Success, Microsoft To Require Vaccines For Workers At Us Offices - Cnn

Success, Microsoft To Require Vaccines For Workers At Us Offices - Cnn

Microsoft to require vaccines for workers at its US offices

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8/3/2021 9:30:00 PM

Microsoft said Tuesday that employees, vendors and guests entering Microsoft's buildings in the US will be required to show proof of vaccination beginning in September.

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Regardless of proof of vaccination status, it would be more prudent to start requiring masks for everyone. There is no operational way to distinguish who is or isn't vaccinated beforehand. HELL YEAH MICROSOFT!!! 👍🏼👍🏼 Will they be little yello stars

U.S. cases and deaths from COVID-19 rise, so do vaccinations -U.S. officialsCases of COVID-19, along with hospitalizations and deaths from it, have increased in the last week, U.S. officials said on Monday, even as vaccination rates grow amid concern over the highly contagious Delta variant.

Coronavirus update: Latest Covid-19 vaccine and US reopening newsThe Delta variant is wreaking havoc through much of the US, and an internal CDC document shows it spreads as easily as chickenpox. Follow here for the latest news. A shame , a damn shame, no doubt he caught it from an unvaccinated republican He needs to talk to Rand Paul regarding this matter!!!! Senator Graham needs to also have a press conference to encourage other people to get this vaccine!!!! The irony is all the GOP pundits and Fox news are towing the anti-vax BS while vaccinated. They will be fine while their followers get sick and possibly die.

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Says It Has Shared 110 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Doses OverseasThe U.S. has shared more than 110 million Covid-19 vaccine doses overseas, the White House said, following regulatory and logistical setbacks Trump vaccine rocks ! Thanks for taking those toxicant outta our country 💥【墙国新闻系列】南京疫情最新数据;麻将馆引发的疫情扩散;北京封禁出台政策禁止哪些车辆和航班入京? 来自 YouTube

WSJ News Exclusive | Two U.S. Companies Seek Continued Tariffs on Imported Solar PanelsAuxin Solar and Suniva plan to ask the U.S. International Trade Commission to extend the solar tariffs for four years, reigniting a fight that has split the industry—and could force the White House to choose sides. 당신이 하나님 전의 자녀라면 하나님의 권위에 복종했습니까 ? TheLatterAnointing If the eviction moratorium is not a national-security issue, I know damn well, solar panels are not!! Lol. It’s a profit issue. If we are serious about going green affordable solar panels from Asia will make it happen. It will allow regularly people to buy them for their homes.

2 travelers who used fake vaccine cards to enter Canada from U.S. fined nearly $16,000Two airline passengers entering Canada from the U.S. have been fined nearly $16,000 each for submitting fake vaccination cards and Covid-19 test results, officials say. Play stupid games win stupid prizes Pay up fraudsters. And they should be quarantined in solitary for 3 weeks (the variants, you know, can't be too sure!)

White House celebrates US reaching 70% of US adults getting at least one Covid-19 vaccine shotThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Monday that 70% of US adults have received at least one Covid-19 vaccination shot, reaching President Joe Biden's July Fourth goal about one month late. Trump vaccine is working! Lies.