Kevin McCarthy touts Joe Biden's approval rating, urges president to campaign for midterms

President Biden's approval rating has been in negative territory since August and shows little sign of improving.

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1/22/2022 4:31:00 PM

President Biden's approval rating has been in negative territory since August and shows little sign of improving.

President Biden's approval rating has been in negative territory since August and shows little sign of improving.

asking him to come. Are they gonna ask the president, the vice president or Nancy Pelosi?" he asked."I would welcome them coming out. Let's explain why inflation and the prices are so high. Let's explain why there's crime in the streets day in and day out. Let's explain why the borders are open and they won't go visit it or do anything to deter it.

"Let's explain why the world is not safe anymore based upon his handling of Afghanistan with 13 new Gold Star families, and now he could have more blood on his hands based upon how he welcomed Putin to invade and an incursion into Ukraine."

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With Roe gone, what can Biden do on abortion access? Advocacy groups say plenty

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So sad I voted for this guy. Was expecting real change & unity. Unfortunately this has been a complete disaster. Unprecedented inflation & high prices at the store and pump, impacting lower & middle classes; been asleep at the wheel this last year. Just a politician, not a leader So what. Even God cannot satisfy Americans or cure them from who they hate.

You ideological biases are showing. Newsweek has been bought by a millionaire with corrupt motives and he sets the agenda accordingly Fo for his ‘reporters’. Why would it improve? Doing what is right is sometimes unpopular Deflect, Deflect, Deflect.

Hunter Biden, former Biden aide invested in Chinese company tied to Communist Party, NBA ChinaHunter Biden’s longtime business partner, Eric Schwerin, sent him an email in March 2017 breaking down the ownership interests of Rosemont Seneca Advisors, which included a 5% stake in Harves Amusement Parks and ownership in Harves Sports and Entertainment. I'd rather see Nancy Pelosi's portfolio than Hunters. every company is tied to communist party in China. Hello? NO President was more tied to China finiancally then Trump and his children. How many Patents did they give Ivanka while Trump was in President? 70 something? All ties to Communist party arent they And now the leadership can invest in the market as needed.

Another Newsweak bullshit. I think it's a mistake to assume that Biden's current relatively low poll numbers translate to high numbers for Repugnicans. 🆘⤵️ Lol ok I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent SamAndCoTradin guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my coinbase app, I recommend you to meet him now and also be a beneficiary of good work

President Biden stresses party unity at DNC eventPresident Joe Biden said Thursday the Democratic Party was united despite a high-profile rift with two senators that blocked sweeping voting-rights legislation a day earlier.

President Biden Delivers Remarks on Semiconductor Manufacturing in the United States'These chips helped power NASA’s mission to the Moon.' Earlier today, POTUS spoke about how taxpayer-funded research & development is important not just for exploration, but everyday life. There's space tech in cars, medical equipment, even our phones. POTUS neurolink POTUS Parece um navio! POTUS Yeah cool, just remember next time to tell stupid people why is American flag 'Waving' because flat-earthers use that as their... Arguments (?), Cool Pic tho 💜

Democrat Beto O’Rourke: ‘No interest’ in Texas gubernatorial campaign help from President Joe BidenAsked if he'd like Biden to come campaign for him, Beto O'Rourke ducked by saying he doesn't need anyone from outside the state to come. Good luck Beto.... ksusys I mean, he's right. This race is not about him, and it's not about Trump: it's about Abbott. Abbott wants the race to be about POTUS etc's job performance thus far won't get that wish to keep deflecting here. Beto proving his loyalty to Texans is above partisanship imo. I hope someone better gets in the race — Abbott definitely needs to be removed from office, but not sure about Beto. He doesn’t make sense either, he doesn’t want Washington help, but twice he wanted to go to Washington— he’s odd

Report: Aaron Rodgers Criticizes President Biden for Pandemic-Related QuoteWhat are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’ comments towards President Joe Biden ? 👀 (via KVanValkenburg) 💉: KVanValkenburg CDCgov He’s not wrong KVanValkenburg CDCgov Rodgers should shut his pie hole. KVanValkenburg CDCgov Dude has no idea. Vaccinate and shut up

'There are no minor incursions': Ukrainian president rebukes Biden over remarks on Russian invasionUkraine's president appeared to rebuke President Joe Biden Thursday after Biden suggested that a 'minor incursion' by Russia into Ukraine would not merit a strong international response. A pandemic for 2 years is not enough but now they’re stroking their need for war.