Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, wife Melinda Gates, announce divorce after 27-year marriage

Bill Gates, who co-founded Microsoft, and his wife Melinda, are divorcing after 27 years of marriage.

5/4/2021 12:11:00 AM

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and wife Melinda are divorcing after 27 years. They will continue to co-chair the Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates, who co-founded Microsoft, and his wife Melinda, are divorcing after 27 years of marriage.

, she decried the still-present gender gap."Based on data from its widely-respected Global Gender Gap Index, WEF estimates that it will take the United States another 208 years to reach gender equality. You read that right. At the current pace of change, gender equality won’t arrive in the U.S. until the year 2227."

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The Gates Foundation, founded in 1994, has more than 1,600 employees, and has issued grant payments of more than $54.8 billion, according to the foundation's web site.Last year, Bill Gates, formerly the world’s richest person,said he was stepping down from Microsoft’s board to focus on philanthropy

. And he became a prominent spokesperson last year as coronavirus spread, because Gates had long warned about a global pandemic.He expressed disbelief that a conspiracy theory had him masterminding the delivery of microchips in COVID-19 vaccine shots for the purpose of tracking people.

It makes no sense technologically, he told USA TODAY in January. Even if it were possible, “Why would I be involved in that?" he said."I don’t get it.” Gates was Microsoft’s CEO until 2000 and since then has gradually scaled back his involvement in the company he started with Paul Allen in 1975. He transitioned out of a day-to-day role in Microsoft in 2008 and served as chairman of the board until 2014.

Gates, 65, is No. 4 on. with $124 billion, behind Jeff Bezos ($177 billion), Elon Musk ($157 billion), Bernard Arnault & Family ($150 billion)... and ahead of Mark Zuckerberg ($97 billion).Contributing: Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY; The Associated Press

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I thought both were same person? 😂 Why did they get divorce I thought they have been together for a long time Melinda Gates has finally decided she can't live with a Windows 7 edition of a man when 65 billion dollars can buy her a very nice modern version! So after 27 years, you realised your mistake. Mental breakdown!!

IS THIS SOME SORT OF SICK JOKE? They're sitting on the floor because they can't even afford a chair and you say they will continue to 'co-chair'? I see people are clicking on the 'like' icon ... which means what Personally, I do not like the story that Bill and Melinda are splitting, realizing it is their choice but again, it is still heartbreaking to hear this story!! ☮️ Love you guys! BillGates melindagates

MelindaGates is trading in her Floppy Disk for a Solid State Hard Drive. What really changes after 3 decades of being in love? He was finally fed up with her yelling “Microsoft” every time he took his pants off. The wealthiest divorce after 27 yrs & 3 kids makes us wonder what's it all about? They can buy ANYTHING! I walked away from marriage, fine CT home & wealth at 26. Peace, laughter, & friendship meant more! You're worth more than any amount can buy! BillGates billgatesdivorce

More power to Bill and Melinda! I am sure this was not an easy decision to make. Together they built an empire and the greatest philanthropic company and separately I am confident they will do the same. We are all human make mistakes and we all have our needs.

Melinda Gates Now A Billionaire After She Gets Stock Transfer From Bill GatesI’m a San Francisco-based reporter covering wealth at Forbes. Follow me on Twitter rachsandl or shoot me an email rachsandl Why 27 years of relation is the end🤔🤔🤔 rachsandl GOD SHES SUCH A HARD WORKER AND DESERVES ALL OF IT!!! rachsandl Please can someone tell me who she is and what does she do to become a billionaire? Thanks in avance for you answers 🙏🏿

I WILL MARRIED YOU AND I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY. Sad Joining Hendrix, Joplin, Cobain, & Winehouse in the 27 Club And this is News, why? “Without wood, a fire goes out; without a gossip, a quarrel dies down.” Proverbs 26:20 “‘Are you still so dull?’ Jesus asked them...For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, ..., false testimony, slander.’” Matthew 15:16-19

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Is it because he's micro and soft? Ladies, this is your time to shine. They’re both single and ready to mingle. Go suck that d!ck/ eat that cooch and get your coin Dm me on how to make $30,000 in 7 days of trading....profit is 100% guarantee WhatsApp:+1(916)8884649 makemoneyonline blockchain XRP bitcoin binary btcusd money investors dogecoin cryptocurrencies AffiliateMarketing

I wish them both well. Fundamentally, they are human beings ending a very long personal relationship. That is sad.

