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Lauren Boebert suggests 'Clinton Crime Syndicate' behind death of TV anchor Christopher Sign

Lauren Boebert suggests 'Clinton Crime Syndicate' behind death of ex-TV anchor Christopher Sign

6/13/2021 11:34:00 PM

Lauren Boebert suggests 'Clinton Crime Syndicate' behind death of ex-TV anchor Christopher Sign

'Why is it that so many who cross the Clinton Crime Syndicate end up dead?' Boebert wrote on Sunday.

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado has suggested that the"Clinton Crime Family" was responsible for the death of local news anchor Christopher Sign.Sign, an Alabama TV anchor and ex-University of Alabama footage player, was found dead at age 45 in his Scout Trace home on Saturday morning, according to the Hoover Police Department. Lt. Keith Czeskleba confirmed that his passing is currently being investigated as a suicide.

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Boebert appeared to blame the"Clinton Crime Syndicate" in a tweet."Why is it that so many who cross the Clinton Crime Syndicate end up dead?" she wrote, alongside a clip of Sign promoting his book Read more: Newsweek »

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Another dumba*s Other people desperate to have people believe that they are knowledgeable have thrown that story out for consideration only to have it thrown out of possibility because of total lack of any kind of evidence. Nutter. Ya, I believe her. Not a chance. Whackadoodles gonna whackadoodle. Duh? Her aluminum foil hat is to tight. I wonder if they run the Jewish space lasers. We need to aske MTG?

You see, we can have idiocy without racial overtones. It is fing human nature to use and be used. Education doesn’t seem to help a bit. Is there some other country who has done better that we can study? Hmmh! No, just no.

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What a dope. Well she is an idiot, so there is that. There are alot of suicides of people who cross paths with them. Coincidence? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who? And you are repeating this idiocy without comment for what reason? Libel, with reckless disregard as to whether her statement is factual. Maybe she did it.

Remember this?

Christopher Sign, Alabama news anchor and father of 3, dies at 45Sign is survived by his wife Laura and the couple's three sons. The Clintons could teach DNC how to handle the press. If VP can cause some fear in the MSM, they will remain submissive & obedient. Lately there's been criticism coming from the press. That needs to be crushed immediately. Elections have consequences. Democrat winning This is such a sad story. I feel for his wife and children. Such a hardship. God Blees them all.

Journalism Pro Tip: If laurenboebert said it, it's not news. It's attention-seeking.

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