Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 12

Start your week by checking out your horoscope

4/12/2021 5:17:00 PM

Start your week by checking out your horoscope

This week, a new moon in Aries marks a good time to set intentions.

Aries Weekly Horoscope Sometimes, when you’re stuck and unhappy, the only way to escape is to leap without looking. Sometimes, when you’re filled with a bright and unwieldy passion, the only thing to do is charge ahead. Right now, it’s better to move than to stagnate, better to make imperfect attempts than to let your energy wither. Pay attention to the opportunities that exist, the open doors and open roads before you. But even when there’s no obvious possibility, even when the path promises to be strange and difficult, it’s a week to move anyway.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope Normally, you’re so good at working with the tools you’ve been given, at navigating the world that exists. This resourcefulness is a true gift, but sometimes, it makes you forget that it’s possible, too, to start fresh. Right now, you don’t need to limit your desires to what’s practical, to what fits into the contours of your life as it is now. Let this be a week to imagine what you’d want if you were free to want anything in the world. Let it be a week for starting things: projects, relationships, even trouble.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope This week, you might experience a sudden and overwhelming aversion to doing the things you don’t think really matter. All the inconsequential little chores that make up a daily life, or all the conversations about nothing much, may come to seem unbearable. It’s not the most convenient feeling, to be bursting with drive and direction in a world that requires so much trivial labor from you, but this week, it’s worth letting some of the small tasks go and prioritizing what really matters instead. Let your desire for purpose guide you. See where it might lead.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope You might experience long stretches of time when it feels like nothing is happening, like your inner world has become a desert, like your heart has emptied out. But the world is blessedly wild and nonlinear: Even if it’s felt like you’ve been going nowhere at all, that can change in an instant. Change has been happening deep underground, unknown even to you. Life is full of unexpected stops and starts, and this week, you can start again. This week, you can be surprised at how far you’ve traveled when you didn’t think you were moving at all.

Leo Weekly Horoscope This week, the world will offer something wonderful and new, but only if you’re willing to relinquish something old first. You can take real steps toward whatever you’ve been dreaming of most, but only if you leave behind what you no longer need. With every old grudge that you release, some much-needed joy can grow in its place. With every stale obligation that you walk away from, you give yourself the chance to take on new work that makes you feel alive. This week, you’ll be offered an opportunity to choose how you really want to live. Take it.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope There’s this constant buzzing narrative — in the world around you, inside your own head — that the best way to a good life is to eliminate all harmful things. To resist your bad habits, to renounce all unhealthy pleasures, to beware all the ways the world can poison a person. This, though, is a week for thinking about what you can add to your life. It’s a week to think about what kind of nourishment you need, to think about what’s been denied to you that you deserve after all. It’s a week for more, not less. It’s a week to give yourself everything.

Libra Weekly Horoscope It’s hard not to spiral sometimes, thinking about all the ways that other people should have treated you better, all the ways you’ve been wronged. And this isn’t a bad or petty feeling: You should have been treated better, not just in small ways, but in all the ways that really matter. But this week, it’s possible to free yourself from the trap of spiraling anger. It’s possible to let your anger strengthen you, not drag you down. Not to be a weight around your neck, but a bright source of fuel to propel you forward.

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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope As much as you believe in yourself, you can be hesitant to act too boldly with too much fanfare. It seems better to let others underestimate you at first than to proclaim your own worth too loudly. This week, though, there’s no value in being misunderstood by other people. Right now, it’s better to be clear about who you are, clear about how you’d like to be seen, clear about what you know you’re capable of. You can’t count on others to see you clearly unless you tell them who you are, and this week, it’s worth telling them.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope This week, it’s possible to move forward from loss and confusion and heartbreak and into a wild and lush new phase of life. It can be tempting, when you start living a life that’s good again, to try to erase all the ugliness, to pretend it never happened at all. But this week, don’t expect yourself to get over it all so fast. Mending takes time, and there’s no real rush. You don’t have to fully heal before you’re allowed to live again. Even when you’re still struggling, even when you’re still grieving, you can move into the beautiful future anyway.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope It’s tempting sometimes to dream of a life of perfect and unchallenged dignity, but this is a week to cultivate your willingness to look foolish. It’s a week to develop a tolerance for getting things wrong in bold and interesting ways. This isn’t to say that wrongness itself is the goal. Rather, the goal is to live fully and courageously, even a little wildly — impossible to do if you’re too caught up in protecting yourself from failure. It can feel irresponsible to accept the risk of getting things wrong, but sometimes, this is the only way to get anywhere at all.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope This week, there might be some wild back-and-forth between your heart and your life. No matter how boldly you race toward the future, the gravity of the past keeps pulling you backward, too. No matter how intently you yearn for change, the reality of the world as it is keeps calling you back. It can feel like a curse to live in a world so resistant to transformation, but if you pay attention, you’ll see the ways that change is happening after all. Strangely, unevenly, in practically invisible ways, the future you dream of is moving slowly toward you.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope This is a week not to fall for anyone’s else’s games. It’s a week not to fall for anyone’s beautiful illusions, even your own. There are times when fantasy is the only comfort available, times when dreaming is the only way to survive. This week, though, there’s magic enough in the real world around you, in the physical fact of your life. Watch as the world around you opens up: The beautiful life you dream of is possible — not only in dreams, but right here — and you can move closer to it, if you try.

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