Man punches bar manager during argument over face masks in San Diego

Man punches bar manager during argument over face masks in San Diego

9/14/2020 11:55:00 PM

Man punches bar manager during argument over face masks in San Diego

Videos show the assailant running up to a group scuffling in the outdoor seating area of the bar and throwing a single punch, which left the bar manager with a broken nose.

SAN DIEGO  — A man in a group of patrons who refused to wear face masks at a Pacific Beach bar sucker-punched a manager in an assault that was capturedon video, according to the manager and police.Bystander and surveillance videos show the assailant running up to a group scuffling in the outdoor seating area of 710 Beach Club about 7 p.m. Sept. 5 and throwing a single punch. The blow left the bar manager with a broken nose.

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Tony Aversatold NBC 7he greeted a man who asked to speak with a manager after the man and others in his party refused to wear masks, which are required under county health regulations unless patrons are eating or drinking."[The man] claimed our security guard had been rude — that was his initial complaint,” Aversa told the news station. “I was like, ‘I’d be happy to talk to you about it. I just need you to put a mask on. You’re literally within inches of my face right now.’”

AdvertisementThe man didn’t comply. Instead, he pushed a bartender, Aversa said, and a scuffle ensued. That’s when another man, in the same group, ran over and punched Aversa.“It felt like getting hit by a brick,” he recalled. “I felt my nose pop out of place.”

San Diego police said the assault stemmed from an argument over the suspect’s refusal to wear his mask.Acreated on the bar manager’s behalf states Aversa has been unable to work and will need to see a specialist and undergo surgery. The page says he faces “a long road to recovery.”

AdvertisementThe page includes the video of the attack and a picture of Aversa at a hospital with a bloody nose.“This is the face of our ‘frontline’ workers fighting this battle,” the page reads.Police said the attack is under investigation. Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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Don’t want to wear a mask, get drunk at home, ugh. As a kid living by the beach, I remember when signs started to appear, saying No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. It was outrageous. But nobody fought over it; we just put on our shirts & shoes. The west coast is on fire, the ice caps are melting but, this is what people wanna fight about?

Before scolding people for not wearing masks, consider that refusing to wear a mask is probably already a good indicator that a person is an asshole, so as an asshole, is unlikely to respond well to being scolded. These people are violent and disturbed. Hey guys, I need some money. Who wants to bet me this was a Tr*mp supporter?

Come on San Diego ~ lets be better than this! Lovely Trump's America

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