Machine Gun Kelly Just Launched a Beauty Brand

Machine Gun Kelly Just Launched a Beauty Brand

12/3/2021 11:49:00 AM

Machine Gun Kelly Just Launched a Beauty Brand

UN/DN LAQR is the singer's first foray into the beauty world.

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Wow ,good job !!

Machine Gun Kelly Is The Latest Male Celeb To Launch A Nail Polish LineMachine Gun Kelly is entering the beauty industry with the upcoming launch of his own nail polish line on December 2.

Machine Gun Kelly Calls Out the Grammys Over Nomination SnubHe does...not seem thrilled!

Watch Machine Gun Kelly Show Off His Auto-Tune Skills on 'Fallon'Machine Gun Kelly stopped by 'The Tonight Show' to showcase his auto-tune abilities alongside host Jimmy Fallon. Eminem ended him next 😪 Nah I’m good. I thought Eminem canceled him.

Machine Gun Kelly Recalls Stabbing Himself to Impress Megan FoxMachine Gun Kelly sustained a serious injury early in his relationship with Megan Fox all because he tried to impress her. The fact you think you look like my soulmate says it all fam Does he have nails on? What a freak.

Machine Gun Kelly Has Officially Entered the Beauty BusinessMeet Un/Dn Laqr, a genderless nail polish brand from the rapper also known as Colson Baker.

Machine Gun Kelly Once Stabbed Himself to Look Cool For Megan FoxMGK told tales of injuring his coccyx, playing beer pong with Post Malone, explaining his failed lift on Pete Davidson, and how he knifed himself whilst trying to look cool to Fox. What good is a machine gun when it's out of ammo? Bro what He stabbed himself twice, first time was when he dissed Eminem 😂