Law Professor Tells Ted Cruz Texas' Voter Id Law İs Racist İn Fiery Hearing Exchange - Cnnpolitics

Law Professor Tells Ted Cruz Texas' Voter Id Law İs Racist İn Fiery Hearing Exchange - Cnnpolitics

Law professor tells Cruz Texas' voter ID law is racist in fiery hearing exchange

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9/23/2021 5:19:00 AM

Sen. Ted Cruz asked a law professor if she found voter ID laws racist. After Franita Tolson responded that it 'depends,' Cruz asked specifically, 'What voter ID laws are racist?' 'Apologies Mr. Cruz, your state of Texas, perhaps,' Tolson responded.

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You need an ID for everything! Get a grip! Then, a bank teller, a policy officer, and any security agent, is a racist for requesting a photo ID when a citizen deals with any of them! You've been silent on this: RepublicansAreTheProblem Like the Greatest Generation’ UNITY inspire AMERICANS to overcome 2GETHER we do, 2 as imperfect people with imperfect leadership with imperfect plans… UNITED by God who has love for humanity as we EVANGELICALS LEAD in worship, prayers, and SUPPORT for the Biden Administration 🇺🇸

Truth hurts Lol no Cruz roasted the complete crap out of her and the other witnesses who spoke after I do not support voter restriction, but some form of photo ID is not unreasonable. What is unreasonable is severely reducing the number of polling places so people not only have to travel a long way but then wait for hours to vote. This only happens in 'blue ' areas.

Acosta Anyone who says that Voter ID is racist, is in fact, a racist. Acosta Even Kamala called him a racist!!!! Do your research people!!!!!!

Ted Cruz plays with fire in latest stunt — and it could burn down the entire economy.MaddowBlog: Sen. Cruz plans to filibuster an extension of the debt ceiling. His rationale is based on a lie. MaddowBlog Here they go again, lying and damaging our country because their followers are too stupid to know any better. MaddowBlog Of course it is. What does he do that isn't based on a lie or something he has no clue about. MaddowBlog 😒

Oopsie! Acosta Racist? Because people of color are to stupid to obtain ID Basically that’s what the Democrats are saying! They stood for slavery, and the still want to control people of color! For god sake people!!!! Do your research on Joe Biden’s Racist comments of the past!!!!! Of course she did not specify anything. She’s all about the bigotry of low expectations.

She's a professor? No wonder we are screwed. In Canada, if you don't have ID, you don't vote. Sure why not... everything else is racist specially if your white.. Everything is fkn racist nowadays Why do you guys keep giving him press coverage? Did you not learn from the Trump Devil? Fled Cruz wish he was being a good dad again and wishing he was somewhere else

We want voterID laws

Uma Thurman Shares “Darkest Secret” in Op-Ed Condemning Texas Abortion Law'This law is yet another discriminatory tool against those who are economically disadvantaged, and often, indeed, against their partners,' the actress says. donwinslow Thank you You are do much today She knows she was wrong to kill her baby. Hence the long wait to admit it this murder.

ChrisiDoo222 ' you know where That Is?' Acosta Kudos to Professor Tolson and the others who backed her. So today Cruz is a proud Texan instead of a toasty warm hombre. Es un gran idiota. Texas is going back to the 50's where keeping minorities in their place was being patriotic .This REDNECK state needs to vote these QOP/GOP out of office !

With zero evidence….just empty words Have to show covid vaccine proof ID to see a movie in New York but showing an ID to vote is racist? 😆 Typical liberal response… can’t substantiate or give on reason Acosta Notice how Cruz employs two tactics often used at Fox News: 1) Interrupt the speaker when the answers don't go your way. 2) cut her off as she continue to embarrass him by laying out facts.

He didn't like that at all! Then the other to supported her statement! His ass was embarrassed! But it's not racist to require ID for booze, cigarettes' or to drive a car?

‘The Wire’ Creator Says He’ll Pull Upcoming HBO Series From Texas Over Abortion Law'This is beyond politics,' says the writer and producer, whose project based on events in Texas now won't shoot in the state. Again, guys, please do not do this. The crew members making your show in Texas did not enact this legislation, pulling out hurts them more than the lawmakers ok, ill watch something else

Rafael Cruz is an insurrectionist. What a pathetic excuse for a Senator. When the going gets tough, the weak and scrote licks of Trump head to Cancun CancunCruz. TedCruz, a proven loser. DonaldTrump insults his wife and this cuckold right out of Oliver, please sir, can I have some more. CruzFailedTexas

ID should be law in every state to vote. Unless you are not who you are saying you are. So in other words, she couldn't answer the question Whichever laws he supports more than likely are racist And she’d be wrong. He is a little stupid no ? 😂😂🤣

More Than 50 Companies — Including Yelp, Lyft, Ben & Jerry’s — Speak Out Against Texas Abortion LawThe companies said the abortion law “threatens the health, independence, and economic stability of our workers and customers.” Guess what? Greg Abbot doesn’t care. Lol I will support the 50 companies in every opportunity Same people wanting mandatory vaccines and masks 🤡🤡🤡

Uma Thurman Shares Her 'Darkest Secret' in Protest of Texas Abortion Law - E! OnlineUma Thurman wrote in an op-ed about 'the hardest decision of my life' as she expressed support for those affected by the new Texas abortion law. What, that She didn't do her own Stunts in Kill Bill?

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