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Meet a 24-year-old who joined the wave of Americans quitting their jobs — twice

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10/24/2021 1:27:00 PM

Meet a 24-year-old who quit 2 jobs during the pandemic as millions of American workers flex newfound power: 'People are learning to respect that leap of faith'

Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

As President Joe Biden put it in June, the American worker got a new"."'I'm less hesitant to leave a job than ever'After leaving Starbucks, Holland got a job in retail. Around one month later, he played his bargaining chip and quit that one, too.

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"It's absolutely easier ... this is a new experience for me, where it seems that everywhere I go, there's something new," he said."I'm less hesitant than ever to leave a job because I know that there are so many openings in my area and I know what I'm worth."

Much of the country is having the same realization as Holland: Leaving a job can be the best thing for one's career path. Holland, who said he'd quit four jobs in the years before the pandemic, was"lucky enough to learn the lesson pretty early," but still needed some motivation to leave his Starbucks job.

That push came from a fellow coworker. She left her barista job after working at Starbucks for more than six years for a stable nine-to-five position that paid $4 more an hour. Her move was"a bit of a lightbulb" for Holland."I don't want to work every Saturday or Sunday morning," he said."Why can't I find something that's going to pay the bills and be a Monday-through-Friday job and treat me well?"

The change in worker demand has also allowed Holland to switch from finding jobs to hunting down a long-term career. In the meantime, he's working a temporary delivery job at a nearby mom-and-pop pizza restaurant, but his focus is on finding a sustainable gig. The 24-year-old has completed two interviews in hopes of landing a visual art job, an area about which he's long been passionate. 

Previous jobs were either short-term from the start or"left you wanting for something you feel is what you're born to do," Holland said. Customer service was"simply not worth the headache," and the sector doesn't have the long-term careers he's now seeking out.

"You're looking for something that's more fulfilling and a longer venture. Something that's going to keep you on your toes for a long time," he said."Even if it is a leap of faith to some extent, people are learning to respect that leap of faith."

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