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McDonald’s Raises Menu Prices as U.S. Worker Wages Climb

McDonald’s is raising menu prices to keep pace with rapidly growing costs, with wages alone up at least 10% so far this year at U.S. restaurants

10/28/2021 5:00:00 AM

McDonald’s is raising menu prices to keep pace with rapidly growing costs, with wages alone up at least 10% so far this year at U.S. restaurants

The burger giant says it is trying to keep pace with rapidly growing costs, with wages alone up at least 10% so far this year at U.S. restaurants.

Updated Oct. 27, 2021 7:34 pm ETMcDonald’s Corp. is raising menu prices to keep pace with rapidly growing costs, the company said, with wages alone up at least 10% so far this year at U.S. restaurants.The Chicago-based burger giant is struggling to recruit enough workers to serve customers as quickly as possible and keep its stores open at full hours, even as the chain offers higher pay, executives said.

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'Study claims meat creates half of all greenhouse gases' Woe is me, those poor execs. No choice but to raise prices for the masses! people who don't mind eating sh!t also won't mind paying extra ... it's that type of logic (which I'll never understand) Let's go Brandon! Make $10 and up Wait—I thought we were told that prices would not go up as a result of wages going up. So I guess next we will find out that masks don’t work against Covid. Who do we believe?

Thanks Joe!!! funny how they pay more in Europe while keeping the food cheaper, but can't do that in the US. That’s it I’m killing myself I would pay extra if they brought back the Southwest salad and the all day Egg McMuffin. WSJ rolling out the scare tactics

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I don't mess with McDonalds. 10 dollar 'Value meals' and a 40 minute wait for a burger. McDonalds slipping. I went a McD drive through over a year ago and got 2 overpriced egg McMuffins, omgggg have you SEEN the size lately?!!!! It shrunk by half. That was the last time I went to a McDonald’s. On Sunday mornings, I make my own now.

McD 1 example of cost push indexed corporate price inflation. Fuck around and a A happy meal going to cost 10 bucks Man but i thought we have been being told that raising minimum wage or higher wages would NOT result in higher prices, therefore negating any gains in true income. I'm sure those who said such will be coming out with retraction soon.

Nope. They are raising prices because their ingredients (whatever they are) costs, electricity…cost of doing business is going up for everyone on everything worldwide, not just the $9.68/hr they paid to the crew while In and Out pay $17.41/hr while not raising prices. And that’s totally fine. Good like this should be way more expensive while healthy food should be cheaper!

Cut salary of their ceos. Raising prices on poor people is evil If it means employees are able to live on their wage instead of having to work multiple jobs, then about bloody time. Pay more. Make better food. Charge more. Profit.

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Yup blame the workers. Like prices wouldn’t go up in the first place. Ghouls Same shitty burger though More likely trying to hit sales and profit goals with the declining customer base as parents learn to cook at home again like they did in the 60s So I get to finally, finally, make some more money and try to get ahead for a change…to be greeted with garbage tier food costing more to compensate? Without it getting better? Lmao, good luck.

We have Joe Biden's and the Democrats' socialist policies to thank for rising inflation everywhere. Shocking……

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