Melinda French Gates Now A Billionaire After Stock Transfer From Bill GatesI’m a San Francisco-based reporter covering wealth at Forbes. Follow me on Twitter rachsandl or shoot me an email What was she before? Come-on guys!? Hmmmm Teach us melinda HAHAHA

What a phony! nice This powergreedy psychopath is asking you for space and privacy. Like Hitler asking for peace and love! Wow! Co-chair? In Nigeria if you divorce automatically both of you'll be enemies 🤣 and if anything bring you people together knacking will follow Who cares!! Stupid news!! So, time to buy shares in Onlyfans?

They had a nice long relationship. They will remain as a force but just not in marriage. So many long term couples go there separate ways Why Now? She finally realised she lived with a complete psychopath.

Melinda Gates Was Meeting With Divorce Lawyers Since 2019 to End Marriage With Bill GatesMelinda Gates met with divorce lawyers in 2019, say people familiar and documents reviewed by WSJ. One concern: her husband's dealings with Jeffrey Epstein. All centi billionaires ensnared looks like? Elongate especially But why would that a concern ? You didn’t seem to think it was a big deal when trump had clear connections to the human trafficker. So why? 🤔 Et tu Brute?

Sad news. Two people that have used their good fortune to help others. Divorce is so tough and these amazing people deserve nothing but the good things in life! She probably divorcing him cuz he be chipping them vaccines 💀🤡 What may be the reason? One of them ran out of gas? Even Billions won't be enough to get them going? 😀 After all the funny talk we can simply assume this may be just simple wealth management arrangement than nothing serious. We all know they ran out of gas long back.😀

Best news .......he is a cheater I don’t trust these two This man does charity for a cover his greed. He says patents of medicine, vaccine can't share when people are dying around. A vulture who live long but will suffer a lot and realise at the end he can't eat money. Hi mr bill gates dear Melinda gates please Borrow me 2 million £ I work with this money, i will pay you back in the next 10 years I am a worker, I will return your money to you happily I say this sincerely from the bottom of my heart 💖🎻🎷🎷✍️🌹

Add my naughty snapchat premium juicyrebeccca for exclusive content 😈😈😈 Y’all ever notice how fine Melinda gates is ?

Melinda Gates sought to divorce Bill Gates since at least 2019: WSJBusiness Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know. Psh, bet bill gates didn’t buy Siacoin and she realized he had small pp energy. (Not financial advice, just pp advice) God is holy, we must also be holy. Accept Jesus Christ (hope) Holy Spirit ( Righteousnes) Magazin.😊 'Zenginin parası fakirin çenesini yorarmış' çenem yoruldu.😂

Bill should hire a good hitman and bump off Melinda instead of giving her billions of dollars in settlement. So, is QAnon going to claim Bill's vaccine chip outed Melinda? Not even a little sad Bill Gates should have listened to Kevin Samuels....🤷🏽‍♂️🙃 Don't worry about Bill Gates. I think $64 billion dollars should be enough to keep his new girlfriend Suede Brooks around for a couple years.

Sad to see that. They have both done fabulous work over the years. Bill you're a dick. its all about the Benjamins People; they all know he's gonna get sued on the Bio Weapons; this way they get to 'preserve' 1/2 the family fortunes! For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself? (LUKE 9: 25)

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are splitting up after 27 yearsShame. They’re good people. no one cares post-pandemic divorces are rising!! Someone will have a studies 🔜

'F' Bill Gates and his I sense a great disturbance in the force... Like thousands of Qanons suddenly crying out in anticipation of the next conspiracy theory. how we should have found out The good news about this is that they re still going to be working together on Gates foundation,they should keep saving thousands of lives with their billions.

