Lady Gaga Adds Some Wild 'Fame Monster' Heels to a Ladylike Look

In the singer's own words, 'walk, walk, fashion baby'

7/27/2021 7:08:00 PM

In the singer's own words, 'walk, walk, fashion baby'

The stilettos she wore while out and about in New York City elevated her nine inches off the pavement.

Lady Gaga continued her current street style streak ofcasually wearing formal gowns amidhigh temperatures on Monday while out and about in New York City. Though, this time Gaga mixed in a favored accessory that may have fans mistaking the look from her style eras of past. The actor-slash-pop-star returned to her habit of wearing daring footwear, this time in the form of a pair of towering platform stilettos that elevated her a full nine inches up from the pavement. (And, as usual, didn’t seem to give her any trouble.)

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While Gaga has always been adventurous in her footwear choice, sky-high pumps from the brand Pleaser (a relatively affordable shoemaker also favored amongst showgirls, club kids, and drag queens) have been a staple in Gaga’s street style wardrobe since at least her

Fame Monsterdays. She even wore a pair of Pleaser heels with a custom Versace outfit to the 2016 Met Gala. That’s how committed she is to the particular silhouette. Though, it’s still a little bit shocking (or amusing?) to see that her commitment has continued into a style era in which she’s otherwise stomped around Manhattan like a sophisticated CEO’s wife on the way to a charity luncheon.

Gaga paired the heels with a knit black bustier dress by the Polish designer Magda Butrym and a boxy handbag, making for her second all-black look—down to her N95 mask—in one day. Earlier on Monday, Gaga posted an Instagram of her posing in front of the Chrysler Building in an equally form-fitting black gown by Alessandra Rich, accented with a statement belt and topped off with cat-eye sunglasses, though decidedly lower heels.

Lady Gaga’s nine-inch heels by Pleaser Shoes.Photo by Gotham/GC via Getty ImagesHaving wrapped up her stint in Italy to filmHouse of Gucci Read more: W magazine »

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