Malia Obama Lands A TV Writing Gig For Donald Glover's New Show

The show will reportedly be inspired by Beyoncé.

2/18/2021 11:00:00 PM

Malia Obama is taking her place in our pop cultural sphere.

The show will reportedly be inspired by Beyoncé.

. Glover has inked an eight-figure deal with Amazon to create a"content channel of sorts that will spotlight Glover's work and other curated content." In other words, Glover isn't just producing a new TV show, he's also overseeing an expansive world of content from the streaming giant.

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As for the show, the series is tentatively calledHive Read more: W magazine »

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I'm sure it was based on talent and nothing to do with her daddy, sheikh hussein obama.....Right.... Get over the Obama's would you.