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Louisiana governor breaks with Democratic Party on abortion

Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has repeatedly bucked national party leaders on abortion rights and is about to do it again


Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards , who has repeatedly bucked national party leaders on abortion rights, is set to sign legislation banning abortion as early as six weeks of pregnancy.

Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has repeatedly bucked national party leaders on abortion rights and is about to do it again

Edwards, who has repeatedly bucked national party leaders on abortion rights, is about to do it again. He's ready to sign legislation that would ban the procedure as early as six weeks of pregnancy, before many women know they are pregnant, when the bill reaches his desk.

A rarity in his party, Edwards' anti-abortion stance provokes angry outcries on social media from Democratic voters and disappointment within the party's broader ranks across the country.

This year's so-called heartbeat bill, sponsored by Democratic state Sen. John Milkovich, has received little public opposition from lawmakers as it steadily advances. The ban, however, only would take effect if a federal appeals court upholds a similar law in Mississippi.

Edwards' embrace of the anti-abortion legislation is unusual for a present-day Democratic governor, Nash said, although that was not always the case.

"That's the way I was raised. That's what my Catholic Christian faith requires," the governor said on his monthly radio show."I know that for many in the national party, on the national scene, that's not a good fit. But I will tell you, here in Louisiana, I speak and meet with Democrats who are pro-life every single day."

But that narrative is tough to make stick against a governor who repeatedly signs abortion restrictions, along with data released in March that showed the number of abortions in Louisiana declined each year of Edwards' tenure.

Associated Press Writer Kevin McGill contributed to this report from New Orleans.

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Unbelievable Thank you Governor Bel Edwards! It’s the right thing to do! 🇺🇸⚖️👶🏼👏👏👏👼 This isn't even about abortion! This is totally a political ploy!! Look at the states! Abortion laws can be changed. Votes can't. The GOP is evil! This is why you don't 'vote blue no matter who.' I hope he enjoys the remainder of his last term.

This is bad....and wrong for women. The south is an abomination. Just secede and stop embarrassing the rest of the country. So..... no abortion after you find out you’re pregnant? Are women supposed to get abortions if they’re not sure if they’re pregnant? It seems odd that someone would have a abortion without knowing. Attention Ladies!!! Get an abortion every day.......just in case!

So, why are these states playing games? Here’s the deal so why don’t the Governors just meet & come up w/ an Abortion Bill they can agree upon then rollout the package deal & send it up to the Supreme Court! This state by state “Abortion Bill” rollout is getting exhausting!✌🏾

Louisiana governor breaks with Democratic Party on abortionBATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Nearly three decades ago, when Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards &39; wife was 20 weeks pregnant with their first child, a doctor discovered their daughter had spina bifida and encouraged an abortion. The Edwardses refused. his Gov is a bit out of his head.. he made a choice 20 yrs ago that was not his.&besides.. why would u terminate a fetus over a possible 'Gattaca' DNA shows bad seed..? U terminate it if the rapist's gets u prego.. But its ok.. sam can teach the next Generation about 'Suffering' Gov was making it sound like it was all his choice 20 yrs ago when his wife had the fetus inside her.. the fetus was not inside the Gov.. and then the Gov made the decision4his wife.. boy she must be a cume closet.. many women r ONLY good for cume and to breed.. sch Cs r useless School counselors.. what a Joke.. she is useless.. unless she knows how to handle a gun.. if the Gov's daughter doesnt know how to handle a gun. maybe she should learn.. in Case there is a man that wants her.. to breed his sperm / seed.. Gov made the decision his wife didnt make

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I always wanted to visit New Orleans, but if this passes, I can find other states to visit and spend my money in. DonCheadle Instead of redistricting counties let’s just restate the USA and let a few of these places opperate as their own country - of course allowing any individuals to move to a real state with government financial support. We’d save money and grief in the end.

DonCheadle I bet his tune would change the minute his 'girl on the side' got herself impregnated.... Yea & I’m feeling like “they’ve” (white crybaby men) started trying to overturn women’s abortion rights...their next thing will be bringing back segregation! Stop this craziness now! Or we’ll be going back to the 1800’s!! VoteThemAllOut endthewhitemanreign LockThemAllUp

Why do all these women really want to kill an unborn child? South the prejudice south where there is NO EDUCATION....SAD FOR ALL Saving humans. Love it So, the governor and his wife were offered a choice, and made the decision that was best for them. Now he wants to take that choice away from every other pregnant person. Got it.

