Donald Trump Jr., Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Viruses, South Dakota, Dating, Coronavirus

Donald Trump Jr., Jr.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, tests positive for coronavirus

Guilfoyle was supposed to be in South Dakota on Friday.

7/4/2020 5:28:00 AM

BREAKING: Kimberly Guilfoyle , Donald Trump Jr. 's girlfriend, tests positive for coronavirus.

Guilfoyle was supposed to be in South Dakota on Friday.

Biden, Trump spar over leadership capability as COVID-19 cases riseThe former vice president and the commander in chief attacked each other over decision-making, mask-wearing and cognitive capability.Andrew Harnik/AP, FileDonald TrumpJr., tested positive for the coronavirus while in South Dakota.

97,000 children tested positive for Covid-19 in 2 weeks as more schools plan to reopen Schiff: ‘The sum total of the president's actions is to encourage the Russians to help him’ Yes, of course Donald Trump wants his face added to Mount Rushmore

She had been expected to attend Friday night’s event at Mount Rushmore. Sources familiar add Trump Jr. tested negative.Neither has been in direct contact with the president and did not fly on Air Force One. She is asymptomatic.Kimberly Guilfoyle, right, and Donald Trump Jr., the son of President Donald Trump, left, sit with President Donald Trump, background left, and first lady Melania Trump, center, during Christmas Eve dinner at Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, right, and Donald Trump Jr., the son of President Donald Trump, left, sit with President Donald Trump, background left, and first lady Melania Trump, center, during Christmas Eve dinner at Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019.

Andrew Harnik/AP, FileTrump Jr., 42, and Guilfoyle, 51, will be driving home rather than getting on a flight, a source said. Read more: ABC News »

McDonald's sues ousted CEO, saying he lied about sexual affairs with employees

McDonald's Corp said on Monday it sued former Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook to recoup tens of millions of dollars in severance and benefits, claiming he covered up and lied about sexual relationships with at least three employees.

She is his mistress. This dude is older than me why does the media keep acting like they are teenagers? This is the woman he cheated on his wife with. That is a mistress. Wow, the virus really took it's toll on her looks. Didn't know it acted that quickly. And couldn’t almost be happier. The MSM are like vultures hoping that realDonaldTrump will get COVID

So? I hope it not too contagious and lethal Awesome! Woomp woomp Will u mention when she survives! Now mabe this 🤡 of a president will take this pandemic more serious! Now we just pray that she doesn’t infect any health care workers, just because wearing a mask was to much to ask We wish her well, right? Getting closer to the king!

Couldn't happen to a better person Would you NBC, CNN be doing the same reporting if it was reveled that Bill Clinton had an STD? Not saying he does, but curious on your reporting Plastic surgery done to make her look like Melania. Why? I really don't get their relationship, she is 8 years older, not the usual Trump type, and looking at her career and education, seems smart. So mature, immigrant family, smart....WTH is she doing?

Have find a way to beat the Trumpdemic!! And she’ll live Better them than the innocent people they’re trying to kill by keep encouraging them not to social distance and wear mask. It’s it legal for you to give out her personal health information? I hope she sues your organization. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😂😂😂

I hope this doesn’t go well for the whole family. That means, he has it too. She should be tested for soooo much more being with that fuck-wit... Who cares... she looks ugly as F***. Finally, some good news for America! TrumpsPlague TrumpsPlague TrumpEpstein TraitorTrump TRE45ON Karma is a Bitch! One can hope she's been coughing around the boss! But then again I am sure this is a hoax and it will go away soon!

She has nothing to worry about Nice health insurance, paid time off, aervants around the clock. And enough Protective equipment to be discarded after each use. Don’t feel sorry for her. BIG STORY !! 🇺🇸 LA SERPENTE NELL’ERBA IS GETTING CLOSER !! 🇺🇸 👏👍👏 JoeBiden lied to the country in 78 claiming he marched during the Civil Rights Movement & was forced to drop out. After Obama was elected Joe resurrected the lie except instead of dropping out they gave him an award

I just now they know a hoax is contagious 😷 Al this tolerance by the 'tolerant left' If you really want to see a president sick in office, vote Biden. Two aneurisms and dementia. I don’t wish anyone I’ll, and I see here that she is a symptomatic, so maybe some of the thick headed knuckleheads will realize WHY A MASK WILL PREVENT THE SPREAD!!!!!!

