Mexico says it disagrees with US Supreme Court order

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Thursday that Mexico's government doesn't agree with an 'astonishing' U.S. Supreme Court order that would block migrants from...


Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard says that Mexico's government doesn't agree with a U.S. Supreme Court order that would block migrants from countries other than Mexico and Canada from applying for asylum at U.S. borders.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Thursday that Mexico's government doesn't agree with an 'astonishing' U.S. Supreme Court order that would block migrants from...

“Our policy of refuge, of asylum is a tradition in Mexico,” he said.

Mexico has long resisted a so-called safe third country agreement with the U.S. that would require migrants to request asylum there first, but the court’s decision appears to have unilaterally brought about the same result.

“There are no deep differences, there’s no discrepancy, nothing that could lead them to take measures or apply measures that affect the economy, the development of our country,” López Obrador said. “On the contrary, there’s a very favorable environment for the United States Congress... unbeatable conditions to approve the free trade treaty.”

It also accepted the expansion of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, under which the U.S. has sent more than 40,000 asylum applicants back across the border to wait in Mexico.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said this week she was concerned that immigration policies implemented in Mexico, the U.S. and some Central American countries “are putting migrants at heightened risk of human rights violations and abuses.”

Ebrard said that 70% of the crimes committed with guns in Mexico between January and June involved guns purchased in the U.S.

“Mexico’s objective would be to freeze arms traffic at the border,” he said. “For that we need the participation of North American authorities.”

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Who cares if the Mexicans don’t agree. Is not like people at the border are applying to become Mexican refugees anyway. So dumb Tough shit! If they don’t like it, they should block these people from entering their country. Pretty much says a boatload about their countries. Then they should pay for each immigrant for life that passes through and is given asylum

I totally support Donald Trump on this issue. It's not many things that I support Trump on but this is one I strongly support. 🤣🤣🤣 So do a lot of Americans. That's too bad. That's how that's how asylum works. It is their responsibility to take in these people. They need to stop letting cartels run both of their borders and crossings will drop dramatically and people with genuine asylum claims will have a better chance.

Oh your so astonished!! You don’t welcome Americans in your third world country! We can’t illegally cross your border and seek asylum, you’d stick us in a jail for years! This door is hinged and Shut! Thank God for our President! Tough shitshy Tuff buddy

Mexico rejects U.S. top court ruling on migrationMexico took issue on Thursday with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling granting a Trump ... Imagine what our country would be like if 25 years ago we had a leader who could get this kind of cooperation. Thanks Mexico! Looks like the caravans will not be allowed anymore. Did his reason include the words 'muy loco'?

Of course he disagrees. Hes trying to Unload as many Poverty Stricken Ppl as he can. This guy is so Corrupt, that he belongs back on the 'Santa Maria' heading 4- 15th Century Spain. I wish I could give him a Lie Detector Test & ask how much Cartel $ he has accepted. Since more than half of all illegals come here by plane and overstay their visas, what is being done about them?

Call trump and, let him know it by, letting him have it! What... scared? It's only fair...they walk across your lawn b4 ours! Let'em knock on your door 1st! Then, show how much better U R than America. U still have leverage...impose tariffs! He can't fight U & China, simulta... Mexico has to be accountable for what is happening in their borders and stop sending people north. How long did they think this would continue?

The U.S supreme court violates international law. Which in itself isn't surprising since U.S is after all a rogue state. Well, it’s a good thing Mexico doesn’t control the US Supreme Court. Waiting for Trump tweet saying he demands that Mexico comply with SCOTUS order. Ok. This is the result of Moscow Mitch STEALING a seat on the court that President Obama should have filled and it wouldn’t have that political hack Kavenaugh on it. Not caring about other people’s suffering is the hallmark of Trump and his supporters. Ignorant insecure, hateful.

And we care .. why?

Mexico sees decrease in U.S.-bound immigration from Central AmericaMexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said after a White House meeting on Tues... Sure, now they are suffering, stuck in Mexico Proof positive potus policies work Monica u racist !!! Why because one is in Mexico r they suffering?

I think they are out of place there. Looking at the matter in a logical way SCOTUS is right! How can they cross another country to then ask for asylum another country. It's like crossing Germany to request asylum in Belgium. And? Think why Mexico doesn't agree; they don't want these people applying for asylum in their country either. Not our problem they're poor or their country sucks, we're not going to be the ones taking care of them. They want to come to USA to abuse the system.

Big bad Mexico weighing in. Just shut up and supply us with our drugs. Too bad!!! Call somebody who gives a shit!! Independents for Trump... 2020!! Deuteronomy 24:17: 'You shall not pervert the justice due an alien or an orphan, nor take a widow's garment in pledge. Deuteronomy 27:19: 'Cursed is he who distorts the justice due an alien, orphan, and widow.' And all the people shall say, 'Amen.

Makes jokes about trump's tiny hands. Too bad. They will adhere to that rule and they will like it. Otherwise, they will be sanctioned into oblivion. We are not the world's daycare center, and Americans are fed up with the nonsense coming in from our southern border.

Mexico to press U.S. on halting illegal flow of weapons: EbrardMexico will press the United States to halt the illegal flow of weapons from the... I thought it was the opposite If it wasnt for their demand we wouldnt send A wall would help.

I’ll bet he does disagree. All that money lost to the coyotes is going to hurt political pockets Lol So Mexico doesn't want asylum seekers in their country sounds pretty racist to me Who care America doesn’t belong to Mexico, or have they forgotten they lost that battle! who cares what the source of the problem thinks about our judicial system and the manner in which it deals with the problem the source has created

We already have it with Canada snapper head.

Migrants taking free U.S.-government funded trips home may not be able to reenter MexicoA U.N. program is helping migrants return home as they await immigration hearings. But many likely won't be allowed to cross back into Mexico. That works ...

Mexico sees diminished threat of U.S. tariffs after effort to curb migrationMexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Wednesday the U.S. threat ... Trump should reward Mexico, they are helping us to stem the tide of illegal immigration while the Democrats sabotage all such efforts. They’ll never pay for the wall. Oh wait our military is!! Criminal In Chief!! PatriotRising6 Qanon MAGA wwg1wga KAG Trump2020 WalkAway BLEXIT Spygate DECLAS WednesdayWisdom WednesdayMotivation wednesdaythoughts september11

Mexico may be an unexpected winner of the US-China trade warMuch of the discussion about countries benefiting from the trade war has focused on nations such as Vietnam. But Mexico is also a probable winner. 'Unexpected.'

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