Lauren Laverne on the power of turning 40

6/25/2019 9:50:00 PM

Lauren Laverne on the power of turning 40:

Lauren Laverne on the power of turning 40:

'You realise there are all sorts of different, brilliant ways to live your life'

"You realise there are all sorts of different, brilliant ways to live your life" By 29/04/2019 Rachell Smith Lauren Laverne, the gorgeous cover star of our June issue, finds herself looking forward to more adventures than ever, for both herself and her children, aged 41.The Hills reboot, LC is still rolling in cash when compared to her former costars.The Hills: New Beginnings premieres on MTV tonight.contributor !) Lauren Mechling is both delightful and somewhat disturbing.

"I look at them [my children] and I can feel the excitement of that big, open horizon." The Desert Island Discs host has two teenage children with her husband of 20 years Graeme Fisher.Giphy For starters, her reality TV career."If I could advise my teenage self now, I'd tell her to hang in there, because she's going to be so much better at being 40 than 16.Plus, she is married and expecting her second baby." Rachell Smith Lauren talks about her 40s with an infectious positivity: "Your 40s are bananas..Everything is happening.Heller’s novel is about a twisted relationship between two London women who have no business being friends but who need each other.

You know the sound of an orchestra tuning up, where it’s just bonkers? That’s what your 40s are like.In case you needed a reminder on how long ago 2004 was, here is a picture of oh-so-trendy fashionista Lauren that year: J.One leading lady noticeably missing from the original cast: Lauren Conrad (a.It’s fascinating.You realise there are all sorts of different, brilliant ways to live your life.Reportedly, Lauren was paid and even had it in her contract that nobody could make as much as her.And hooray for that.L." "Parents are getting older, some people are having babies, other people's kids are leaving home, people are going through divorce, people are getting remarries, some are getting marries for the first time.Her fashion career is totally legit She’s definitely no longer just a Teen Vogue.The song that gets stuck in your head all the time? I can play “Girls” by Charli XCX in my head note for note.

..But the series ended in 2010, and since then Lauren's stayed out of the reality TV spotlight." Throughout our interview with Lauren her upbeat optimism and drive is clear, from her passion for music to her love for her friends and family.One of the standout moments? The advice she shared from an old friend: "All that matters in the world is good brews, good tunes and good buddies"."That's quite a good maxim for life" Lauren notes.

We couldn't agree more.To read the full interview and hear Lauren on motherhood, marriage and more pick up our June issue, on sale from the 1st May.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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