Great news! I heard hepatitis earlier. Not sorry The old hog gots the rona Donald Trump should give her a hug to assure her she’ll be fine and in good hands This doesn’t surprise me! i I guess Daddy said you don’t need a mask! These people don’t think they can get it like they’re above it or something.......go figure.

Let's us fight corona virus together. realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr So they did NOT shelter in place to quarantine? They drive thru how many states and 'possibly' infected how many people? How did the virus penetrate all that plastic? And.... I think it's more likely they all have COVID and they will make this lady the scapegoat.....

I have to buy my wife a new car if Trump gets it and.... 我艹,真特么丑 I’m here for the shade!!! That pic!!! Using the best worst pic of her ever!! Living for it. Gotta be tough when ya stupid gurl!!!😷 Thoughts and prayers. 🙂 Well damm if she would have worn a damm masks she wouldn’t be a super spreader. Keep your damm germs to yourself.

rushmorecovidfest Good.. maybe she can spread it to the rest of the family since they think it's a hoax I really don’t care, do you? Yeah, I guess that's dating. Karma is a bitch DonaldJTrumpJr Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is dating the president's eldest son, orange man Jr., tested positive for the novel coronavirus while in South Dakota.

Hopefully it could work its way through the entire family. It might just show how fallible the Donald is when he gets with how unhealthy he is. The Nazis called it the Final Solution. Republicans call it Making America Great Again. Democrats call it Affordable. Good night, and good luck... Bimbo. You don’t give a damn and hippa do you

ThisWeekABC Who the hell cares 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 😳 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just a flu. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 roybelly 😂😂😂 Why is that news? Unless she's hospitalised then it's just a cold. Damn! So, the hydrochloraquine, was ineffective, eh?! Pity! 😐 That's what happens when u buy the 'cure', that the Snake oil salesman is selling! 🤨

😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 THAT SHOULD SHUT HER UP!!! it is all a hoax, btw she is one op away from looking like the creature from the black lagoon What could go wrong? HermanCain Ok isnt she on the payroll? i wonder if she has sick leave How did she get it, with that protective make up mask she wears daily 🤔 😊 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

The Skank contracted the Hoax.... Could not have happened to a more deserving family. Kimberly is NOT Donald Jr's friend. She is PAID $180,000 to hang out with him so he doesn't look like a loser. So what! She'll be fine. IT'S NOT A DEATH SENTENCE MORONS. BESIDES AFTER NOVEMBER, IT WON'T BE AN ISSUE. Still negative for a soul though.

She’s probably asymptotic....I think they all are spreaders 😡 I thought it was was Melania in this photo. What a screwed up family dating a step mum look alike? Do you see how the REAL GOD works DonaldJTrumpJr n kimguilfoyle when y’all living in “hate,lies,sins,racists views,negative lifestyle n more”! GOD is saying CHANGE y’all life,n coronavirus is real “not a hoax“!GODISPOWERFUL KIMGUILFOYLE DonJr dontrumpjr BlackLivesMatter

In Spain there is a lack of confidence and the number of dead rises HER HANDS ... VERY OLD WOMAN !! Well well ! BloodOnTrumpsHands DanScavino parscale TrumpWarRoom GOPChairwoman PressSec vdare BreitbartNews DonaldJTrumpJr Clewandowski_ Jim_Jordan RepMattGaetz seanhannity laraleatrump dbongino grrrgraphics SenateGOP

She’ll be fine it’s just a hoax So, did she not get your memo about taking malaria pills 💊 💊 with a cup 🥤 of bleach every morning ? 🤔 realDonaldTrump 🌊 Trump 🌊 DontDrinkBleach 🌊 COVIDIOTS 🌊 coronavirus 🌊 TrumpOut2020 🌊 BlueWave2020 🌊 Biden2020 🌊 Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person 😁

🤣😂🤣 I’m such a bitch! She looks like a clone of Melania Thoughts and prayers are so comforting at times like this. So here goes. I’m praying really hard that she passes it on to the orange buffoon, and I’m thinking of a world without this evil family. So comforting! Tots and pears. Impossible: hoax Isn't she the tramp Jr. tossed his wife to the curb for? C'est dommage

Wow. Even your beard can catch it...? Amazing how the MSM only calls her.. the girlfriend... apparently women’s accomplishments mean nothing. Let’s all hope the Junior and Kimberly have done a whole lot of sucking face. What!?! How?!? Isn't it a hoax? It's not real! She needs to quit faking and get to work!! The Economy needs her working!

