Math Teacher Shows Up At Student's Front Porch To Give Her A One-On-One Lesson While Social Distanc

Math Teacher Shows Up At Student's Front Porch To Give Her A One-On-One Lesson While Social Distanc

Math teacher shows up at student's front porch to give her a one-on-one lesson while social distancing

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4/1/2020 8:40:00 AM

With her classes now all remote due to the coronavirus pandemic, this 12-year-old sought math help from her teacher over email. She was still struggling with it, so the teacher headed over for a special lesson — still complying with social distancing rules

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StudyAbroadAlum We the teachers are doing a tremendous effort not only teaching our students but also shaping their hearts at this difficult moment...God bless this marvelous teacher!! Great!!! Mind the physical distancing.. However That thougtful move is inspiring Teachers are special!❤️ Waoooo. I could do same to ensure mathematics is impacted for any level of mathematical inclination. He's being passionate, I'm more passionate.

Skype? Could have just video chatted, people don't know social distancing Not all heros wear capes 👍👍👍 Why couldn't the parents help her out instead Mixed feelings about whether the additional risk of infection is justified by the need to understand and solve an algebra equation... especially with all the resources available online. Many think the teacher is a hero, but I’m not so sure.

this is great and touching, but i would like to take this opportunity to point out that the whiteboard could be an app , and all this could be done virtually with meeting apps like webex, or probably zoom. trying to do it over email is like so 80s. pathetic I just wish there was a way to communicate remotely from the comfort and safety of your own home.

We’re all trying to literally preserve lives right now. These stories are not news worthy. Math beats every virus👏👏 No social distancing in NJ where GovMurphy welcomed all undocumented immigrants into the state. Kitchens, construction, and landscaping are still open for business every day and continue to spread the virus.

‘Rules’? This is America. You mean guidelines or recommendations. 🤗🤗😊😊👍👀💟 This is the education we are looking for, not some expensive fancy schooling attracting foreigners johnkrasinski for somegoodnews CNN refused to air Trumps opening comments at yesterday’s briefing which were extremely informative. They only aired the briefing after he spoke. CNN is an enemy of the people now. They are desperately trying to stop his approval rating from going up, even if it cost lives.

One good egg does not make up for the vast liberal bent of public schools. I hope parents use this time to think critically of their children's education/indoctrination and push for 1) school choice vouchers 2) private schools 3) homeschool options, not in any order. I adore hearing stories like this. It reminds us of all the Good in humanity.

Another hero... Awesome teacher!!!! Because that’s what we do! teachersrock This is simply amazing! So many under paid teachers are doing amazing things to stay connected with students That is so beautiful ❤️ I think zoom would be just as effective JoeBiden is a teacher now, creepy Thank you sir. who tf keeps clicking and sharing these pictures? ITS STAGED!! Its all for the Gram 🤦‍♀️ FakeNews NotARealNews

Love this story. On a silly note, this would’ve been a nightmare come true for me if I was still a student and under normal circumstances. Go, teachers! ❤️

March 30 coronavirus news - CNNCan someone give don lemon smelling salts, he looks like he’s going to fall asleep LOL cant remember the acronym so says 'people would not understand' 🤣😂 and democrats say conservatives are dumb... these are your experts you put on to prove your points. Too funny.

Coronavirus news and live updates: Cases top 787,000 globally - CNNThe novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact countries worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US. Follow here for live updates and latest news. Why is NYC not doing this? Looks good Micha_Alvez JustinTrudeau fordnation ?!!!!

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Math Teacher Saves the Day After Helping a Student Through Her WindowA math teacher helps his student with her school work while still practicing social distancing. That is awesome Unnecessary!!! Let’s see, how can we make this go viral... I’ve got an idea!

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