Macy Gray Wants to Redesign American Flag to Reflect Modern U.S.

Macy Gray Wants to Redesign American Flag to Reflect Modern U.S.

6/20/2021 1:20:00 PM

Macy Gray Wants to Redesign American Flag to Reflect Modern U.S.

In light of making Juneteenth a national holiday, Macy Gray has another idea to follow-up.

She also says that numerically ... the stars are off, and should be adjusted to 52, to take D.C. and Puerto Rico into account -- which have been lobbying for statehood for a good long while now. Lastly, she suggests some color changes ... to reflect modern-day America.

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Here's what she has in mind -- in addition to adding a couple of stars -- for her vision ofOldNew Glory. For starters, she thinks the stark white stripes should be off-white ... and that the stars themselves should be changed to reflect every skin tone of melanin in our fine nation.

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Sorry girl our American Flag will not change Crazy!! And while you’re at it, Ms.Gray, please change the name of your Capitol to one that doesn’t engender slave owner. Thank you No thanks No Absolutely Not! No way! The American Flag is a symbol of our freedom. no way in hell should we allow ANYONE to change our flag!!!

No way they will come after you. There is nothing wrong with our flag! Stop trying to change everything! I will quote Billy Bob Thornton from Bad Santa 'Wish in one hand shit in the other...'

Macy Gray faces angry backlash over attack on 'dated, divisive' U.S. flagThe R&B singer wrote in an op-ed about her wish to see another two stars on the ensign to represent Puerto Rico and Washington, DC. 'divisive' Because bringing it up forces opponents to say things that make them sound like bad people. (Never occurs to them to wonder why they can't come up with more palatable arguments, or alternatively stop opposing.)

Rainbow colors, anything but red, white, blue Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo Who's Macy Gray? Yessss Stay in your lane Macy ☹️ Honestly this design is like the flag is being burnt or stain in the flag. I would definitely keep the original. Who makes her the expert in political/historical/ social matters? That’s the problem now every one who has a IG or tiktok account is an expert in social issues.

Macy Gray Calls for a Redesign of the U.S. Flag in Juneteenth Essay - E! OnlineFor Juneteenth 2021, R&B singer-songwriter Macy Gray penned an essay about why and how the American flag should undergo a 'transformation.' I don't see the point ... you even wear the flag as underwear Macy Gray is tattered, old, and divisive - how bout that Honestly i never thought to earn as much as have earn now Though i don't know the trading process at first Alex_jnns01 thought me steps to earn from Bitcoin trading have been earning massively trading with Mr Ronald Get your BTC and DM the account manager Alex_jnns01

No! Macy who? Your not changing the flag the cancel culture needs to end How bout no. Put George Floyd on it Why not ? since nothing could happen 🙄 Fuck no Naw it’s fine …. 🇺🇸 Umm, no Bitch you better leave our flag alone

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🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸 🖕🖕🖕 the stars are not people Our flag should just be a dollar. Not Yeah? And I want a puppy that shits gold bricks. GFY TRUMPiCANS 🇺🇸 I think she has a lot to say on this subject and likely speaks for a large majority of the citizenry of this nation! I want to redesign the American flag to have ligers and an epic naval battle

Macy Gray Calls for Update of American Flag: “One That Represents All States and All Of Us”Macy Gray is proposing that the American flag be redesigned to represent its diverse population. The Grammy-winning singer, 53, wrote an op-ed for Market Watch in which she suggested that the flag … Who? 🖕 This is the dumest shit I have ever read. 52 stars sure But changing the colors.. is not only stupid its ignorant. There are literally a set number of colors for flags. I think Africa uses all of them. Red white blue yellow green and black

Stop posting this shit and giving these D list celebrities a platform to spew their ridiculousness FO Macy, nobody asked... Isn't she British 🤔 Haven’t heard that name since the 90’s…. She’s relevant because…. Up next. Lets change the constitution to reflect our values of today. No you can not do that. I would be so wrong


Macy Gray Says “It’s Time” For A New American Flag That Represents “All Of Us” In Juneteenth Op-EdOn Saturday, Macy Gray published an op-ed, calling for a redesign of the American flag. She opened the piece, penned for Market Watch, by observing that the Confederate flag, which was created as &… She’s entitled to her thoughts but all this does is generate two weeks worth of dumb discourse by Fox News implying the rest of the country who don’t vote Republican feel this way. What do the other one hit wonders have to say? haha

Redesign flag of your country That’s the dumbest thing I heard today She has that freedom. You go Macy! Design your own flag and fly it proudly on YOUR own Property. That is the modern version. Is that Keenan Thompson? Smoke some more crack Lmfaoooo gtfoh After Trump raped the flag a few times ... why not Yeah that's all right we're cool. You can go back in that hole you've been sitting in the last 20 years. I haven't heard a new song come out of her in 20 years

Macy Gray Calls for Update of American Flag: 'One That Represents All States and All of Us'Macy Gray is proposing that the American flag be redesigned to represent its diverse population. It already does MacyGraysLife - NEXT! AS SHE SHOULD! No! 🇺🇸

Who? Umm no The American flag should stay the way it is. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Good idea. hey macy you’re break is over back to mcdonald’s Wow! twitter has spoken Who? leave the flag alone she can design her own flag and put in her room leave our flag alone Good luck with that still love your music tho 🤣👍 Before all you God-bless-MURCA’-MAGA-mutants start telling people to “leave the country if they don’t like it” please consider something The American flag has been revamped 26 times. If we were to hypothetically change it, it would be the 27th time.

How?… by putting a swastika in there LOL No, thank you! Noo ooo STOP!🛑 Dumbest shit ever and I don’t even rep the USA flag like that Nope. Did she rehab yet? Please!!! Go away!!!