Lindsey Graham Says He Will Ask Mueller To Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee - Cnnpolitics

Lindsey Graham Says He Will Ask Mueller To Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee - Cnnpolitics

Lindsey Graham says he will ask Mueller to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says he will grant a request by Democrats to have former special counsel Robert Mueller testify before the committee about his investigation

7/12/2020 8:06:00 PM

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says he will grant a request by Democrats to have former special counsel Robert Mueller testify before the committee about his investigation

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, said Sunday that he will grant a request by Democrats to have former special counsel Robert Mueller testify about his investigation before the committee.

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Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the OrangeTRAITOR! Something doesn't feel right about this. Trump would never have given Graham the OK to have Mueller go infront of the committee. Abandon ship. Hmmm-flip flopping back? What a happy day. Is Lindsey fed up or just trying to play a game. 🚨 UH-OH Y'ALL! 😳 LADY G HAS OPENED THE DOOR! 😲 THE WORM HAS DEFINITELY TURNED! FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS! IT'S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 🚫🍊🇷🇺🤡💩

Perhaps he granted this because he thinks he can rattle Mueller into a trap. I don't trust Miss Lindsey . Cant trust a closeted man. His very life is a lie. Isn't this a little late, a**wipe. CNN trash fake news lol Impeach Trump and prosecute him for corruption and bribery! Lindsey has his vipers lined up to discredit Mueller. He thinks Mueller will pussy- foot the way he did in his summary of the Mueller Report. The one that Barr buried. Will Mueller step up to the plate now? Lindsey doesn’t think so.

IS it true CNN is nominating President Xi Jinping for 'Man of the Year' ? Hedging his bets LeningradLindsey Could you give a burst to my talk show please? What about Trump testifying in Senate re: Russian bounties on US soldiers? What's the point now... Hopefully Mueller don’t show up. Good grief, do they not understand this stuff is too much for these old timers

The time to do the right thing has passed Mueller, when you could serve your country you played it SAFE, 1 inch away from irrelevance 1inchAwayFromIrrelevance Lindsey has to throw someone under the bus in an election year. Donald is as good as any... Blood in the water. Sharks are circular Doing this to justify calling Biden to testify in October?

What’s the point? We know trump is a corrupt liar... if we can’t get the big fish then we are wasting time... or maybe a tactic to keep everyone’s head ringing about the corruption of the trump administration... Lindsay the bullshit fighter. He loses to the bullshit every time. That bullshit bucks him on his side, because Lindsay believes lies. What is Lindsay Graham hiding South Carolina?

It's a little too late to be looking for the truth now. Graham should just go put his head back in the sand. Mueller's op-ed just inadvertently admitted Hillary violated mishandling classified information laws by claiming Russians actually stole her classified email. LindseyGrahamSC spotted it. No one said Russia stole her email. Why didn't Mueller charge Hillary?

Good. Oh now you want to hear from Mueller? I the GOP a reason to boot trump after you hear what he has to say. beginingoftheend $100 says he won't appear. He didn't perform well last time, dementia doesn't get better with age and the facts are not on his side. Finally, some Republicans are waking up!! Go to Google and type in the word “sociopath” and you will read a full description of Trump’s behavior. His father was a sociopath and Donald inherited the genes. He mentally is unfit to be president of anything let alone our country!

Okay, Whatever you say Showmanship Mueller is just like Biden, senile. He didn't write that op-ed just like Biden doesn't make any dessions. Both are puppets for the left. No. Democrats don't fall for this farce. All they will do is spin conspiracy theories like they did in the house. It's dumb. LindseyGrahamSC has his chance to do the right thing and decided he’d rather pretend he was a contestant on a new Apprentice series than do his job. The legislative is a co-equal branch of the government! Country OVER party! I don’t even recognize my GOP anymore.

I look at this, and I think, how is this yet another ruse whereby the Republican Senate will just excuse, defend, and enable the criminal, treasonous POTUS again? A waste of time, a waste of money. There are numerous issues Congress and Senate should be spending their time on, such as rioting, looting burning, losing our freedoms, people losing their businesses, anarchy, because of 'protestors, etc.

Goodbye Lindsey and the Republican party u will not be missed. Somewhere, Susan Collins is dithering about Trump having learned his lesson...Yes, I know this is off topic...but is does speak to the many enabling synchophants like Lindsey..Oh yes, Lindsey, too're toast! Ha ha ha, Lindsey is trying to get off the train before the wheels completely fall off! Too late Lindsey, you are glued to 45. Your once good reputation now has the same dead stench as Trump. Your complicit enabling will be the biggest factor in your upcoming defeat.

