London Coroner Releases Report On Félicité Tomlinson Cause Of Death

The cause of Félicité Tomlinson's death has been released by a London coroner


The cause of Félicité Tomlinson's death has been released by a London coroner

A coroner's report has revealed that Louis Tomlinson's sister, Félicité, died of 'drug toxicity' in March.

A report from the Inner West London Coroner's Court obtained by

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every body know that this things is so privet is not jock and is not what People should know (deleted plz) 😠 poor girl rip in peace É muito triste saber que as drogas faz vítimas todos dias, cada vez mais jovens. Why post about her at all? She was just a teenager and it's a family matter only, it doesn't have to be on media. Please, have some compassion and delete this. Louis had suffered enough, he doesn't need to see his little sister being portrayed like that for just for some likes

Demetria is next for everyone saying that’s this is disrespectful, coroner’s reports are public record so... can you please delete this? Wtf? How disrespectful, report this tweet LouisWTNews Delete this... Delete this ma’am delete

Louis Tomlinson's desperate plight to save sister Félicité before fatal overdoseFélicité Tomlinson died at her West London apartment in March after taking 'perfect storm of drugs' two years after her mum's death

please delete this, this is private.

Louis Tomlinson's Sister F\u00e9licit\u00e9's Cause Of Death Has Been RevealedLouis Tomlinson's sister Félicité died in March 2019 of a suspected heart attack, but her cause of death was actually an accidental drug overdose.

Félicité Tomlinson's tragic last hours and how she never got over mum's deathFélicité Tomlinson, sister of One Direction's Louis, suffered with PTSD and spiralled into drug abuse following the death of her beloved mum very sad i feel for her Why are you painting a spoilt, drug taking rich kid as some kind of tragic figure?

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