😰😱😨👍👌✌👏🙏The Kung-flu is duly served😁 Why does she look so much like melanoma, his step mom. The incestual tendencies in that family are deep. Great news! Why not ingest Lysol per trump's recommendation! Boy! She looks different! Politics News the we should be talking about. BUT according to 'The Chosen One' Humpty Trumpty We don't need those fucking tests! They tell us how many people I'm leading by the hand to the MORGUE I don't want you to know that!! Anyway he can always buy another girlfriend look at how many I've bought & paid off

seriously, i hope she hugged her bf and soon to be father in law real tight. Gold Digger And syphilis, gonorrhea, and mouth diarrhea. I hate to say this because I wouldn't want to wish Coronavirus on anyone but it looks like the only way to stop realDonaldTrump is for him to get it. Maybe then he will finally put a mask on and stop organising super spreader rallies! DumpTrump2020

Politics A hoax WilliamdeVry1 My dream is coming true. Funny thing how Jr. is self isolating over said “hoax”. Now pass it on to Daddy!!! Congratulations!!! Well deserved!!!🦠 What part of is this breaking Does she bare a striking resemblance to Ivanka? Good. I hope she passes it all the way up so we can drain the swamp

Not at all surprised by or concerned about this I just realized that there are all these women with huge breasts and tiny shirt sleeves. HOW?! Karma. Love it. Hope she infects DonaldJTrumpJr too and the kids FbayareaS So close but yet so far.... darn it IDIOTS!! Seriously come on get real no symptoms no testing what is going on here bunch of lies

13NicoleLivas BFD. The virus is not going away. Younger healthier people are the key to herd immunity. Karma for what? Chinese destroyed the world with this bullshit biological weapon! All you Democrats are brainwashed! Plus Obama screwed the world with his health care and aided terrorist. Get the facts straight. You all are puppets if you decide to vote for Biden.

I really don't care do you But negative for a soul Get it right. That’s his babysitter. She’s getting paid to watch him. I knew there was something off about her. Don could’ve done a lot better, like me, his father. I married a total 10 in the looks department!!! Joe Biden can’t remember if he’s been tested.

Just give her a lysol cocktail. Namorada 😂🤣😂 Slow the testing down, please. Don't worry kimguilfoyle, it will go away! Wasn't this a hoax? Just looking at a picture of that nasty ho gave me covid 🤮 Y dnd está el problema,posiblemente todos en el planeta,tenemos q pasar x ello,tarde o temprano!!! Just this time it won't be disgusting if she gives Jr a big kiss. Repeatedly.

Thuol odonje Koo Karma...!! she looks like his step mother Health experts r worried about crowds producing a super virus? R u fucking kidding me. There have been way bigger crowds protesting and rioting and looting, yet no worry then about it. I thought Don JR was married omg well guess those ppl don’t care about a little ring

I wonder if trump will take this more seriously now Because she’s cheating on little Donnie chrisbr64178310 Are you telling me Trump’s son is living in sin. I thought Trump is a religious man. OFB2020 HAha 😂 LMFAO Thoughts and prayers Maybe Jr. will contract it and spit on daddy? It won't matter though...he still wouldn't wear a mask and then lie about it. ticktockmutherfucker!

I can’t love this enough. it’s about a time. I don't wish that on anybody, including Trump and his associates. DonaldJTrumpJr SO CLOSE! 🤞DJTJ shares it with realDonaldTrump, IvankaTrump, and EricTrump !!! Wouldn’t karma be a bitch if the virus “that is disappearing” took down the Cheeto and his gang?

Thoughts and prayers! So scientists were wrong, the virus can live on plastic surfaces So Politics Breaking: Chris Cuomo with CNN tested positive for the Chinese flu earlier his year! Why was this news worthy? Just like to spread crap Don’t wish this on anyone, but she most likely had interactions with other family members who attended the event sitting in same box as potus. 4thofJuly2020 coronavirus COVID

So....who’s in charge of contact tracing? 14 days is that the incubation period? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ LOCK HER UP ~!~ ~!~

Politics Who said there’s no justice? Total shit bag's anyway!!!!! The side effect of hanging out with the Trump family! She’ll be fine. Don’t worry. ITS A HOAX! She is too ugly God willing! She will become an example for educating the rest of the population on the horrors some face with this disease. It’s a hoax! There is no virus!

