Linda Tripp, Whose Tapes Were Pivotal İn Clinton İmpeachment Scandal, Dies - Cnnpolitics

Linda Tripp, Whose Tapes Were Pivotal İn Clinton İmpeachment Scandal

Linda Tripp, whose tapes were pivotal in Clinton impeachment scandal, dies

Linda Tripp, whose taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky became a key part of President Clinton's impeachment, has died

4/9/2020 1:10:00 AM

Linda Tripp , whose taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky became a key part of President Clinton's impeachment, has died

Linda Tripp , who secretly recorded her conversations with Monica Lewinsky about the then-intern's relationship with President Bill Clinton in the White House, has died, according to her mother, Inge Carotenuto, and her former attorney, Joseph Murtha.

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LindaTripp say hi to Satan. Didn’t know he was sick. Et tu, Brute? 😪 leronlimab CytoDyn on covid-19 nobody talks about that treatment ? A certain lobby looks for scandals to intimidate the high responsible in order to dominate the state and it institutes, and she is one of them. The bad whistle blower. Hillary finally got her huh?

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It might take years, but the Clinton’s will get you. Ask Vince Foster-oh that’s right can’t ask Foster as he’s dead to floating in the Potomac River. Coincidence, I think not. And now there’s Tara Reade having allegedly been assaulted by Biden and CNN and their cohorts are not interested. Christine Ford got your total support but Reade you couldn’t care less how’s that for objective journalism? Does Reade not fit your corporate narrative?

So? Many people die. 2000 a day due to Corona for example. She deserved zero respect. Ok She won’t be sadly missed Rip Another name added to the growing Clinton body count! How interesting. Wasn't she helping to make a movie called 'Linda and Monica' this year? CNN next breaking news: Clinton’s underwear returned by federal agents after years of illegal possession.

revenge is a dish best served so cold it's frozen 🦔^ RT HillaryClinton BillClinton CorruptMuseum legacy I don’t know if it COVID or cabin fever or whatever , but im not sad at all about this. The world is rid of one more sinister person. Fun fact: After the impeachment of President Clinton in 1999, a group of young African American gentleman in DC coined the term “trippin” when they learned of the backstabbing move Linda pulled.

Took HillaryClinton long enough on that one. Guess this quarantine provided her with enough downtime to catch up on old affairs. Good What goes around comes around Mokouba Kaiba, known employee of The Clinton Corporation(check the documents), killed her to cover up the unveilings during the modern retrials. Shameful.

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Where was Hillary? That’s a douchebag Terrible Comments from these tweets rest in peace She betrayed the trust of confidence I hope Linda recorded an apology to Monica Lewinsky on her deathbed Gee, hope she got the big payoff for her covert efforts..... But John Goodman lives! I am going out on a limb here and say that I doubt the Clintons will send flowers, or Monica.

Who cares.!!!! Would love to see her face when she woke up in Hell She was 70 years old and died of pancreatic cancer. googled Good she was a complete bitch that destroyed the lives of many Linda Tripp’s legacy will forever be remembered as the White House intern dry cleaning stipend. she was one Really Ugly Guy.

I thought she had died years ago... Visit here for wordpress and Blogging Tips Cue the crazy Clinton-obsessed with 'they killed her' in 3...2...1... This is my not-sad face, sorry. Of Corona or natural causes She was a 'Tripp.' With 'friends' like THAT... Well that sucks Thoughts and prayers. She probably has no comment. Linda Tripp was a snitch.

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Her maker will welcome her. That’s Lindsay Graham in drag. Finally! kaitlancollins Will GOP give a state funeral or what?! She was a bad friend, honestly. Sorry for her passing though. Like really died? Or like “Epstein Died”? Hmm. Of what? Envy? Either way, may she xxxxxxx peace! Amen! Remember her in the past as a bitter Bill Clinton hater, who was willing to put her 'friend' Monica Lewinsky in the fire, while she cackled in private. I don't condone what Clinton did, but the only thing that I remember from this woman is that she was distasteful-won't miss her

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Linda Tripp, Whose Secretly Taped Calls With Monica Lewinsky Led To Bill Clinton's Impeachment, Has DiedAs recently as 2018, Tripp said Bill Clinton deserved to be exposed for his 'unacceptable' relationship. One of the best podcasts series I listened to was Slow Burn Season 2! Linda Tripp was fascinating! Oh Well!

Linda Tripp, whose tapes exposed Clinton scandal, dies at 70 Linda Tripp , whose secretly recorded conversations with Monica Lewinsky led to the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton, died at age 70. Good Riddance Clinton or Coronavirus? RIP

Linda Tripp, Whose Tapes Helped Pave Way for Clinton Impeachment, Dies at 70 Linda Tripp , whose secretly recorded conversations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky led to the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton, died at age 70. Hmmm, Biden is Dem nominee needs a VP and suddenly Hillary's enemies and coconspirators start dropping dead. Hmmm RIP

Linda Tripp, Whistleblower in Monica Lewinsky Scandal, Dies at 70 Linda Tripp , the career civil servant who ignited the impeachment of President Bill Clinton by tape-recording his mistress, has died. She was 70. Tripp was working in the Pentagon when she befriended Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern who was having an affair with the president. In 1997, I pray she repented for misleading the young & fragile Monica Lewinsky to ensnare Both Monica & Clinton in a Scandal to benefit the Republicans. Tripp instructed Monica on Where What When Why & How by pretending to be her friend.

Linda Tripp, Key Figure in Clinton Impeachment, DiesBreaking News: Linda Tripp , whose secretly recorded tapes of Monica Lewinsky helped lead to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998, has died at 70. can't wait for the conspiracy theories i recall how Buck showed up on her tape

Clinton-Lewinsky Whistleblower Linda Tripp Dead at 70 Linda Tripp , who played a prominent role in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, has died. Terrible. I saw that she was in a critical condition some hours ago. We all know Monica was the real whistle blower Bye bye .