Michael Cohen: 'This is the death spiral of the Trump Organization'

12/7/2022 3:20:00 AM

The Trump Org. has been found guilty in a 15-year tax fraud scheme, facing roughly $1.6 million in fines. Michael Cohen: 'This is what I would refer to as the death spiral for the Trump Organization.'

The Trump Org. has been found guilty in a 15-year tax fraud scheme, facing roughly $1.6 million in fines. Michael Cohen: 'This is what I would refer to as the death spiral for the Trump Organization.'

Following the Trump Organization being found guilty in a 15-year tax fraud scheme, facing roughly $1.6 million in fines at sentencing, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen says that Allen Weisselberg was “less than truthful” in his testimony, and that he’s still “on the sword” due to Trump.

Dec.The Trump Organization could face a maximum of $1.NEW YORK (AP) — Jurors returned guilty verdicts Tuesday in the tax fraud case against Donald Trump’s company.NEW YORK — Donald Trump’s company was convicted of tax fraud on Tuesday in a case brought by the Manhattan District Attorney, a significant repudiation of financial practices at the former president’s business.

6, 2022.

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Gimme a Break 😆 this is another nothing burger They will appeal it and win. The Trump Organization should not have been charged..the Coo should have been held responsible and everyone knows it. Michael you really need to get laid or something This is funny…and the sheep will nod along and cheer hysterically… until you know…the truth comes out

🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m sorry You underestimate what people will do to get rid of that buffoon in the White House. The more you have Michael on, the better! Love listening to him :) 🌟🌟🌟 LOL A few people didn't report benefits on their income taxes. Give me a break. Has Cohen not fulfilled his obligation to the deep state?

WeAreWakanda_ TrumpKnew TrumpSignedTheChecks Trump got a good deal ?

Trump Organization Found Guilty On All Counts of Criminal Tax FraudDonald Trump and his family were not charged in this case, but the former president was mentioned repeatedly during the trial by prosecutors about his connection to the benefits doled out to certain executives, including company-funded apartments, car leases and personal expenses.

“State run media” The roughly $1.6 million fine on the Trump Org, politically motivated with inflated charges, is a cost about the same as three 30 second commercials for game 7 of the World Series. Hype this as you may... that's all it is - Political Hype. There is probably more than anyone knows about.

Facing up to 1.6 million in fines. Lol. Such a nothing burger. With cheese. Lol Michael Cohen, now there's a source🤣 And appeal after appeal. Trump will have to live to be 90 before settled. 1.6 with no jail time? sounds good Ha!ha! $1.6 million dollar fine ! It probably cost $20 million to investigate and prosecute! This was never about law, just trying to embarrass Trump. Prob 90% of businesses do these things to avoid taxes.

Why don’t you talk about what happened to pelosi? We haven’t heard anything else about it how convenient for the left

Trump Organization found guilty of tax fraudFor two days, the jury deliberated charges that the company helped executives dodge personal income taxes on perks such as Manhattan apartments and luxury cars. Hahaha got him now lol Not the last probe to come out the Manhattan DA's office. Stay tuned. Now onto corrupt Biden and his son Hunter

Says the man full of Bull S___. Hahahahahahaha. Meanwhile criminal biden and hunter are heros to your eyes. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy 🥰 Pocket change. hopefully this is the beginning, just Manhattan. Tish James will shut them down MichaelCohen212 has no idea if this is actually a 'death spiral' for the Trump Org. He has no idea how the NY Atty Gen case will go or what will happen in general. He just parrots other's observations and doesn't reveal new info during his *frequent* cable circuit appearances.

Am pretty sure the IRS went over the Trump Org. tax returns throughly. If it was as corrupt as stated, why wasn’t this found before? Thanks that’s so earth shaking news I guess after MSNBCs Mara Largo conspiracy imploded.. like Russian Collusion Delusion.. This is the best the left can do. 民主党和共和党都有强调的自由和偏好的制约。民主党的制约更多是出于现世(世俗),而共和党的制约更多是来源于圣经。圣经虽好,但还是适合自我归劝,而不是限制他人。比如同性恋结婚,如果不考虑宗教,没有任何其它理由去限制,其行为完全无害于他人。共和党应该减少这种宗教限制,专注经济和世俗

Trump Organization found guilty in executive tax-fraud schemeDonald Trump’s company was convicted of tax fraud on Tuesday in a case brought by the Manhattan District Attorney, a significant repudiation of financial... How to harass a former President with the law. 🤡🤡😂🤡🤡😂😂😂😂😂