Karma With her as a 'host' does COVID 19 have any chance... vector - 'an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.' totally fake news Next I hope she gives everyone lots of hugs. LOL Wish her a swift recovery. Bummer! 😜🥂 So? Ironic because we lost weeks on COVID -19 while they all partied in Florida for her birthday in March people . No task force.

wear a damn mask. Missed my test, still get tested positive....everyone has COVID Clorox shooters for the house! Driving back to DC. Build that wall between SD and Minnesota. Let no trump pass. Covid carriers not wanted ThePJBentley She's guffawing about it Not surprised since they are a family of idiots and probably weren't wearing mask

LoL not trying to be mean... but if she dies she dies Oh no, we're doomed! And STD? She looks like Melania. Only one year older than her. Paid for girlfriend, you mean. Politics Kiss Junior please. Let us hope daddy was hitting it too OMG! Is she a Melania clone? 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 ABC = Propaganda Fake News

She looks more sucky sucky than washy washy so go figure. good Lort...Honk if, 'She UGHly'! Closer and closer to the White House How about a story on Maxwell 😂 Once again, ain't karma a bitch Among other things. Why is this Breaking News , who cares about him and his Girlfriend, I can still still remember when breaking News was an important matter not a tabloid

Thoughts and prayers to the poor COVID virus that must share the body of Kimberly with DJT Jr. You forgot about the vd Could not have happened to a better person who does not believe the virus would happen to her! Such a shame .. not ! Probably not the only virus she have caught. Not breaking news Thank You Karma

😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️ Best news I’ve heard all day. Picevol These are the comments of heathens. Couldn't be happier... Hope she's been in contact with all the Trump family... Analhole jr. will be next to get it She looks like his dad's wife, only older. TomthunkitsMind So, the unspoken question is how many and who has she exposed since she no doubt didn’t wear a mask?

realDonaldTrump is it real now? Ok Couldn’t happens to a better person! Karma Politics 😌 Thanks god Trump's girlfriend from when? Politics Trump’s Tulsa Hate Rally was certainly a Covid-19 breeding ground. So what? He already knew she taste positive. I hope you feel better Kimberly Thoughts and ... (yawn) Ppl do realize the 60 to 70% of ppl will get infected with covid..right.. you are likley going to get covid and be just fine. We were masks stayed home to ward off the virus for hospital to ...

That’s rough going - when you get tested you get results. Politics Omg I love this so very much!!! Politics Getting closer...getting close Thoughts and prayers. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Politics I really don’t care, do you? Good. I hope the bitch ends up on a ventilator and her fake boobs collapse. Old trash, nobody cares

thomaskaine5 Live by the lie... ThisWeekABC Karma is real ThisWeekABC So horses can contract the disease. Ok and? It’s a common cold. She’ll live through it. You just had to listen to TheTrumpToddlers, didn’t you Kim? Damn, Is she gonna get hazard pay now too? I knew it! Now the administration is next.

Good thomaskaine5 Thoughts and prayers....... wait, no thomaskaine5 😅😅😅😅😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😅😅😅 sorry, kind of. I didn't say what I'm pray for That’s because she didn’t have a mask on thomaskaine5 It's a small world after all... It's a small world after all... It's a small world after all... It's a small... small... world... COVIDIOTS ;)

What’s the big deal. She is not in a high risk group. She may get the sniffles and thats about it. Fuckkkklllkkll DavidColeAIA Has anyone noticed how kimguilfoyle looks like FLOTUS ? Little Donny trying still to be like daddy. Please love me daddy. It’s in the inner circle of the White House...sorry to say “watch God work☝🏾✌🏾🦠

And she’ll recover just fine like 99+% of people who’ve had it....if they even knew that they had it. I guess I have a hard time believing they weren’t on AF1🤷‍♀️ So? Who gives a shit OH WELL --- I hope she gets well. FAKE NEWS !!! 💩 All you do best is trash TRUMP & his family !!! MAGA 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

I don't care, do you? realDonaldTrump probably doesn't even care. thomaskaine5 Live with it. Testing positive doesn’t mean you will ever get it. Immunity is a great thing. Junior had to find his own Melania though with a lot more silicone. So is Guilfok, Melania with more plastic or Melania is Guilfok with less plastics?

