‘Love Island’ Set For French-Language Canadian Version

A Canadian, French-language version of 'Love Island' will be filmed in Grand Canary Island and is set to air via @Quebecor.

10/26/2020 12:01:00 PM

A Canadian, French-language version of 'Love Island' will be filmed in Grand Canary Island and is set to air via Quebecor.

ITV Studios’ smash hit reality format “Love Island” is finally getting a localized version in Canada. Canada’s Quebecor Content has commissioned a French-language version of…

Canada’sQuebecor Contenthas commissioned a French-language version of the program, which marks its 19th local adaptation. The franchise recently announced commissions in Spain, Nigeria and Italy.In Canada, the show will be co-produced by Productions Déferlantes and Zone 3, in collaboration with Quebecor Content. The series will be shot on the Grand Canary Island.

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Love Island features a group of single ‘Islanders’ who come together in a spectacular setting, ready to embark on a summer of love, friendships and, ultimately, relationships. Every few days, the Islanders must couple up, and those who fail to find a partner are at risk of being evicted from the island. Ultimately, one couple gets the opportunity to leave with a relationship and a cash prize.

To date, the original British version of “Love Island” and the recent U.S. adaptation on CBS have been aired in Canada on platforms like NBCUniversal-backed SVOD Hayu and broadcaster CTV. Considering the immense popularity of American programming in Canada, in particular, this is likely why there still hasn’t been a local English-language version of the show north of the border. A French-language series, however, allows for a distinctly Quebecois spin on the format.

Maarten Meijs, president of Global Entertainment for ITV Studios, said: “Despite the challenging times we all are in currently, it’s been a brilliant few weeks for our global hit format ‘Love Island’ with five new sales globally in 2020 and more to come. The show is still a massive success; it recently wrapped up several successful series in Europe and the U.S. Now reaching Canada is fantastic news and we are very excited to work with Quebecor Content to bring this reality dating sensation to their audiences.”

“Airing almost in real time, ‘Love Island’ stands out from other romantic reality shows that we’ve seen so far, because it lets viewers play a key role in determining each contestant’s fate. No wonder this British format has quickly become a global phenomenon. And now, we’re delighted to bring it to Quebec audiences as we pursue our amazing collaboration with ITV Studios — a truly exceptional partner,” added Christine Maestracci, vice president of acquisitions and international distribution for Quebecor Content.

“Love Island” is owned by ITV Studios and Motion Content Group Ltd and is distributed internationally by ITV Studios. This deal was negotiated by Laura Rhodarmer, senior vice president of licensing global entertainment at ITV Studios. Read more: Variety »

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