Michael Jackson Estate Eyes Revival After Court Victories

Michael Jackson’s musical legacy never left, but a kind of comeback is coming.

8/1/2021 2:35:00 AM

The Michael Jackson business is on the upswing 12 years after the pop superstar’s death

Michael Jackson’s musical legacy never left, but a kind of comeback is coming.

will follow quickly on its heels, the first of several planned projects.Branca said the delay of well over a year, as happened for all of Broadway, was “frustrating” but he has renewed excitement aboutMJ: The Musicaland shared new details.“It’s not a chronological depiction of Michael’s life,” he said. “It’s more impressionistic, inspired by Michael’s life and his music. It takes place as Michael is preparing for a tour and MTV wants to get an interview. Michael’s very press shy, and slowly but surely as they develop a relationship begins to talk about different parts of his life that then get enacted in the show.”

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Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage wrote the show’s book. Tony Award-winner Christopher Wheeldon is directing and choreographing. Broadway newcomer Myles Frost will star as Jackson, after Ephraim Sykes dropped out to shoot a movie. Rehearsals resume in September, and previews begin in December.

Michael Jackson Estate Gets Judge to Toss Wade Robson's Abuse SuitBranca said he’s proud of the diversity the show will bring to the stage.“The cast is obviously largely Black,” Branca said, “In an era where that’s sorely wanted on Broadway.”Successes aside, Branca feels lingering bitterness about director Dan Reed’s headtopics.com

Leaving Neverlandand what he felt were American media outlets that “don’t have the time or the wherewithal to do the research to figure out what’s true and what’s not true.”Hence, the estate’s last lingering lawsuit, now in private arbitration, is one that it brought itself, and one Branca very much wanted filed, against HBO over the documentary.

“I was very angry at HBO and Dan Reed and I still am because here’s the thing: You can say anything you want about somebody who’s dead. They’re not here to protect themselves,” Branca said.The two men featured in the documentary are appealing the dismissals of their lawsuits. HBO has defended

Leaving Neverlandas a valid and important piece of documentary journalism.Ironically, the victory handed to the estate in its tax case came in part because the judge believed the value of Jackson’s image and likeness had been severely diminished by such allegations at the time of his death, despite his acquittal at his 2005 trial for child molestation. It was one aspect of an all-around victory for the estate that’s bringing a far smaller bill that’s being calculated now.

Under the guidance of Branca and his more behind-the-scenes co-executor John McClain, the estate has brought in $2.5 billion in revenue in the past 11 years, and Jackson has remained the top earning deceased celebrity every year since his death at age 50 from a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol. headtopics.com

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But Branca says the way Jackson’s musical legacy echoes through modern artists may be his most impressive legacy.“Kanye West, Drake, Beyoncé, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande — they all point back to Michael,” Branca said. “His influence is really enormous.”

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Plus, she tells us that she isn’t usually bothered when people ask about the album: “I get it; I want it too.”

but which side are you on ? pure hypocrisy ehh false accusers ⬇️ Seria tão legal se essa matéria fosse sobre um álbum novo 😥 Michael: Keep my name out of your mouth MICHAEL JACKSON = THE KING OF MUSIC ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love MJ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ What a dry headline, it sounds like you were upset to see the success that the king possesses even though you tried to cancel it and realized that cannot erase the legacy of the greatest star that has ever existed.

Michael always was number 1! Fuck your tabloid junk Billboard. We know your past posts! Michael will always be the KING 👑! the hypocrisy ✨ Billboard while writing this: Michael Inspired me to record my song ❤️❤️ IBelieveInLove We haven't forgotten that you still owe us an apology

After court victories, Michael Jackson estate eyes revivalBEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Michael Jackson's musical legacy never left, but a kind of comeback is coming. With a series of court victories that bring the end to serious legal crises, with a Broadway show beginning and a Cirque du Soleil show returning after a long pandemic pause, the Jackson business is on the upswing 12 years after the pop superstar's death. BECAUSE HE BUILD THE BUSINESS NICELY DONE AND THE REMAINING OF MICHAEL JACKSON,USE'S THE SAME HAND,OF MICHEAL JACKSON TO CONTROL EVERYTHING THAT'S THE REASONS THINGS ARE STILL MOVING ALRIGHT AFTER TWELVE YEARS OF MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH Does anyone think he wasn’t a child molester? My fav pop star⭐❤

ooooo Billboard, how dare you post something good about Michael. Despite your efforts to destroy it. Michael is the greatest of all, from Robson, D. Reed, Safechuch. They remain, fraudsters, the same losers fraudsters!🤢 This is an inaccurate headline. It has been on an upswing SINCE the year he passed. There are articles to support this. You, Billboard, are supposed to know this. Please do your research instead of letting your inherent bias seep through.

Things didn't go the way you wanted isn't it Billboard? We won't never forget what you did to promote those PROVEN frauds in order to destroy Michael's legacy. MichaelJacksonGreatestOfAllTime An upswing, in spite of you . Still waiting for your photoshoots and cover stories about all the accusers of White Male Rock artists, there are many, but you know that already.

Maybe to you he was a business, but to us fans, he was one of the most kindest, talented, beautiful,caring,genuine human beings on the planet. The way the billboard talks about MJ like it never tried to destroy his legacy makes me sick. Cry more “Beat me, hate me, you can never break me” Haters gonna be hating this....

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Thanks to a bogus fictional NAMBLA movie that was destroyed in fact checking it, MJ got a boost in streams and sales. You were part of that lynch mob that tried to take down the biggest selling recording artist of all time. We will never forget what you did. Cannot cancel an innocent man. You tried, you tried your very best actually when you had the world’s worst boyband on your front cover… but facts matter. MJInnocent AmplifyMJ ❤️ here’s the cover you SHOULD have had, but of course you’re too cowardly for that… Dan, Wade, James

KING IS STILL KING....GOAT OF ALL GOAT.. Suck it Oprah! Sign me up. Just found iut that this was all ascam awek ago and I feel alive in a new way. 3 yeas of insomnia healed by the peace of knowing MJ was innocent. Now i want to love like he did. MJ was a piece of God and the very world didn't give him peace. WE LOVE GOAT

It was never dead.... Not with your help. Despite your best efforts, whiteboard. Look at the state of you- He’ll always leave a special place in my heart You guys did everything in your hands to destroy the man, but all you failed in a miserably way. I love it 😍😍😍😍

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