Aleluya, aleluya! Justice should prevail! You'd think the alcohol, antidepressants, silicone, and botox in her system would kill the virus. GavinNewsom gave it to her. lovebite Isn’t that Caitlyn Jenner? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🤮 Least. 🤣 covidKimmy deserves it. karma The virus is in the tRump base 😂😂😂😂😂 Give her lysol and hydrochloroquine.

Probably not her first positive test result. U hey a corona, u get a corona..enjoy.. Wealthy white power gets virus. This is what happens when you reject science. It's only a matter of time the entire Trump criminal family gets it! Maybe they will have a bleach ingestion orgy. Did you see what she looked like before she got a head transplant?

Oh what a shame! Only thing other that would be worse is if dumbass Jr. came down with it. richard_waithe No one cares! Good 👍🏼 So now we know plastic is not impervious to COVID. What about HIV, fungal cakehole infections and monkey butt? I’m guessing they’re all a Yes! Anyone saying negative things here are scumbags. Don't wish this on anyone - karma exists

Is that her in the picture? Why she look like his mamma 😬 GOOD! I hope she has a terrible and very painful journey thru it! My heart won't allow it . I'm lifting her in prayer . 7 of my most dearest friends passed ..alone, from Covid. Those I know who survived say they wouldn't wish it on their worst enemy.

Oh fuck! Bullshit. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. Also , she’s indescribably ugly. Oh good! AfterDarkMarcel Love it!!! It's being reported the Corona virus tested positive for syphilis Which mean Jrs next. Im sure she has tested positive for multiple things..... On2TheNext1 AudreyWSBTV hopefully it somehow gets passed over to that dumb ass Donald Sr

You’d think 🤔 that would open up their blind eyes 👀. All the lives that’s been lost that’s not enough. 😢 You can run but you can’t hide . The virus 🦠 has no respect of person . What you gonna do when it comes for you. RIP 😢 TinaSmi43212544 Nice try dipshits ... No one cares about your fraudulent scare mongering anymore ... keep going and make yourself exactly like CNN..... lets see how that works out for you.

Slow news day Gavin - Kimberly - Don Jr. - Ivanka - 45 - Stormy Yawn. . . Potus RealDonaldTrump WWG1WGA TheJusticeDept TheGreatAwakening Qanon SenateGOP HouseGOP Oann LizWheeler GrahamLedger TuckerCarlson IngrahamAngle JesseBWatters TPUSA MAGA QArmy KAG COVID is knocking on your door realDonaldTrump why don’t you open the WhiteHouse door and let it in? You have? Fantastic. Sit down and share some water (with both hands of course) with COVID and see if you can negotiate with it. Give it a shot. You’ve got EVERYTHING to lose.

Good I'm glad it would be even better if the entire family and administration got covid-19 then that fat fuck realDonaldTrump would have no choice but to admit covid-19 out of control. Darwin right now 😂 Like 99% of those who get it, she will be just fine. Haaaaaaa Ah hahahahaha! Hahahahaha ha!!!!!!! Condolences

There ya go !!!!!!! This is the best proof of many!!!!!!!! Yeah idiots listen to the incompetent person whoever plans to attend the Rushmore fireworks tomorrow with no mask 😂 According to Trump it's just a hoax HOAX HUH? kimberlyguilfoyle coronavirus This Administration is TRASH 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑 TrumpAdministration TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison COVID19

Hope she gets better soon 🙏 Hahaha That poor poor virus. Ha! Sad. Oh well Hate to see it. So. I got the flu once before. 🤣😭😭😭 I'm all for a Trump family BBQ tomorrow at the White House with everyone invited. I mean everyone, including the former Mrs. Gavin Newsome. Wait, is that kimberly Guilfoyle her Melania? Man that family is into some freaky stuff

That explains why the two didn’t show!!! Mask anybody? Oh well. Ahahahahahaha I can’t help but laugh. Thoughts and prayers gurl!!!!! Karma...... Hmmmmm... now if he romantically kisses his girlfriend, doesn’t that mean DTJ likely has it? According to the CDC, this virus is HIGHLY contagious and is passed by droplets (aka saliva or mucus).... Sooooo, inquiring minds wanna know. How did he test negative?