I always believe A billionaire man should never marry Does a billionaire woman marry a poor man ? Not Bill & Melinda Gates ? Please tell me this isn't so, they are the cutest couple. Vows Yup. 2 narcissists with no room for the other. Fitting end. Bill on his way to run thru some hoes. Well hopefully they both get some young meat in America so they can stay the hell out of Africa.

I pray they find the way back to each other. “The family that prays together, stays together.” - Fr. Patrick Peyton. Rings truer today than ever before given the increasing secularism in our world. Many people do not believe this until things have gone awry in their family life.

Good riddance to the World’s Most Evil Couple. BillGates is funding this!! We should release the mosquitos in his backyard!! 750 million GMO mosquitos to be released into Florida Keys!! 🥺 She probably had prenup of him😉 comzaza That's very sad Divorce—after 27 years and 3 children—is not a good thing, since marriage and children are what is important in life. It's better to be married with children and poor, than to be rich and divorced.

What is the twitter handle of his wife? I wanna ask her something 😂😂 White Lives Matter If you're looking for clues as to why Bill Gates's marriage failed, the words micro and soft should tell you enough Money can’t buy happiness…or sympathy Too bad

I wonder what they tried. Marriage is designed to expand and contract to make any modifications to survive transitional phases and challenges. They likely forgot each other as they remembered everyone else. This is why I support Marriage appraisals to check in. That's sad. Is this another distraction? Why are they wasting their time, they are too old for a divorce

in the very beginning they were Dos GatesDivorce If he cares sooooo much about Black people, why doesn't he tell the corp flunkies in Congress to stop killer cops asap? Bill about to lose 75 bill I hate that it had to be him, B**ch you didn't make windows This version is No longer supported. Sad to see. Bill likes dollar bills $$$. Melinda likes Bitcoin and dogecoin ! Irreconcilable differences. Rolling on the floor laughing

So sad to know

i think this is the reason Melinda saying to bill that it's getting micro and soft Musk and Bezos were dysfunctional from start. It showed on their faces Now I am sad .. 😥 I kind of liked gates family.. they looked so happy together 💔 Well damn. I know melindagates will get her groove back Who cares Ethereum is your chance to buy the new Bitcoin whilst it’s still in reach. It’ll make you very wealthy

That is a good opportunity for at least one young dude and and girl!😋 The billionaire himself dey get divorce na those with loml and padlock emojis 🔐🧡 char u guys dey funny me sef 🤣💔😆😂 OwusuAnsahJere2 fearwomen $100 billion can't overcome a small weener.

Bill Gates kraaaa yagyae no na wo Kwame Stingy? Woadi g)b3 saaaa ad3n na y3ngyae wo? Both of them will spend the rest of their lives with a younger, more handsome, beautiful partner, to make up for the old ones. So now Bill dates 😁 Trying to control the world's population can put a lot of strain on a marriage. 🙅🏾‍♀️

Hot girl summer 2021 is looking crazy! Couldn't be because of upcoming tax changes or anything.... Oh God... Is it a good news or bad news 😞 FixTheCountry These comments are stooopid 😂

Should we really be taking advice on how to save the planet from a guy who couldn't save his marriage? That happens. People grow apart. I hope they remain friends. They have done some great things .👍 Forgiveness is key after a split. Moving forward is an exhale . Gates 🌎🌍🌏 She wants Bill Gates out of her life like the world does.

claudieseyes 'They will continue to co-chair the Gates Foundation.' 509ShawnG I'm sorry to hear this Theresca certain Graca here in SA. He can come have her as advised by their tax consultants Wow Kim Kardashian Gates Poor Bill'ionaire 🥺

Bill should restart it like windows Who gets custody of Clippy? Melinda Gates or Bill Gates? BillGates The couple, who co-chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a global health and development charity, announced their split on Twitter.