World, July 2 Coronavirus News

World, July 2 Coronavirus News

Miami-Dade County to issue curfew to control spread of Covid-19

The mayor of Miami-Dade County in Florida is issuing a countywide curfew to control the spread of Covid-19

7/3/2020 2:18:00 AM

The mayor of Miami-Dade County in Florida is issuing a countywide curfew to control the spread of Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

Pastor shuts down Alabama church after several people test positive for Covid-19From CNN's Jamiel LynchA Mobile, Alabama, pastor has shut down his church again and is going back to online services after several staff and members have tested positive for Covid-19 since reopening.

Wildfires have destroyed more than 73,000 acres across 3 states and are spreading fast First-time jobless claims fall below 1 million for the first time since March US jobless claims fall below 1 million but remain high\n\n

Rev. Derek Allen, pastor of First Baptist Church of Tillman’s Corner, wrote a blog warning other pastors to prioritize their flock ahead of any political message around Covid-19.Allen tells CNN that the church was following all guidelines set by the state.

“We shut down the church before the state even asked us,” Allen said. “We had already put plans into place on how we would continue on.”He said that during the order from Gov. Kay Ivey, the church, which has around 1,500 members, remained shuttered and went to online services. When the governor’s office issued guidelines that allowed the churches to reopen, they were ready.

Allen said the church practiced social distancing and cut occupancy down to 130 people per service. They even had to add up to five services a day just to accommodate everyone. Allen also said church members wore masks and the church was cleaned regularly.

Inhis blog, Allen warned other pastors that it happened very fast.“One week from the time I received the first phone call reporting symptoms, we were aware of more than a dozen people showing symptoms. What was even more shocking was that we could track four generations of transmission from the original person. We are two weeks in, and the numbers are growing at a faster rate now than they were last week,” he wrote in his blog.

Allen also said isolation and social distancing work. “I’m convinced that one of the reasons the virus hasn’t spread faster and farther is that we have been following procedures designed to isolate sick people and keep everyone else socially distanced. At the same time, we had gotten comfortable, and on a few occasions, we were a little lax in those policies. We can trace almost all of the infections back to one of those times,” he wrote.

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COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. may be 28% higher than official count, study estimatesResearchers calculate that there were 122,300 more deaths in the U.S. in March, April and May this year than are typically seen during that three-month period. All these counts are screwing up the planning for mail in voting. Please try to keep the numbers straight That’s over 170,000 dead Americans. magadeaths AmericaStrongerWithBiden AmericaOrTrump COVID19 Then was does the CDC show us at 104% of expected deaths for the year? Wouldn’t that be way higher?

U.S. becoming further isolated by COVID-19 crisisAmerica&39;s coronavirus death toll has climbed to nearly 127,000, and the European Union lifted travel restrictions for 15 countries but not the U.S. Banning Americans from entry into civilized nations is a good start. They should cease trade with us too. Tough love is in order. We cannot continue like this, America will destroy global civilization if we're allowed to continue on down this path. Not by a virus, by loonie lying libs wanting to finally get complete control of American lives. Globalization = top down control of our lives

7.8 million Brazilians out of work due to Covid-19Nearly eight million people in Brazil have lost work due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to new figures released by the country's statistics agency Tuesday. This is the result almost in every large country! What have we to do!!! ooh:(

As COVID-19 Cases Surge, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Says He Won't Reinstate RestrictionsThe Republican governor said 'social interactions' among younger Floridians -- and not the state's reopening -- was driving the spike in coronavirus cases. He really is that dumb! The governor is a troglodyte, which is offensive to troglodytes.

After 53 years of marriage, a Texas couple died from Covid-19 while holding handsBetty and Curtis Tarpley were together for most of their lives. After 53 years as a married couple, they died from coronavirus within an hour of each other in a Texas hospital, spending their last moments together holding hands, their son says. Heart breaking. So heartbreaking Absolutely brutal

Ecuador City Beat One of World’s Worst Outbreaks of Covid-19The Ecuadorean city of Guayaquil is the first in the developing world to be hit hard by Covid-19 and manage a turnaround. The key to its success: Sending health brigades into the worst affected neighborhoods rather than wait for patients to arrive at the hospital. WHERE IS THE PRIDE OF THIS NORTH AMERICAN PEOPLE, DID NOT FALL DOWN TO TERRORISM. BUT IF KNEE IT TO CHINA AND A SHAME, WE ARE WALKING TO THE END OF THE WORLD. American “ leaders” don’t get proactive measures. Americans are ridiculously reactive. Great joke. I am sure you've beeing paid for this 'ad'. It was a catastrophe!!