Leo Terrell slams protesting US athletes: 'Who are the oppressed people you speak of?'

Leo Terrell slams protesting US athletes: 'Who are the oppressed people you speak of?'

8/3/2021 3:50:00 AM

Leo Terrell slams protesting US athletes: 'Who are the oppressed people you speak of?'

Civil Rights attorney and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell joined 'America Reports' and blasted American Olympian Gwen Berry for her protests leading up to the Olympics.

:She represents no one.  Let's be very clear, represents herself and she’s on America’s term right now at the Olympics for it if she wants to discuss her personal feelings, go back to America at home, call a press conference and see if anyone shows up. This game of using this platform , she’s getting away with this because let’s be clear, because of her race and her gender. If you attack or your either racist or sexist, or in my case, I’m a sellout. Fred Kerley won the silver medal, Kendra Henderson won the silver medal. Black Americans we’re draped in the American flag. Who are the oppressed people she is talking about? First and last name. 

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U.S. medalist Raven Saunders does 'X' protest at Olympic ceremony to support oppressedThe silver medal-winning shot putter raised her hands above her head in an 'X' formation at the podium, likely violating rules against demonstrations at the games. Why compete for a country you don't like?

Shot-Putter Raven Saunders Dedicates Olympic Podium Moment to 'Oppressed People''Shout out to all my Black people. Shout out to all my LGBTQ community. Shout out to all my people dealing with mental health.'

Olympics IOC says looking into gesture used by U.S. athlete Saunders on podiumThe International Olympic Committee is looking into the gesture used by U.S. athlete Raven Saunders on the podium after she raised her arms into an X above her head, in one of the most visible individual protests at the Games so far. What does it mean? Some athletes just don't get it. Whatever you intentions are, you don't want to open the door for all the problems in the world into Olympics. Wakanda😃😃😃

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