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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s Oprah Interview Outfit Is Sending Two Messages

The pregnant duchess wore jewelry that belonged to Princess Diana and a symbolic lotus flower on her dress.

3/4/2021 11:04:00 PM

The pregnant duchess wore jewelry that belonged to Princess Diana and a symbolic lotus flower on her dress.

The pregnant duchess wore jewelry that belonged to Princess Diana and a symbolic lotus flower on her dress.

and Queen Elizabeth) wears is dissected by fans and the media, and she sent more than one message with her interview look.The duchess chose an Armani dress adorned with a lotus flower ― a symbol of rebirth ― for the occasion. After opening up last year about having a miscarriage, Meghan is pregnant with the couple’s second child. And she and Harry are having their own rebirth of sorts by distancing themselves from the royal family and building their own lives in California.

Joe Pugliese/CBSThe flower on Meghan's Armani dress is a lotus, which symbolizes rebirth.She is also wearing a bracelet that belonged to Princess Diana, and that Prince Harry previously used to help create Meghan’s engagement ring.According to People magazine

, she wore it “so [Diana] could be with them.”Though it may not have been the couple’s intention, it’s difficult for royal fans to see the bracelet and not draw parallels between how the media has treated the duchess and how it treated his mother.We’ll have to wait until Sunday at 8 p.m. ET to hear the entirety of the interview, but if these subtle details are any indication, it will be worth tuning in.

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Harry is a needy not overly intelligent person married to the modern day equivalent of the Clampit family She also wore the diamonds from the Murderous Prince of SaudiArabia three weeks after he ordered the killing of JamalKhashoggi. Ohhh it’s a lotus flower - I though it was bird poo. And wearing Diana’s jewellery too - such a sensitive soul she is (pity the bullying behaviour inflicted on staff in the UK is coming out - inconvenient truth). Americans seem besotted. Rest of world 👀 you

but who gives a shit? For a man he's so pathetic She got what she wanted and lovin the attention Repeat after me 'rien à foutre de cette morue' The girl can’t fart without it meaning something. Her hair style like Wallis Simpson’s... really? If you part your hair in the center? You guys killed Diana and now we like Harry n Meghan and you get to troll them and they aren’t allowed to fight back? Let the girl just talk.

She'd have loved her daughter-in-law Two hypocrites keep saying they want independence, yet keep consuming the glory of the Royal family. Amazing how all these people talk crap about this woman, but having nothing to say about Epstein’s buddy Andrew. People have seen through her machiavellianism, he'll rue the day he boinked that vapid z list actress.

We want to know if buckingham palace is investigating sweaty prince Andrew’s dealings with epstein’s recruited young girls? Inquiring minds want to know! Anyone give a fuck? brixit and then wall to wall royals hs anyone stopped to think the country being played by usual suspect HarryandMeghan playing a blinder in bling COVID19

was she wearing the earrings she got as a gift from the Saudi Prince, she first wore them 3 weeks after Khashoggi was butchered to death Please don’t back!! Stay away .... and? Name a bigger simp than Prince Harry. New title is Harry, Prince of Simps. It's almost like she wants the media attention you gotta be shittin' me