friendsofAmerica StaySafe StayAlert StayHome

This could of been avoided if the cops that killed floyd was charged with murder and a hate crime But then again Trump never asked for peace. HE SHOULD OF HAD MADE A PUBLIC STATEMENT A leader would of done that HE WAS TO BUSY WITH TWITTER AND HIS EGO. realDonaldTrump

“An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind”

What happened to George Floyd was murder, plain and simple! These riots are uncalled for and should not be happening. Protests can be achieved without violence towards others or towards property. I can understand emotions are high but two wrongs will not make anything right.

They do it everytime. They can’t help themselves. They delegitimize their cause and would rather have a free vacuum than justice. They just give themselves no chance

greta That’ll show ‘em!

How is burning a city, which is Arson & illegal, going to bring this young man back? Rioting and causing destruction only costs taxpayers more money. Where is the peaceful protests? Contact your government, rally for justice. The officers will be charged with murder/accessory.


Why has Trump not said anything

A strict psychological test must be done before hiring a white cop, to make sure he is mentally fit to do this job.

Soros, DNC backed thugs burn Minneapolis? ...like they did in Shaheenbagh, India? Clearly organized mayhem! Not spontaneous. POTUS realDonaldTrump GOP TuckerCarlson LouDobbs seanhannity marklevinshow limbaugh BillOReilly OpIndia_com BJP4India howdymodi republic

I grew up in the 60s. It breaks my heart to see fires like this and I’m ashamed that blacks are still treated so awful by cruel white police. BlackLivesMatter

How does setting fires and looting stores help? I'm all for protests against injustice, but where does this get anyone?

Let it burn they let GeorgeFloyd DIE PERIOD‼😡💯 TRUTH

Burn it all down and let them live in the shit hole they created

This is so sad that it has come to this

How does this stop violence?!

This is why “white flight” exists.

This is not making a statement or a cure for the problem . This just makes the people that did this the same type of criminal as the police that murdered George Floyd

Does everyone know American government and MSM always support riots like this in Hongkong? Now they get a karma. I definitely support the murder of George Floyd should be put in jail for ever, but the protest shouldn't go in this way

greta Disgraceful

ABC with another picture of the minneapolisriots


I understand their frustration, but how does violence solve violence?

Black on black crime needs to stop, the black people only have one main enemy and that is the American police - they need refocusing on the police - fair game. Hit em hard.

Socialist_life I feel so sorry of black people in Americia. Such a violent society.

So seek justice by breaking the law and destroying the things around you? Pointless.

greta Idiots!!

It has began.

greta Please connect the dots for me from a man being killed to people looting target and taking lamps

I'm surprised no one has burned the police station down yet

greta Of course, let’s destroy our community. Problem solved!

WELL, back in the old days White people showed up to a black person's house and burned a cross TODAY the rolls are reserved and now business are being burned!!!!!!! Life is such a ?

Brilliant! Riots always help!

Tudo por causa de um policial estúpido e assassino.

greta Next might be the Mall of America. Nothing says “I hate the police” by burning down the largest mall in the World. Do you think the police might step in and stop them there?

Good ... justice must be served otherwise burn the whole city.

is right there to fan the flames.

This is heartbreaking

Por el asesinato por parte de cuatro policias en plena vía pública y a la de todos en vivo y en directo de un hombre que solo pedía respirar. Mientras los policías lo extrangulaban

cops are lucky that isn't the 3rd precinct. DerekChauvinisamurderer & STILL NOT IN CUSTODY but his home is guarded by an entire company of 'the brotherhood'. as more of america see's those vid's, the same will be true 4 these types of responses ACAB FTP UsVSThem Justice

But was there SOCIAL DISTANCING while burning down the city of Minneapolis? ScienceAndExperts

Grocery stores, auto zones, fast food, banks, other essential businesses burned for 5 miles. Peoples livelyhoods destroyed. Elderly and others relying on those businesses for food and supplies now without. These rioters hurt a lot of innocent people last night.

You lock the people up in their homes for weeks at a time, then when one goes out he gets killed by a cop... This is what happens, because of insane government rules, and people with no moral character. What do you expect?

alienssebac Así la ciudadania de color, se manifiesta por la muerte de uno de ellos a manos de un policía blanco. Es como el NO LO VIMOS VENIR.

Woah Minnesota.

Hope all my friends and family are safe. Wish it didn’t have to be this way. Riot on. Fuck murdering cops and the gifts that protect them.

Never understood why people would burn down their own neighborhoods instead of the bastard who are killing them. Either way cops can not get away with murder.

He didn't 'die in police custody' he was 'murdered by the police'

If they would arrest that police officer at least there maybe could be some peace but people have had it !!!! It’s disgusting how our tyrants of government and police officers think they are the end all and they are SO NOT !! Wake UP MEDIA YOUR BOUGHT AS WELL FIND A SOLUTION!!

.abc can’t say it. “Murder of George Floyd by police. “

This is truly undermining your protest. You want the White people to turn against you.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This is not riot. They are peaceful protesters just like HKprotesters. BlackLivesMatters StandWithMinneapolis

Good work hopefully they burn more places

Is it the result of injecting disinfectant?

Cops just decided to stand down, I guess. Really shows how much of a protection racket they are. Only thing they can do is murder people with impunity.

Time to bring in paid BLM protesters to burn down your city. BlackLivesMatters 🙄 Minneapolis icantbreathe AllLivesMatter DemocratsAreEnemiesOfAmerica

That’s called ANTIFA

*'we would be behind bars right now'

Thanks for you time and time again

Sad! Just Fix the Problems!

Yep. Get they ass on up out of here!

Will he hold the looters accountable too?

Any charges against the riotting in Minneapolis Minnesota?

Good man .

Thank you for calling it out for what it is Mayor.😢😢

50+ years of Democrat Mayors....

Look at Mayor Pete. I am loving this Mayor

Wheres all the news about the riots happening . Do your job!

its seems global political short term platitudes seem the norm these days, maybe you should start with a truly independent inquiry and following that , if needed, a full root and branch change in policing policy, and policing procedures.

All who stood there and allowed Chauvin to knee his entire weight in to GeorgeFloyd neck and do nothing should be charged with accessory to murder.

Well said!! 👍🏾 Now follow up with action 💪🏾

Put his ass in cuffs NOW!!!!


No you would not be behind bars. Nothing can be done till court. And you know that. So nice try.

Isn’t the Mayor of Minneapolis a Democrat? Isn’t he responsible for the police department in his city? Why do democrats create hostile police environments like Minneapolis and NYC where black men are targeted? Does it have to do with the democrats’ creating the KKK?

Hold on... against the white officer? Last I checked there were 4 of them and the law states all 4 should face murder charges not just 1


Doesn't this white officer have a name? Its been white officer white officer since yesterday. Tell us his name for goodness sake

The mayor is useless The police commissioner is useless Both should quit

I never tire of watching Amurikuh self destruct on live TV. It's fascinating.

so he’s a district attorney too?

Isn't he the mayor?

Can't belive the Monkeys in Minneapolis are burning their city down. Goes to show why Detroit looks like that

And his words were directly partly responsible for the riots. He pored gas on the fire.

WTF? 🤷‍♂️

Most of the people who have been turning a blind eye is the reason they can't see that racism exist.

Your city is burning down

Is he self aware about how many jobs he's gonna lose tonight?

Putting that officer behind bars is the least you could do.

His city is literally on fire right now. He needs to resign.

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