LouisianaGov You need to read this. The government must not legislate women's bodies

Louisiana 'heartbeat' abortion ban nearing final passageBATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A proposal to ban abortions in Louisiana as early as the sixth week of pregnancy continued to speed through the state legislature Wednesday, the same day Alabama's governor signed the nation's most restrictive law against the procedure.

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.LouisianaGov I made a similar choice which also had a happy ending. I don't see it as a reason to police women's control over their own bodies. You are arrogant This is the worst by far. Anyone who wants to take a woman’s right to choose is NOT a democrat. That person is a republican in democratic clothing.

rolandsmartin And there you have it. If that’s his reasoning, he took it too personal and that’s a problem. Pro choice doesn’t mean you agree with abortions you should just agree to women being able to consciously control what happens to their bodies rolandsmartin God bless the unborn. Sadly...that is what you get when people go off the other end of the spectrum with wacko laws elsewhere! Time for reason to come to Washington...good start TermLimits ... ever since the inmates took over the asylum.

rolandsmartin Fuck man not Louisiana too wtf? DonCheadle Well NCIS New Orleans was fun while it lasted. DonCheadle VoteThemOut DonCheadle Dirt or money?

Senate confirms abortion opponent as US judge in LouisianaThe Senate has confirmed Louisiana lawyer Wendy Vitter as a federal judge, overcoming opposition from Democrats who criticized her anti-abortion stance and accused her of trying to hide her record on the issue The Senate confirmation process is a joke in reality. A fraud upon the people and completely devoid of honest vetting anyone. Acosta Dear Diary...

God bless Gov Edwards for his convictions to save life's of unborn children. Any woman that's forced to carry her baby to full-term should take the baby over to John Bel Edwards house and leave it there he can take care of it ! Start dropping babies off on his lawn and see how fast he changes the law back to you can have an abortion .

If they use their head for more than a hat holder they would see that and forcing women to have babies is going to cost the government more than letting them abort . Abortion laws benefit nobody ;Not The mother, not the unwanted child and not the government ! When the government knows they can do nothing about the real issues such as climate change and gun control they turn to abortion, because it makes it looks like look like they've accomplished something. This is bullshit !

Abortions have nothing to do with politics this is a attack on women period ! bring a bunch of unwanted kids into the world so the mother has to go on welfare ? Or the child be put into foster care Which is a burden on governments financial system . The SEC states are awful places we decide weder or not to kep D baby it’s our right den we decide weder D sex of D baby makes us comfortable if not then we say it’s gender neutral until we figure out wat gender we want& slowly push d child towards it either by crossing dressing or by hormone.AbortionIsMurder

These people are on a rampage I wonder how many abortions are done because 'the doctor encouraged an abortion'. I have seen cases of many spina biffada, Down Syndrome children, etc. being born who have become useful happy adults. These parents gave that unborn child a chance at life.

Louisiana 'heartbeat' abortion ban nearing final passageAbortion rights protesters demonstrate outside the Louisiana House chamber as a proposal to ban abortions as early as the sixth week of pregnancy continues to speed through the state legislature . So more white men going to decide this? 'Heartless' more like it

A baby is a human ,right ? Why is it always the back-wooded red states that take back the USA 50 years? And watch the low courts say that you can't past Laws like that Roe vs. Wade Law signed in 1973. On the bucket list: Hurry up election day. Alabama, Missouri, Louisiana, Georgia, Ohio. It seems that the resistance of these Hollywood stars and Rihanna is almost useless.

I'm glad he expanded Medicaid in the state, otherwise I'd probably be a bedridden 45 pound husk by now, but I'm NOT happy with his stance on this! And unfortunately many women are not even aware that they're pregnant 6 weeks gestation so this was apparently a decision that was not researched and clearly shows the lack of women's healthcare education LA has.

🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼 This is graphic and difficult to see. I'm 100% certain that was the point though. Target achieved From people who have no idea what women go through (and they are the ones who run the show)-welcome to America-2019

'Disgusting,' 'dangerous': Here's what every 2020 Democratic candidate has said about Alabama's abortion bill'Disgusting,' 'dangerous': Here's what every 2020 Democratic candidate has said about AlabamaAbortionBill Maybe Alabama would like to secede again. Nobody will miss them. We can quit calling it pro-life now. Well ever really. ProBirth is more honest. To those pro life or pro choice, I just touched on this on my podcast and I want your opinion! (HOWEVER listen to the full episode to hear my whole opinion) 👇🏿 AlabamaAbortionBan

Just vote Democrat blindly for electability. It will definitely work out. Abortions get banned faster than assault rifles Hoes mad That's a good beginning but how about ultimately changing the Louisiana Abortion law to be the same as Alabama. This is not a woman's pro-life issue, the woman and a man had sex and they best worry about Jesus forgiveness than getting rid of the baby..

