Loni Anderson Says Johnny Carson Manhandled Her During an Interview — Best Life

Times have certainly changed.

1/22/2022 7:00:00 AM

Times have certainly changed.

Loni Anderson says the way Johnny Carson treated her during a 1980 episode of 'The Tonight Show' would 'never happen today.'

Emma McIntyre/Getty ImagesIn her interview withPage Six, Anderson said that she decided to learn self-defense after hearing stories from other women at auditions."You'd go for an interview, there would be 20 girls in the outer office, and you'd get talking," she said."And they all had horror stories, so I wanted to prepare myself."

Anderson explained,"I was prepared. I went to self-defense classes, I had my speech ready, I was just ready."Herappearance is uncomfortable.NBCAnderson said that she never had to use her self-defense skills, but did bring up something that happened when she was on

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