Sorry, we no longer believe in Lindsey, other than the fact that he lives in a decadent closet! About time. Honestly I thought Mueller was going to come in and straighten things out. He also was afraid of Trump ( like everyone else). In fact Mueller actually acted like his was terrified of Trump. TRUTH

LindseyGrahamSC have mueller bring copy of unredacted report. Need the actual facts that Barr won’t release. It would contradict results Barr interpreted in the report ChuckShumer SpeakerPelosi Graham and Barr are opening up a can of worms and it won’t end well for them. By now he knows what the Steele dossier is all about.

That testimony that mueller will make will probably take 6 months to be made because if you the the government is slow , he beats them by a mile!! We should get Biden in there with him and we can call it the Babbling Buffoons show Holy still gonna milk that poor cow Трамп просто дал мне огонька чтобы выстаять, и всё. Если хотите он и вам его даст, в чём проблемма?

Follow for follow back daddy___jones Trump and Barr are equal match when it comes to: 1) lying/deceiving/omitting/embellishing/projecting 2) obstructing 3) corrupting 4) damaging 5) concealing 6) colluding 7) avenging 8) defrauding 9) intimidating/blackmailing 10) gaslighting 11) hiding behind lies (see 1 above)

Lindsey is such a nice guy... letting Congressmen elected by the people do their job... sarcasm What is the point now? Has Graham gotten religion? What's in it for him? He has learned from his master. Mueller should decline. Let it be, let it be .... he already did the report & answered questions. Let BunkerBoy whine & cry in his bunker as he watches his reelection disappear. Graham wouldn't ask Mueller unless he has an alternative motive. Let it be, let it be ...

graham was out golfing with trump the day after john McClains funeral... Dd trump think he would be more trustworthy with him? oh now they are letting it happen gee I wounder why I wounder if he is losing..... BistyCSRoss I do hope Mr. Graham realizes how very far off the path he himself has strayed. This the same skirt wearing Lindsey that refused to call any witnesses in the impeachment trial?

It turns out that Flimsy Graham is issuing subpoenas and planning Senate Judiciary hearings on the Mueller probe . . . . . . as leverage to get Donald Trump to renegotiate their prenuptial agreement. Maybe Graham has seen the ‘light’! DON'T. It's just a ploy by the dick Graham to attempt to appear bi-partisan and resuscitate his rep.

That’s a waste of time Mueller was pretty meek with his former testimony. Unless he decide to grow a pair and really defend his work, I don't see any advantage to additional testimony. Whatever. That don't care in the least. They just let Stone walk free and defended the decision!!!! They are aware that they can do whatever they want and no one will stop them. So they let him testify, no matter what he says it will have zero impact. We're doomed

This tired story is getting more Coverage than President Trump coming out & saying he will offer a path to citizenship for DACA. Interesting how the left calls the president racist to us Mexicans but would incite a boycott of a Mexican owned company vs actually reporting new Mueller if further down the 'brain dead' road than Biden

L. Graham: 'Now that it doesn't matter anymore, we'll grant.......'. Lipstick on the Graham pig. Too late. So Lindsey was able to unglue his lips from trump’s ass long enough to issue this. But it’s too little, too late! This could be interesting !! What is happening in Venezuela right now? Is he looking for some cover... an opportunity to clutch his pearls in shock for the cameras?

Big deal. Mueller will no doubt be just as tepid as he was the last time. He could have made a difference. He chose not to. He's a GOP over country guy.

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'Most Corrupt President In History': Critics Reel After Trump Lets Roger Stone Stay FreeA 'lawless president' treats American justice like his 'personal plaything,' says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Trump would pardon a serial killer if they were his buddy. LawlessPresident TrumpIsNotWell He can smile, grin and dance all he wants. For the rest of his pathetic life he is a convicted felon who lied to some very important people.. A convicted lire who will forever have to explain why, how and when.. Abuse of power and corruption is his thing. Come out and vote!!

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Mueller defends Russia probe, says Stone remains a felonWASHINGTON (AP) — Former special counsel Robert Mueller sharply defended his investigation into ties between Russia and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, writing in a newspaper opinion... That's precisely the legal definition of commutation. Who cares what Robert Mueller says? He's obviously corrupt. Also, the MangoUnchained remains an impeached president. Just not mine 🤣

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