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Make sure you have this most useful of credit card perks

Make sure you have this most useful of credit card perks

4/16/2021 12:38:00 PM

Make sure you have this most useful of credit card perks

You might be wasting money if you're paying for cellphone protection from your wireless carrier.

If you’re like many Americans, your cellphone has essentially become another appendage. And if you’ve ever broken — or shattered — that appendage, you know full well the panic that can set in.That might be why you decided to pay extra for insurance from your wireless carrier, typically at a cost upward of $20 each month, on top of your bill. But what if you could get similar peace of mind free? If you have an eligible credit card, you can.

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Cellphone protection used to be a rare side perk found on only a select few credit cards. But in recent years, it’s begun to show up as a standard benefit for many customers.Here’s why, and how it can help.Phones over showering? It’s hard to find an American who doesn’t own a cellphone these days. According to the Pew Research Center, a staggering 97% of Americans have a mobile phone, with 85% owning a smartphone — up from just 35% of Americans carrying a smartphone in 2011.

Read: 7 things you really shouldn’t be buying with that $1,400 stimulus checkAnd our phones aren’t just something we carry around cavalierly. We have become positively attached to and dependent on them. One in three millennials would rather give up showering for a month than spend a day without their cellphone, per an American Express AXP, +0.75% Trendex survey in early 2021.

Yet while many have experienced cellphone damage, like water logging or cracked screens, Americans are waiting longer to replace their phones. According to Daniel Research Group, which offers market research services, Americans wait an average of 3.17 years to get a new one, 25% longer than they waited in 2015.

Part of that reluctance may be the cost involved, especially if a phone is uninsured. A new iPhone 12 might set you back $800 out of the box. So if your current phone has a few screen cracks? You can maybe live with those until your next scheduled device upgrade.

Nerd tip: If you have an iPhone, you can pay for Apple AAPL, +1.87% Care protection, but pricing varies depending on coverage, and you’ll still be on the hook for any applicable deductibles.A credit card trend that’s a ‘win-win’ Up until a few years ago, cellphone insurance was not a common perk for cardholders. You could find it on several Wells Fargo WFC, +0.60% credit cards and a smattering of individual products from other issuers, and that was about it.

But in 2019, Mastercard MA, +2.16% unveiled cellphone protection as an added benefit for World and World Elite cardholders. Mastercard does not issue credit cards; it’s a payment network that services many, many credit cards, regardless of what bank issues them. As such, this change had far-reaching effects, from old-guard cards to fresh products rolled out by new startups.

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American Express — which is both a card issuer and a payment network — followed suit in early 2021, announcing the addition of cellphone insurance to many of its premium credit cards. Terms apply.Experts say it’s a trend that makes sense. “Promoting these benefits to cardholders can encourage spend on the card, and provide a win-win for the issuer and the customer,” says Megan Cipperly, senior director of insights at Competiscan, a firm that analyzes how companies communicate with customers. “The customer gets access to free cell protection by using their card to pay their monthly cellphone bill, and the issuer ensures their card is used monthly.”

More: 7 credit card perks you should insist on this yearEven several retail credit cards are starting to offer the perk, which Cipperly says can help encourage customers to use those cards outside those store brands. It might also serve as a differentiator among travel credit cards, too.

“Many of the ancillary benefits associated with credit cards are tied to travel,” Cipperly says. “Cellphone protection provides a way for the issuer to diversify their benefits, especially since during COVID-19, travel benefits may not have felt as attractive to customers as they once did.”

What to know about credit card cellphone protection All credit cards and benefits are not created equal. Often, details of the cellphone protection perk can be buried deep in the terms and benefits pages of your credit card.Also read: 8 tips for maximizing your credit card rewards

“This can be a great cost savings for consumers if it is offered by their credit card, and if they understand the terms,” says Linda Sherry, director of national priorities at Consumer Action, a national nonprofit advocacy and education organization. “Make sure you understand what exactly is covered and the requirements for coverage, like loss, theft and damage.”

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Credit-Card Debt Keeps Falling. Banks Are On Edge.Americans are paying off their credit cards at the fastest rates in years. Banks are responding with generous card solicitations and looser underwriting standards. Fuck those banks. 🤔its bad for financial institutions when americans do the right thing? whats wrong with this model? In order for the banks to make it they have to keep us in slavery!