Goldenglobes, Entertainment, Live Updates: Golden Globe Awards 2021

Goldenglobes, Entertainment

Live Updates: Golden Globe Awards 2021

Mark Ruffalo wins best performance by an actor in a limited series or TV movie for 'I Know This Much Is True' #GoldenGlobes

3/1/2021 4:36:00 AM

Mark Ruffalo wins best performance by an actor in a limited series or TV movie for 'I Know This Much Is True' GoldenGlobes

The 78th Golden Globe Awards will kick off Hollywood's award season, with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Follow here for the latest.

46 min agoHow to put together a show during a pandemic, explained by a Golden Globes production veteranFrom CNN's Sandra GonzalezHand sanitizer available for use during the 78th Annual Golden Globes Media Preview at The Rainbow Room in New York on February 26. Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

In the 30 years Melissa Trueblood has worked in production, she's seen it all — even if she claims she doesn't have the coolest stories. But 2021 has dealt her one of her tallest orders yet: to help the Golden Globes put on, essentially, three shows in one night.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 78th Golden Globes will be unlike any other in its history. Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and presenters will preside over the festivities from two on-site locations in New York and Los Angeles and nominees will attend remotely.

That has meant triple the coordination for Trueblood, a veteran talent executive who, when asked to describe her job, half-joked,"If I'm meeting you, it means something has gone horribly wrong, and I'm there to fix it."Part of making the Globes happen amid a year of abundant uncertainty involved abundant planning, said Trueblood, who's worked on the show for roughly 20 years.

During a normal year, preparations would begin in the early fall — maybe August or September — and would ramp up following nominations. This year, conversations about the show's direction began around May, with plans having evolved multiple times and continuing to do so. In fact, she said, up until about a week ago, they were still discussing the possibility of all-virtual presenters to announce nominees, with Fey and Poehler announcing the winners, who are not known in advance of the broadcast.

"But it just felt not right," Trueblood, who has also worked the Emmys and Academy Awards, said in a phone interview last week.Luckily, the A-list talent has been easier to book than, at one point, they feared it would be. Comfort levels for all involved remain, understandably, on a spectrum, Trueblood said.

"I'll say this, even for myself, today's our first day in the production office, and I had such anxiety because I haven't been out of my house," she said."So I understand that, and there are definitely people who are just like, 'I am not leaving the house.'"

Like other shows she's worked on during the pandemic, Trueblood said protocols remain strict, and talent are often put at ease when given the details on the measures being taken to keep everyone safe."I've had to create flow charts for them showing exactly what the route would be and who they would have to come in contact with from our crew to be able to get onto our stage and, you know, providing options," she said."Like, 'Are you OK for us to mic you or do we need to provide a standup mic?'"

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