0.1% is a death spiral? It’s amazing to me that MSNBC has moved on from promoting Michael Avenatti for a possible White House run to using Michael Cohen as the legal and moral compass for your organization. Trumps a thug boss.. but guess what, Cohen was his alleged de facto “consigliere” nypost GOP Clearly, corrupt criminal DNC has corrupted our Justice system targeting Trump & other opposition leaders & supporters. Latest revelations fr Twitter provide Irrefutable evidence of DNC conspiracy agt Trump & Gop in complicity w FBI & media/ tech allies. Save 🇺🇸 !

There it is, the smoking gun. Trumps master plan was to steal a million dollars. 🙄 Same 'ole thing? Yawn. Remember friends! You can vote your way into communism, but eventually, your grandkids will have to shoot their way out. 1.6 million? Barely a blip for the Saudis …er…the trump org. Can’t spiral fast enough

🤣🤣1.6 huh lmfao

Trump Organization companies found guilty of all charges in tax fraud in New York trialTwo Trump Organization companies faced a total of 17 criminal counts, including conspiracy and tax fraud.

who's basement will eric trump sleep in now? Same for Biden and his families foreign money making? Lol! And once again the dem left debased demoralizing devil inspired libs have launched a new attack on Trump because they view him as a threat to their evil ungodly agenda. That's the fault of the system . You act like he's the only one getting away like this

No one believes you. All you do is say whatever the DNC tells you to say. You used to have a credible 'news' organization, but now you're just a left-wing, radical hate group. And your friends at the other propaganda media places, too. Start doing REAL journalism! So that’s like…. $100k a year in extra taxes….for a billion dollar corporation. Lol

CarolLaRue He will never be held accountable for any of his crimes.

Trump Organization Found Guilty of Criminal Tax FraudProsecutors argued Trump “explicitly sanctioned” a fraudulent tax scheme perpetrated by the Trump Organization, which on Tuesday was convicted on all counts Donald Trump’s eponymous company was found guilty of tax fraud in a weeks-long Manhattan criminal fraud trial where prosecutors claimed the ex-president was “explicitly sanctioning tax fraud.” but but how about Hunter, Benghazi and Obama’s tan suit?

🥺 $1.6 million in fines is a death spiral? also isn't that clown supposed to be in prison with avenatti? 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 My bad I told it was CNN.🤣🤣🤣🤣 Turn out the lights, the nightmare is almost over! AlanDersh Jim_Jordan RepMTG These judges are corrupt,president Trump brought million&millions of jobs through out his life.These judges are crooked&only want to hurt our president Trump&hate our president&not concern about how president Trump created jobs.

Interviewing the felon, Michael Cohen. 😂 TrumpCrimeFamily = Grifters TrumpCrimeFamily = Grifters

Trump Organization found guilty in New York criminal tax fraud trialFormer President Donald Trump's company, the Trump Organization, was convicted of tax crimes committed by two of its longtime executives following the conclusion of a trial in New York that gave jurors an interior look into the company's financial history. We’re gonna need more ketchup Yeah those fringe benefits. Huge game changer Nothing out of NY or DC will EVER be legitimate in my eyes—NEVER. Cess pool swamp with sheep for citizens and fascists for leaders

This is the downing of the age of Trumpets! When you do evil deeds, consequence follows! God is good all the time! $1.6 million for 15 years. That’s like $100,000 per year. For a multi billion dollar company. They dug up dirt for 6 years and spent like $100 million to find a rounding error. What a waste. 🤦‍♂️🤡

1.6 mill in fines lol oh you really nailed him omg lol About time he was held accountable for something. According to sources this mssnbccp propaganda period Nobody said anything about the insurance fraud? Who's next... $1.61 million? 😂😂😂😂😂 some real Enron shit there. TDS patients are hilariously entertaining.

Pocket change let’s move on

They caught him writing off his printing toner. 1.6M in 15Years Jared no doubt will offer to chip in from the $$ he got from the Saudis😅😅😅 Actually, it's the verdict that's important. Unless fines are in billions(vice millions),duck soup to these guys.UNLESS trump is NOT a billionaire (v.likely),former buddies may not want to contribute.

Here's an angle state media won't be covering: New York Post : FBI, Big Tech, Big Media: Partners in collusion.