Michelle Keegan's zebra print outfit is out of this world

Michelle Keegan's zebra print outfit is out of this world

Michelle Keegan

12/3/2021 10:32:00 PM

Michelle Keegan 's zebra print outfit is out of this world

Brassic star Michelle Keegan looked out of this world on Thursday when she shared a photo to Instagram wearing a zebra print outfit from Very.

RELATED: Michelle Keegan matches outfits with her 'bestie' – and it's too cute to missSharing the look with her millions of followers, the actress wrote:"Who's buying Christmas party wear but made no plans yet!?" Michelle looked incredible in the bold outfit, which consisted of black and white zebra print trousers and a matching sleeveless blouse.

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The 34-year-old wore her brunette hair in a slicked-back style and sported a glamorous makeup look, complete with brown shimmery eyeshadow, lots of contour and a glossy nude lip. She kept her accessories minimal, making sure not to take away from her striking ensemble. headtopics.com

MORE: Michelle Keegan looks phenomenal in figure-hugging dress of dreamsFans rushed to comment on the picture, with one gushing:"You are unbelievably stunning," while another added:"Definitely buying your Christmas party wear".

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          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Michelle Keegan (@michkeegan) We are in love with Michelle Keegan's latest outfitMichelle's outfit is from her very own clothing range with Very, and her fun co-ord is still available to purchase online, but be quick as it is selling out!

Zebra Print Blouse, £25, VerySHOP NOW Zebra Print Trouser, £30, VerySHOP NOW Mark Wright's wife delighted fans once again last week when she debuted a new hairstyle. On Sunday evening, Michelle shared a snapshot to her Instagram stories wearing a pair of stonewash skinny jeans, a cropped black blazer and her hair in a sleek top knot. The actress usually wears her hair in loose and long curls, so this look was quite the change.

Later, the star also shared a picture of herself to her main grid, enjoying sushi in a lovely black top and waved Rapunzel-style locks. We're obsessed!Lots of young girls love to copy Michelle's hair and makeup, but she also looks up to other celebrities for inspiration. The actress previously told HELLO!:"I love Jessica Alba... I feel like she's really natural, and I love her style. I'm always watching videos of her doing her skincare routine and I love the fact that she wears minimal makeup, and she's quite confident in her own skin." headtopics.com

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DISCOVER: Michelle Keegan shows off incredible legs in skin-tight leather trousers

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