MercyMe Share the Heartwarming Story Behind the Little Astronaut in Their 'Almost Home' Video

Watch the heartwarming video for @mercyme's #AlmostHome & read their full interview below


Watch the heartwarming video for mercyme's AlmostHome & read their full interview below

For Dove Award winning band MercyMe, the video for “Almost Home” is more than a clever clip to further exposure of the group’s rising single, it’s the first step in a journey frontman Bart Millard plans to take fans on with their upcoming album tentatively titled The Spaceman.

. “It may change 20 times, but the original goal is this is going to be the last story of the album, the last song on the album, so you are seeing the very end first and then hopefully we’ll start tying into each character in the video."

In casting the young actors in the video, they recruited some of their friends’ children. Matt Hammitt’s son Bowen is the little astronaut in the video, Millard reveals. "He was so excited and was healthy enough to do it,” Millard says of the nine-year-old, who has undergone multiple heart surgeries. “It was cool to have him as part of the video." The little girl is Tim Timmons’ daughter, Anna Timmons; both Hammitt and Timmons are artists who have toured with MercyMe.

chart. Millard, who penned the award-winning song “I Can Only Imagine” that spawned the hit film of the same name with Dennis Quaid, wrote “Almost Home” with his bandmates and producer Ben Glover after a conversation with a pastor.

To convey that sentiment, Millard enlisted director Elliott Eicheldinger to create a treatment for the video that would incorporate the idea of a spaceman. “The album is probably going to be called

Millard admits the concept wasn’t easy to capture. “When we first started the video it was real frustrating because we thought, ‘Man, we’ve got a lot of story in about four minutes,’ not to mention he couldn’t show any facial expression, because he’s got this helmet on,” Millard explains.

“If anybody would have told me that people would care 25 years later, I would have told them, ‘You are crazy!’ I’m probably more grateful for that now than ever because you never know,” he laughs. “Parts of me say we should have been done years ago like a normal band, but we just keep trying to avoid hard labor.”

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mercyme Is the video being released elsewhere as I can't view it on the site and the article makes me want to watch it!!

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