Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan's £45 slinky little black dress is selling like hot cakes

Michelle Keegan's £45 slinky little black dress is selling like hot cakes

10/26/2021 9:58:00 PM

Michelle Keegan 's £45 slinky little black dress is selling like hot cakes

Michelle Keegan looked gorgeous on Instagram wearing a black dress from her fashion line with Very. The wife of Mark Wright added black boots and a Chanel bag.

READ: Michelle Keegan's hair transformation is a look we've never seen on her beforeIn one picture, the wife of Mark Wright was snapped in the reception foyer, wearing a seriously chic little black dress. We were delighted to discover it was actually from her fashion collaboration with Very and will set you back just £45 should you wish to invest.

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The design is a ribbed, knitted style and has a tie belted detail at waist to cinch you in. We love the flattering round neck and full length sleeves. MK teamed the getup with black knee-high boots and carried a sleek Chanel bag.MORE: Michelle Keegan glams up a grey day with cosy coat and statement earrings headtopics.com

Quite a few sizes of the dress have already sold out, so get in there quick if you fancy this frock hanging up in your wardrobe.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Michelle Keegan (@michkeegan)

The Manchester-born star often connects with her Instagram followers when it comes to fashion and last week showcased  three uber-stylish coats that are ideal for winter.Michelle's dress: Michelle Keegan Knitted Tie Detail Midi Dress, £45, Very

SHOP NOW The former Coronation Street star shared the looks on her Instagram Stories. The first look was a stunning blue coat with a faux-fur lining with deep pockets that tied at the waist. She joked:"Judging by the weather, we are skipping trench coat season and going straight in with the big coat! We've got you covered on my newest launch, here's some of my favourites!"

You may also like: V-Neck Tie Waist Dress, £12.99, SheinSHOP NOW READ: Michelle Keegan's £20k engagement ring is totally mesmerising The second style was a green drawcord waist coat, which she remarked:"Extra padding because we all know how cold it's gonna get," while the final look was a jaw-dropping faux-fur parka which the actress described as the"perfect parka" and we have to agree! headtopics.com

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