Seems like her and melania shop for faces at the same plastic surgeon... Just give her an IV of Clorox and she will be fine, Trump said so. A hoax The hoax is on them! Good. Herd immunity requires 70% - 90% of the population to become infected and develop natural immunity. Prayers for KG! DavidBrodyCBN Ohh boy

Was she on Air Force 1 with Donnie? Karma Honestly. Do I care ? rolandsmartin That settles it I knew she was having an affair! No one could stay with DJTJ that long without being bored to tears. Ummm... Yay!! Now mabe POTUS will take this pandemic more serious!! Karma TrumpIsTheCoronavirus Karma can be super efficient when it wants to be!

Great, tomorrow I need to find a priest who will hear my confession because I just laughed. Also, I am not sure I’m sorry for it. Forgive me for being sorry that I am not sorry Hope she get well soon. Thoughts and Prayers Bitch... WritesMore Pity I never knew Donald jr knew was bisexual 🧐 No where near the president!

Well, who had this on their Friday night BINGO card? I'm sorry, that's very sad, but still... False, he got a common cold but democrat doctors want too call it covid... Too bad a surgery can't clear it up. Her face looks like she's a veteran in that area. Where’s his wife Nope, it's a Democrat Hoax... DonaldJTrumpJr right? Or, has it now changed? Or maybe it will magically dissappear? TrumpsCoronavirusRally

Sorry to hear this no one should be happy anyone contacts Coronovirus Just keep testing her she’ll throw come up negative Shoulda worn your fucking mask Look at all these people happy over a lie. 😂 🤡🤡 Shocker! Man...well I'll truly give her my thoughts and prayers for this hoax they love to lie to the public about. I'm curious how fast it'll spread in that family now.

they rub shoulders with everyone pushing this garbage and only now tests 'positive'? congress is old as shit and rarely wears masks but no one really seems have covid either and theres no videos of ppl suffering from it. those ppl thrive on attention but were are the vids. Omg Womp womp I keep telling people 'Take your mask off and you will die from the virus'.

She will take hydroxychloroquine and be fine. No worries🤗 Good! SupportHerdImmunity BREAKING: Experts recommend a thorough application of Thoughts and Prayers. IT’s less than a flu for the majority of people!!! My 20 and 18 year old sons’ both had it and it was a week of no taste and smell!!! It is benign to MOST!!

😂😂😂 No way it is just a hoax! Ok? Y’all acting like it’s Ebola or a BSL-4 virus... it’s barely a lvl 2. Calm down. And they will both be fine in 7-10 days. Can we stop making the Covid like it’s a terminal diagnosis? FakeNewsMedia Fun fact for y’all, I finger banged her back in college. 😊 Actually, she will look better once covid is done with her.

And? So?

Jimmie Johnson becomes first NASCAR driver to test positive for the coronavirusNASCAR star Jimmie Johnson has tested positive for the coronavirus. poor bastard! Why Would You Let Witch Doctors Test a Goldfish.... Much less Yourself. They Can't Find Their Own Ass with Both Hands.. Get in The God Damb Car...🧐 PadresCentral 😱

Fact check: Common cold does not produce positive coronavirus testPeople are misinterpreting COVID-19 viral testing for antibodies testing, falsely claiming colds are responsible for positive coronavirus tests. Ohh, well if USA today checked it.. FFS. Are there still people out there who believe that Covid-19 is like flu or the common cold? Maybe they should meet friends and relatives of people killed by the virus and stop talking BS? President Trump was RIGHT!

Pregnant Mom Shares Immense 'Mask Regret' After Entire Family Is Diagnosed With COVID-19After her 22-month-old daughter got sick, Vanessa Geheb decided to get tested for the coronavirus. Last weekend, her entire family tested positive.

Texas 'Pong Fest' Exposed 300 Teens To COVID-19, Officials SaySeveral attendees who were at the June 20 event have tested positive for the coronavirus, and the total number of cases in Lakeway is expected to increase. pong is strictly banned in my country Just like the BLM protests!!! ...SMH 'Several' Now do protesters

Prince Royce Tests Positive for Coronavirus: See His Important Safety Message - E! OnlineSinger Prince Royce has shared that he tested positive for Coronavirus . Watch his message on the importance of social distancing. Realy?!!! Como a podido Pasar esto? Ya know it’s enevitable at this point... whooopdie doooo 🙄

Texas 'Pong Fest' Exposed 300 Teens To COVID-19, Officials SaySeveral attendees who were at the June 20 event have tested positive for the coronavirus, and the total number of cases in Lakeway is expected to increase. Trusting teens misplaced their confidence.