NOT shocking. Once you go FAR ANYTHING, right or left, extreme results come out of it. Everyone is extreme and outrageous now because that’s the environment we live in. Nothing is shocking or appalling and Justice is overrun by lawless liars. I love this planet. No doctor would ever “recommend” abortion 🙄

If somebody is reactinary with a stone age mentality ,then it don't matter if the idiot is democrat or republican,being a memver of the political party don't make people smart or people oriented,following the party's principals & learning it is what makes member's character. In other words, she isn't really a Democrat. Does she believe in 'consensual rape,' too? Is she ok with raped girls having to give birth to their rapists's child? How about victims of incest? If a girl is raped by her father, should she have to give birth to that baby?

One of many reasons he sucks. I pLeDge To sUpPoRt tHE NomINEE

Democratic lawmaker opens up about once considering an abortionDemocratic Rep. Katie Hill said the 'shame' and the 'emotional turmoil' she felt while deciding as a teenager whether to terminate her pregnancy helped shape her views 'forever' on abortion and the role of government, an issue now dominating the spotlight as multiple states take steps to enact tighter restrictions. There's no glory in abortion, no matter how many people support it, no matter how you feel personally. Life is life, abortion is murder. Ah yes to kill or not to kill

Any man who signs an anti-aboration bill should be 'voluntarily' put up for castration, or sterilization. Yoy ruin women's body, they ruin yours. 🤣🖕🏻 You misspelled Republican. The worst state in America... Alabama, Missouri, and Louisiana. Of course.

Georgia governor signs abortion law that bans the procedure once a fetal heartbeat is detectedLike other states this week, Georgia passed a near-total abortion ban. But, unlike those other states, Georgia has a Hollywood presence BrianKempGa GovKemp used VICIOUS RACIST REPUBLICAN VOTER SUPPRESSION AND GERRYMANDERING TO RAM THROUGH THIS LAW AND STEAL HIS ELECTION 'win' over staceyabrams GeorgiaDemocrat melindagates BillGates Ga. doesn’t need California or Sin City Hollywood telling the people of Ga. what they should do!!! Ga doesn’t need your immorality moving in!!!! The regime of mullahs and the IRGC are terrorists and murderers of the Iranian people. Do not negotiate with the murderers. NegotiatingWithTerroristsConfirmsTerrorism TrumpOverthrowIRI VOApersianAgainstPersians IraniansAmericansDialogueMovement Iranarchist_Party

Rihanna Torches Alabama Governor Over Strict New Abortion Law: 'SHAME ON YOU!!!'Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski and Barbra Streisand are among the celebrities doubling down against Alabama's strict new abortion law. Is that Barb in the middle? Republican men are the modern-day hypocrites Christ talked about in the bible. The claim to care about a fetus but care less about children who are actually living. They position themselves as being religious, but cheat on their wives with porn stars and mistresses! the response to such an archaic law is not to strip naked and post a pic... seems to have become the norm.... use your intellect and destroy your opponent with the 'pen'. Stripping naked isn't an intellectual response to serious issue. It just trivializes it

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin tells Tucker Carlson that abortion bans benefit African AmericansBevin dismissed suggestions that the new laws in Alabama and Georgia are racist. 2 racist ignorant republicans just talking A ban stops abortions. Doesn't matter what group of women uses it more. I don't think beneficial is appropriate term to use in the topic. The babies get to be born but they may be born into hardship. So let's not assume beneficial circumstances. How is it that Kentucky manages to repeatedly elect the most despicable men every single election cycle? This man is the worst and that's saying a lot given that Mitch McConnell is from Kentucky.

Alabama Governor signs strict abortion bill into lawThe law bans abortions at all stages of pregnancy, with the only exception being when the mother’s life is at risk. Rape and incest cases are also banned from abortions. Too far right! Crazy like green deal left! Birth control and 1st trimester should be legal Alafuckinbama So for now it makes sense to set up transportation to medical care facilities from those states to other states for women and young girls. Wealthy liberals could do that. Go to every city and advertise free transportation to neighboring states for health care.

Alabama governor invokes God in banning nearly all abortionsAlabama Gov. Kay Ivey signs law banning nearly all abortions, saying the measure is a testament to the belief that 'every life is a sacred gift from God.' Democrats and abortion rights advocates call it a slap in the face to women. Vasectomy vote next week Ignorance What happened to the Separation of church and state?

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