Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian's transformation from Poosh mum to sultry topless model

Kourtney Kardashian's transformation from Poosh mum to sultry topless model

9/23/2021 12:13:00 PM

Kourtney Kardashian 's transformation from Poosh mum to sultry topless model

Kourtney Kardashian has transformed from the quiet Kardashian-Jenner sister who focused on being a mum and running her website Poosh, to the sultriest of them all

But she seems to be shedding her old image for that of a sultry pin-up, competing with the likes of her siblings.The mum-of-three has posed for a topless photoshoot with Megan Fox, modelling underwear for her younger sister Kim Kardashian's lingerie line Skims.

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Kourtney shot to fame in her first TV role in 2005, not in Keeping Up With The Kardashians but on an E! show called Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, where 10 children of the rich and famous were taken to Colorado to sleep in tents and work on a farm.By the time KUWTK premiered in 2007 though, Kourtney had long given up on her farm lifestyle and was already dating American socialite Scott Disick, who would go on to be the father of his and Kourtney's children, the first of which was Mason Dash Disick, born in 2009.

Kourtney's relationship with Scott was one of the biggest storylines in the early episodes of the reality show, which helped Kourtney generate a fanbase of her own aside from Kim's.The quieter sister with flowing, equine locks was starting to establish herself as a reality star in her own right. headtopics.com

Throughout the first few seasons, Kourtney was the party girl of the household, and would frequently be seen on nights out with younger sister Khloe.But after Mason Dash was born, Kourtney went on to have two more children with Scott, and shifted into a much more maternal mode. She spoke about how she had confidence in her new role as a mother.

"The worst, though, is when people I don't know give unsolicited parenting advice. No one knows my kids better than me, I've got this, I'm good, thanks," Kourtney told Rose Inc in 2020.By 2015 Kourtney had given birth to her third child, Reign Disick, and was fully in family mode.

After a huge fight with Kim over scheduling when to shoot the Kardashians annual family Christmas card in 2018, Kourtney admitted she'd lost her love for the family reality show, and wouldn't be on it if it wasn't for the money. "If I had enough money, I wouldn't work — I wouldn't do the show," Kourtney told Buzzfeed that year. "I would be a full-time mom. That's what I want to do."

Kourtney had also been "somewhat hesitant" about appearing on the show from the offset, mum Kris Jenner revealed in her 2011 memoir.After focusing on motherly life for a decade, in 2019 Kourtney found her calling in life when she set up Poosh, her lifestyle brand named after her daughter, Penelope. headtopics.com

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After years of floundering, she had finally decided on a career path which felt right. "Maybe a couple years back, I almost started a couple different things because I felt like everyone was pushing me," Kourtney told Paper magazine. "I'm happy I didn't let them push me into what was the right thing for them."

Speaking of her inspiration for the brand, Kourtney added: "I feel like I'm constantly asked, 'How do you do this? What's that salad you guys are eating on your show?' It's nice to share it with people and have that space to do so."

Kourtney surprised fans in 2020 by announcing she'd be taking her first feature film role. It came as a shock to fans of the reality show, who have heard Kourtney talk for years about how work isn't her top priority.However, Kourtney appears in All That as a character called Jessica Miles Torres, with the film serving as an update to 1990s classic, She's All That.

Perhaps Kourtney's new boyfriend Travis Barker, of rock band Blink-182, encouraged her to think more seriously about taking a new career leap into acting.The pair have reportedly been friends for years, but got together in January 2021 after Travis went to stay with Kourtney at her mum Kris Jenner's Palm Springs home. headtopics.com

Over the past six months, Kourtney and Travis have posted a series of adorable snaps, full of P.D.A moments.And judging from what Kourtney's been saying, it sounds like her new relationship has given her a huge confidence boost. She captioned a photo of the couple snogging in the desert in April with "Just like heaven," and two months earlier in February, basically wrote a love poem for him on her Instagram.

"To lots of fun adventures," she wrote. "May we destroy each other completely. Love, Kourtney."But they seem to have ditched the cutesy couple snaps in favour of amping up the sexiness.The duo post endless saucy shots on Instagram, and their budding friendship with Megan and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly has only added to the attention surrounding them.

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The group recently went on a date night where they shared snaps of themselves kissing and Megan and Kourtney posing in bathrooms.And Megan and Kourtney stunned their fans when they posed for a photoshoot modelling Kim's Skims lingerie.They were seen biting into food, posing topless together and cuddling each other as they posed in their undies.

It seems Kourtney's transformation from the quieter sister into a sexy siren is finally complete.We can't wait to see what she does next. Read More Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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