Love him or hate him, Britons want Boris Johnson home from the hospital

Love him or hate him, Britons want Boris Johnson home from the hospital

4/10/2020 3:20:00 PM

Love him or hate him, Britons want Boris Johnson home from the hospital

At this moment, the polarizing prime minister is also just a middle-aged bloke struggling to get out of the coronavirus ward alive.

.”His fans like him, Harri said, because Johnson comes across as authentic. He’s an Eton-educated politician who speaks fluent French, drops Latin into sentences and has had a colorful personal life (and been accused of groping journalists). But, Harri said, “ordinary people will relate to anyone as long as you’re not pretending to be someone you’re not.”

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ADHe added: “He’s flawed, he’s had affairs, his wife kicked him out, took him back, then he’s with a young woman who is pregnant. But there is very little resentment — for most human beings are flawed themselves. He’s not trying to portray himself as someone who is better than you.”

ADcoronavirusbut posted videos that suggested he would soldier through, “he became a metaphor for how the country and economy will get through this, too,” Harri said. “But when he got it bad, the country thought, damn, it will hit us harder than we thought.”

Andrew Gimson, a political journalist who is a contemporary and biographer of Johnson’s, said, “Some people are surprised by how concerned they feel about him.”He said, “It’s just a natural human thing; people feel for his pregnant fiancee and children and his whole rather complicated and extensive family. Human sympathy takes over from partisan sniping.”

ADADRoyal Post worker Tony Hudson said he has been tracking Johnson’s plight via TV and radio reports. Johnson’s old home is around the corner in Islington in north London, and Hudson said it felt as if a neighbor, as much as a leader, was in trouble.

“It shows you, it could affect anyone, couldn’t it?” said Hudson, who was waiting in a line — each person six feet from the next — outside a pharmacy. Hudson, 52, noted that he is about the same age as the prime minister but that his life amid the pandemic is much different.

Every day Hudson has to work, with mail and packages, without protective gear. “I wouldn’t say we are scared. But of course, we are worried,” he said. And a prime minister in the ICU, he said, “has made everyone think.”ADJohnson’s early handling of the coronavirus crisis has been criticized. Britain was slower than most European nations to roll out strict stay-at-home measures. But few have questioned his work ethic. If anything, perhaps the prime minister was working too hard. Aides complained it might have undercut his immune response.

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ADBoris Johnson’s masterclass in how not to respond to an outbreakAs the epidemic grew more serious, Johnson appeared to adapt his tone. He was no longer goofing around in his usual way. Instead, he was flanked by senior medical and scientific advisers at the daily 10 Downing Street news conference, where he encouraged them to weigh in on questions.

For most of Johnson’s political life, Gimson said, Johnson’s critics have maintained that he’s a “clown and not trustworthy, and they are very attached to that view.” But now, he said, “most fair-minded people recognize he’s not some mere buffoon but a person of considerable abilities, and everyone genuinely hopes he gets better.”

ADPoliticians across the political spectrum have declared their support. Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, who has clashed with Johnson over the issue of Scottish independence, said that many, including herself, felt “really shaken” at the news of his ICU admission.

AD“We are all willing you on, Boris. Get well soon,” she said.Johnson’s critics have not turned into fans. Some people on social media responded to the calls to #ClapForBoris on his second night in the ICU by posting videos showing scenes of complete silence from their windowsills.

“He isn’t the queen. He is still a politician,” said Ben Page, chief executive of the polling group Ipsos Mori. But he noted that just before Johnson went into the hospital, his personal ratings were up 16 percentage points from where they were before Christmas. “People rally around their leader in a crisis.”

That was also true of Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female leader, who was very unpopular in the early 1980s, when there were waves of strikes across the country. But she saw a huge uptick in support after the 1982 Falklands War. In 1983, she won a landslide victory in the general election.

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Most of us actually don’t care for him, he is a bumbling liar. Do we wish him ill? Absolutely no. Wanting him home is not at the forefront of most people in the UKs mind, it is way down the priority list when thousands are dying and others are facing economic difficulties. how many died while he decided to take the situation in hand?

Sympathy stunt. Only because he’s taking up an intensive care bed that a better person might need. nobody wishes this on anybody . i wouldnt even wish it on trump . Crowd fund to buy him £1000 cufflinks from Harrods by At home, where he'll continue to cannibalize the UK from the inside out.

Love him or hate him, Brits rally around a stricken Boris JohnsonNormally a divisive figure, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is receiving support even from opponents as he battles COVID-19. erm we aren't that much LOL nope the leftists want him dead just like the Dems want trump to get sick and die We really aren’t rallying around him. Many many many brits that I know are entirely agnostic to his plight.

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