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Madison Cawthorn, Mask Mandate

Madison Cawthorn's bail fund for anti-mask Republicans seemingly funds his own campaign

'If Kamala can pay the bail for violent Antifa rioters, then I can pay the bail for any Republican staffer arrested for not wearing a mask,' Cawthorn tweeted.

7/30/2021 3:35:00 AM

'If Kamala can pay the bail for violent Antifa rioters, then I can pay the bail for any Republican staffer arrested for not wearing a mask,' Cawthorn tweeted.

'If Kamala can pay the bail for violent Antifa rioters, then I can pay the bail for any Republican staffer arrested for not wearing a mask,' Cawthorn tweeted.

who are arrested for not wearing a mask inside the Capitol. The fund seemingly directs donations to his own personal campaign rather than a separate account."If Kamala can pay the bail for violent Antifa rioters, then I can pay the bail for any Republican staffer arrested for not wearing a mask. Join me," Hawthorn wrote in a tweet published Thursday afternoon.

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His tweet referenced a disproven Republican claim that Vice PresidentKamala Harrisdonated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), a group that bailed out violent racial justice and anti-fascist (Antifa) protesters. While Harris once tweeted a link to the MFF's fundraising page on June 1, 2020, she herself never donated to the group, the fact-checking site confirmed.

Representative Madison Cawthorn has established a fundraising campaign to bail out any Republicans arrested in the Capitol for refusing to wear a mask. In this photo, Cawthorn addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 26, 2021, in Orlando, Florida.

Joe Raedle/GettyAlong with his tweet, Cawthorn posted a link to WinRed, a fundraising platform endorsed by the Republican National Committee. The fundraising page's text says,"Donate below to help bail out Republican Hill staffers!" However, the text below the donation buttons says,"Your contribution will benefit Cawthorn for NC."

Cawthorn for NC is the name of the congressman's personal campaign fund. A separate WinRed page for donating directly to his campaign also says,"Your contribution will benefit Cawthorn for NC."Newsweekcontacted Cawthorn's office for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

On Tuesday, the Office of Attending Physician, Brian P. Monahan, reinstituted the mandatory mask mandate in all House spaces, including offices, meeting areas and the main House chamber. Read more: Newsweek »

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highbrow_nobrow Written by Madison Cawthorn Boy shut up Go for it Dum Dum. Pay their way to the mortuary. Have fun. He's perfect fodder for grifting to steal from the rubes! Oh, so Cawthorne is running a TrumpScam now. Why not. Send your money in!! Another GQP grifter... just like that former guy... Umm, Harris paid to bail out PEACEFUL PROTESTERS , not ANTIFA or looters, educate yourself before tweeting Maddy...

Save your money and maybe pay for a clown suit instead. He gonna take your money and spend it on nazi memorabilia lol

Sen. McConnell to use campaign funds to fund vaccine radio adsSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will use his campaign funds to pay for radio ads in Kentucky encouraging people to receive the coronavirus vaccine. I hope it helps, but it’s probably too late. courageousgirl2 Not all good deeds have noble motivations. McConnell is paying for pro vaccine ads because he is desperate not to lose any more of his voters. A day late and a dollar short.

Kamala helped some antifascist get out of jail? Source plz. Until you or your loved one gets really sick with Covid, it might seem like a good pontifical stance. Go for it! Grifters-are-Us Kind of like how Trump was going to bail all the rioters out? There’s not jail time, idiot, it’s a fine. Go ahead. RepCawthorn

Is he offering to pay because she did (tit for twit?), or because he's supporting Republicans who refuse to follow rules? RepCawthorn of course you can. But is that what you're supposed to do for this nation? Yes Okay? No argument from me.

Five Republican Governors Oppose CDC Mask Guidance As Covid Cases, Hospitalizations Surge NationwideThough the CDC now recommends that everyone, even fully vaccinated people, wear masks, at least ten states have passed laws preventing local governments from reimposing mask mandate s as politicians prioritize individual choice over public health restrictions. COVIDKristi Noem

Kind of using that “I CAN PAY THE BAIL…” statement loosely there aren’t we? Sounds like you got more money than Donnie.But he's keeping his.🤣 America NorthCarolina duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude,.. ReichWing MadisonCawthorn have a fund to pay for your Funerals? Get Your God's Right to the Covid Vaccine. Lawrence Maddow. StephenAtHome ColbertLateShow.

lol a republican scamming his people? SAY IT AINT SO!!!! He sets up a “donations page” and everything goes to his campaign lmao. I know ppl will fall for it…. I guess he’s never read the rules on campaign contributions. Then again, he’s not very bright. That’s just stupid, unqualified to be in our government.

The grift rolls on. Don't the tRumpubliQans realize they're getting milked outta their cash? Or do they just not care? Willing victims of the perpetual con. Idiot

House Republicans stage protest in Capitol over new COVID-19 mask rulesA group of House Republicans marched to the Senate floor Thursday to protest the new House mask mandate imposed by the Capitol's attending physician. Americans always complaining about things. Here in Asia, to innovate and to adopt temporarily, we make face masks as a fashion statement. Keeping safe in style! Hahahaha. Stupid stuff I’m tired of this stupid stuff it insults my intelligence Making fools of themselves and endangering lives with their ignorance smh

Go back to your room,what you say is sick Cawthorn go for it - I believe there are Several Republicans with fines. I am sure they will appreciate. Make sure they Thank You. Wear the mask or leave. No need for it to lead to arrest....unless thats what you want. Lmmfao CawthornforNC ...go for it.... Comparing two situations on the scales of justice is now called a 'whataboutism' by the unjust Left.

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Republicans, Democrats battle over new House mask mandate Republicans and Democrats battled Wednesday over a new House mask mandate , with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy 'a moron.' Deliberate “moronic” attitude; sucking up to individuals he needs to try & win Speaker position in Fall of ‘22. Calculated behavior; not moronic-more specifically aimed at achieving said goal. Only problem is it’s counter to logic, public safety, etc. Only goal; POWER. Politics. If the shoe fits wear it! 😁👍👌

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