Mcconnell Cites Experience With Polio İn Ad Pushing Kentuckians To Get Vaccinated - Cnnpolitics

Mcconnell Cites Experience With Polio İn Ad Pushing Kentuckians To Get Vaccinated - Cnnpolitics

McConnell cites experience with polio in ad pushing Kentuckians to get vaccinated

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is taking his coronavirus vaccine plea directly to his constituents.

7/29/2021 11:01:00 PM

McConnell is airing an ad across 100 radio stations in Kentucky urging people to get vaccinated, recalling how as a young boy he 'faced a different disease. I contracted polio,' and 'back then, it took decades for us to develop a vaccine.'

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is taking his coronavirus vaccine plea directly to his constituents.

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About time.... He shouldn’t have ever recovered from polio. The world would have been a better place. I guess they realized encouraging their base to not get vaccinated was killing off their voters they needed to change change tune. And now America has faced an even worse disease called Mitch McConnell for almost 40 years…

This could be your Greatest Accomplishment Yet. How many People have a chance to save the lives of 20,000 or more with just a few Radio Ads Another lockdown would, coincidentally, be bad for his donors... Now you no longer turd following now!🤣🤣 encourage doormat tondo the same also! Well well. It would have been nice if he did this 3-4 months ago

A rare and deserved thumbs up for Moscow Mitch. 😂😂😂😂 hard pass

Breakthrough COVID infections after vaccination can lead to long-haul symptoms, Israeli study showsNearly 3% of medical workers in a new Israeli study contracted COVID-19 even though they were vaccinated, and 19% of them still had symptoms six weeks later.

To little to late. Guess he realized the unvaccinated and dying are his voters Coulda done this, oh I don’t know, LAST YEAR Minority communities are still suffering from low vaccination rates. Nobody cares because the political narrative has changed. Unbelievable. About time he did something responsible

I think its time for Republicans to more thoughtfully consider who they vote for. If their current official doesn't understand modern society and where it's headed, they shouldn't be in their position. Covid19 sees humans as food. Reject noise. Get vaxxed.

As Covid cases surge, the unvaccinated are triggering scorn, resentment from the vaccinatedHopes are getting dashed for a summer that feels more like pre-pandemic years. Now, another feeling has overcome the vaccinated: contempt. …because public officials want to blanket everyone with the same restrictions that didn’t work previously. How about we mandate Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine instead of the “vaccine”. Maybe then we’ll see some positive results instead of people getting blood clots, strokes and heart attacks from experimental gene therapy that is only a few weeks old. 🙄

Sen. McConnell to use campaign funds to fund vaccine radio adsSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will use his campaign funds to pay for radio ads in Kentucky encouraging people to receive the coronavirus vaccine. I hope it helps, but it’s probably too late. courageousgirl2 Not all good deeds have noble motivations. McConnell is paying for pro vaccine ads because he is desperate not to lose any more of his voters. A day late and a dollar short.

Biden pushing federal workers — hard — to get vaccinatedWASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is announcing strict new testing, masking and distancing requirements for federal employees who can't — or won't — show they've been vaccinated against the coronavirus, aiming to boost sluggish vaccine rates among the millions of Americans who draw federal paychecks and to set an example for employers around the country. Hey, the government can declare “no smoking” in Federal buildings, and the Supreme Court agreed that it was more important to protect other people than the smoker’s rights. This is the same. _Politics It's about time we get on the same page with this resurgent battle we're in. Get fully vaxed or tested weekly, take your pick. We can't have half of the battlefield not participating. We're trying to end this thing, not let it mutate and grow vax resistant. All hands on deck. How about closing the fucking borders. Want to reduce Covid? There’s a start.

Infectious disease doc: If you’re not vaccinated, getting Covid is inevitableAs Nevada deals with a rise in Covid cases almost entirely among the unvaccinated, infectious disease expert Dr. Luis Medina-Garcia says for those who have not had the vaccine, it's not a matter of if but when they will contract the virus.

People are reportedly getting vaccinated in disguise to avoid judgmentSome 'even went so far as to say, 'Please, please, please don't let anybody know that I got this vaccine,' Priscilla Frase, MD, said. Poosies