Mayor in Mississippi receives death threats after George Floyd comments, but won't resign

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'I apologize to those who found them to be insensitive, and I apologize to the people of our city,' said Petal Mayor Hal Marx.

PETAL, Miss. -- Petal Mayor Hal Marx apologized Saturday that comments he made have caused so much pain to the city he leads and its people, but he denied his comments were racist, and said he won't resign.

Marx's comments earlier this week on Facebook and Twitter about Floyd's death drew local protest, and even national media attention. The comments prompted a storm on social media. Marx and his family also began receiving threats of violence and even death, he said. Marx said he regrets making the statement as it was written, but no one from the Board of Aldermen has said they found his words offensive in the past, even though they said Thursday in a censure of the mayor that some of his prior posts have been equally offensive.

"Resign and everything will be fine. But until then, if I have to come out here day to day, that's what I'm going to do. You messed up. You had a chance to apologize but you didn't. You're human. Everybody makes mistakes. I completely understand that." Marx's wife Mindy also spoke with the Hattiesburg American. She said her family is now living in fear. Their children, who have also received threats, have been told to stay away from the family home.


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Dude needs to apologize to his shirt collar.

Hal Marx is a disgusting racist and doesn't have enough brain cells to recognize it

Too late Hal. He should have kept his big mouth shut. His apology is only an attempt to keep his job, so no sincerity or understanding whatsoever. I hope they run him out of there immediately.

He is not sorry it's too late for remorse, u said wat u said and u meant it mayor.

Posted this after apologizing

He should be fired and even charged with inciting murder/hate/racism. How is this cretin in a position of power? The world is watching and sickened. halmarx

Remember , it’s the “lynching” state! He meant every word !


Too little too late

We not with the apology tour anymore. Have several seats. 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

How insensitive. What about George Floyd’s Family.

Well if it's any consolation, he looks like he is one Large size double quarter pounder with cheese meal away from feeling the pressure of someone standing on his chest!

White Trash

Weight Watchers for real.

He needs to just stay quiet

Cry me a fucking river. He knew exactly what he was doing when he made that tweet. He knew the can of worms he was opening! He should be treated and held accountable like everyone else who does the same shit. He’s another racist who wants to blame everyone for own his ignorance.

Unfit for public office.

What a racist!! Hello, be a gentleman and resign immediately then go back to your home town for peace sake..

A non-apology. Typical Trump-era posturing. He's sorry that some people were offended by what the said, he's not sorry for the actual words or thoughts. Big difference.

Too late. Get rid of him!

He needs to resign immediately. No excuses for this mentality. We have all seen what happened. Stop gaslighting America.


Who cares what this moron said that’s the problem of the people who voted for him! The country is being over run by home grown terrorist and this is what you worried about?

Just ignorant

What a red neck

DeanAntonioNYU Death threats? His own body is a dire warning to his health. Geez. Don’t threaten him, just buy him a treadmill. He’s obviously hurting.

Here for the comments

Like he means it.




Why would he care, he doesn’t appear to have a neck, or empathy.

You will resign sooner or later I don’t know how do you be come a mayor

El comunismo traiciona a la humanidad x eso muere el 1% de la población mundial los próximos 100 años

Fuck him. “I’m sorry my comments were taken out of context” ain’t an apology. He’s shit.

Too late you meant it and we see you. Resign.

You and your bride waddle on down the street. Better yet, try running.

He was caught. Now he's sad. You two big Silverbacks go join weight watchers. And take a good bath.

To late Tiny.

Here you have it ! ! Big Fat White Supremecists who fear for their lives ! ! And NOW the ratio of whites to non-white is about to lean towards non-whites ! ! Let’s see who has a burning cross in their front yard NOW ? ! ?

Resign you racist!

Bitch u ain't sorry

This propaganda isn't working.

Please please please,🙏think BEFORE you open your mouth🙏😔

Maybe he should apologize to that chair

Hate is ugly on the inside and outside!!!

This guy really is a POS

We are long overdue for change when it comes to the rights of minorities. Make your voice heard. Demand legislation to hold law enforcement accountable. It’s time for real Justice for all.

Mindy Marx: “I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that our family is being targeted,' she said. 'I don't think we will ever feel as safe. Where are we going to go? I don't trust anybody at this point.” This was for her husband’s comment, now, imagine being BLACK every day!!

They look evil 😐 anyways yeah well you should of thought of that before opening your fat mouth sir 🤨


Always out of context. Never out of context when first reported only when the blowback starts. And why are racist pigs white, really, really fat, and really, really ugly

Nah this fuck knows exactly what’s he doing. Get his ass out of here. Smh

So he only became sorry after the threats. Prior to that he was actually quite smug about what he said.

Let me think about how much sympathy I have for him ... NONE.

To late. Resign. You’ve shown your truth.

Never apologize it shows weakness😂

Everyone found it insensitive and racist. You need to resign.

I don’t blame him, he seems to have “fatter” things to worry about!

Kinda funny watching who’re people squirm when their racist nature is laid bare

How about Mr. Marx demonstrate for us by allowing someone to kneel on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds?

I'm sorry I'm an asshole

This isnt even the worst take on the tragedy Guy running for Congress stating Chauvin was HELPING him to breath by kneeling on his neck

It's ok. Maybe eat a little more.

Grotesque vile man. Mayor Hal Marx

This is why that Arbys had to burn...

Screw him, typical “ non” apology apology !!

I think that last cheeseburger he ate is a more serious death threat than any other he's gotten.

Fuck him. Stop giving this racist a platform. He meant what he said! He’s not apologetic. I’m tired of always hearing from these racists!


Somebody knows they are not getting re-elected. So let’s think of an excuse for my ignorance real quick.

He apologized to the people who got offended by his comments... meaning he doesn't think they were offensive, insensitive and racist.

Praying for you and your family

WompWomp don't care.....

The people that elected him should make his fat ass resign!

His apology is worthless.

The Ole 'taken out of context' excuse. I guarantee u this guy uses the 'n' word on a daily basis.



Not a real apology! He knew better and he meant what he said!

That POS needs to resign. Now.

That is no apology and that thing is not human

It’s a little late for that pal

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